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STUNNING VIDEO: Watch Milo Shock Bill Maher As Liberal Audience Applauds the Controversial Conservative

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Well, this was not expected. Milo Yiannopoulos flipped ultra Lib Bill Maher’s liberal audience during a sit down on Friday night.


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  • Pam Rugtiv

    Bill Maher was very cunning to leave the Trump dig until he was out of time. Not one of Milo’s better showcases.

  • Una Hinton

    Maher is telling us who Milo is and Milo is sitting there. Wish Milo could have had more time to speak.

  • Way to end on a dig with no chance for response. Bill didn’t even ask any questions because he could not truly debate Milo on his best day. Lol. You can tell Bill was scared because he talked more than Milo in order to fill the time with as little as Milo as possible.

  • Oxco

    Maher controlled the dialogue…… What a shame

  • Oxco

    Milo got owned…… he was so busy trying to be all ‘gayish’ he lost.

  • Mike

    Ok, here is the truth.

    The left protests Milo, calls him all sorts of fascists and every word the left calls anyone not a regressive idiot. Then the left riots. Then some on the left accuse people on the right of causing the riots and then they accuse Milo of inciting violence.

    This has been the MO of the left politically for years now. Only now they are taking their games to the people. The left has been shutting down parts of the free market making it not so free and then they claim that the free market don’t work so we need more government control which is the very thing that caused the free market to have issues in the first place.

    The left is the far left and the further they go the more they claim the right goes further right as they are further from the center.
    The right is not changing, The left is.

  • YouDon’tKnowMe

    Maher is such a jerk. A coward, knowing if given time to speak, Milo would have shredded him. He tried to make Milo look bad, but he just tanked himself. Again.

  • Red Fred

    Milo did great! You don’t have to have the last word to gain influence.

  • Fire Marshal Bill

    Lol it was an interview, not a debate.

  • Bookem Dan-O

    Wow I wasted 11 minutes of my life watching 2 idiots.

  • Dirk Durka

    How does everybody think this was a battle and somebody “won” or “cheated”? I’m pretty far left on the spectrum and this was a hilariously great interview. Can’t say I disagree with anything either of these guys said, and Milo is straight up charming.

    Also did anybody else catch the “hookers” joke under his breath..?

  • handsignals4theblind

    Milos is a self serving douche bag that is selective in the facts he chooses and omits so much to shape his baseless arguments. There are so many more articulate, informed people that know what they are talking about than this ugly little queen of hate. I would love to see somebody drop the little creep when he is doing one of his vile rants.

  • Dirk Durka

    Last paragraph is demonstrably not true. Both parties have been shifting right for a long time until just recently. Obvious examples include the Tea Party and Bill Clinton. Now both parties are moving further away from the center, largely thanks to the Facebook echo chamber.

  • handsignals4theblind

    Mike your talking out your ass again and have little understanding of politics. Your an empty vessel bereft of any insight. Sad that you think you have something intelligent to say.

  • Dirk Durka

    Then refute his points instead of name-calling, Christ.

  • handsignals4theblind

    In fairness he does have a good sense of humor and makes the odd good point but most of what he says if analyzed is just self serving BS

  • Chris Christian

    Very succinctly put, Mike! Bravo.

  • Melissa Dawn Assange

    Bill Maher will not have my lover and fellow co founder of Wiki Leaks Julian Assange on his show? Why?

  • Melissa Dawn Assange

    He did and the little effete twit looked like the angry little bigot with lousy facts that he is. Roman your obviously one of those illiterate Trump supporters that don’t like it when your hero Milo or your liar Trump is exposed. Loose the sunglasses loser