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Spicer Browbeats Reporter — ‘This Is The Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Heard. I’m Done. This Is Silly. Next.’ (VIDEO)

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Sean Spicer entered into an extremely heated exchange with a reporter at Thursday’s briefing.

Jared Rizzi, White House correspondent for Sirius XM POTUS, and the White House press secretary traded words about President Donald Trump’s tweets for a few minutes before Spicer’s patience eventually ran thin.


“I came out here and spoke about it,” he shot at the reporter. “What are you talking about?”

“You’re literally equating me standing here and adressing the nation and a tweet? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m done. This is silly. Next.”


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  • Randy

    Ban that idiot from future press conferences. Detest shitlib propagandists.

  • Truthsayer

    What an ahole

  • jjmikemike

    Stupid press, always trying to make up some gotcha story where there isn’t one. They should try actual journalism for a changes instead of this fake news BS.

  • John

    Actually, I agree with the journalist. Trump is bringing his daughter’s poorly-performing business into the Oval Office by tweeting about Nordstrom’s dropping her line of crappy clothes. Many voters feared that Trump would use his position as Pres. to further his family’s fortunes. This is the same as if Obama were to hold a press conference to complain about his daughter getting a bad grade on an algebra test and blaming the teacher.
    Think. About. It.

  • Denise O’Brien

    This New World Order( We Love Everything) is the agenda to promote denial of reality. Liberal, far left are bubble people . Fairy tales by the False Teeth Fairy’s. This will weaken our country, and help the enemy destroy our way of life. The protests are paid for. Elite brain damaged billionaires seek vision of becoming Kings on earth. Obscene.

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    More like Truman threatening to beat up a critic of his daughter’s music.

  • Just a Joe

    THAT was browbeating? looked more like Spicer was pissing his pants… what? using an official capacity to defend your daughter’s underperforming crap and the media asked a question on the ethics and conflict of interest and the best his minion could come up with is “That’s silly.” Sounds more like “That’s sad.” Yes, Spicer, it is. SAD. Truly SAD.