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‘South Park’ Creator: Show Will Lay Off Trump Jokes To Avoid ‘Becoming CNN’

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“South Park” creator Trey Parker says his subversive show won’t feature too many Trump-themed gags in its upcoming season, a deliberate effort to avoid becoming a cable news show disguised as an animated comedy.

Parker told the Los Angeles Times that he never intended “South Park,” now entering its 20th year, to be a show that obsesses over every political controversy of the moment, which today usually involves the president’s latest tweet.

“We did start to become that, though, especially the last season,” he said. “We fell into the same trap that “Saturday Night Live” fell into, where it was like, ‘Dude, we’re just becoming CNN now.’ We’re becoming, ‘Tune in to see what we’re going to say about Trump.’ Matt [co-creator Matt Stone] and I hated it but we got stuck in it somehow.”

“South Park” has earned legions of fans — and the distinction of being the second-longest running animated series in TV history — by skewering the sacred cows of both the progressive left and the family-values right. Over years of taking on, among other sensitive topics, Christianity, Islam, gay rights, illegal immigration, and transgenderism, the show has become perhaps the foremost political satire in popular culture.

But Parker says “South Park” has always been, at heart, a show about bored, small-town kids getting into mischief. He intends to return to that dynamic this year.

“This season I want to get back to Cartman dressing up like a robot and [screwing] with Butters, because to me that’s the bread and butter of “South Park”: kids being kids and being ridiculous and outrageous but not ‘did you see what Trump did last night?’” Parker told the L.A. Times.

“Because I don’t give a … anymore,” he added.

Trump’s freewheeling, combative political style and daily Twitter outbursts make him an appealing target for “South Park,” but the show’s iconoclastic creators are content to leave jokes about the president to someone else.

“We probably could put up billboards — “Look what we’re going to do to Trump next week!” — and get crazy ratings,” Parker said.

“But I just don’t care.”

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  • negutron

    People who know what’s -actually- going on (ie: Hillary’s ratline) were probably confused and a bit betrayed by the last season which seemed to defend Hillary Clinton. Given how South Park seemed in the last few seasons to have such immediate, perosnal relevancy that seemed impossible, many have questioned if they have backchannel ties to the CIA. Indeed, we find out CIA DOES in fact insert itself through various actors, agents, biz leaders, comedians, politicians, etc into the arts–media, film, tv, books, magazines, comic books, and yes even cartoons.

    So it’s very likely–no, impossible to NOT find it likely–that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been directly influenced by the establishment, CIA perspective and contorted by their attitudes. Someone like Bill Hader coming in to do a show with them, and inserting a very pro-war, anti-whomever-the-saudis-want-to-delete type attitude in their minds. Or convincing them that Hillary is not a criminal, she’s just doing what the intelligence community wanted her to do–so she’s good right? Because she’s ‘helping’

    Because the CIA attacks culture itself with ‘agents of influence’ who influence the influencers. And in this way, they drive the whole sea of opinion through arts and letters. So while Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always fancied themselves as free-thinkers, if they are doing LSD and going to Oscars, well they’ve already taken that first step towards establishementarianism, because we find out that–and this is KEY–the entire counterculture was created by the CIA to derail the antiwar movement. So yeah like ‘rock and roll, man’, and then vietnam happened.

    By the way if TP and MS ever read this, I want you to know that was a critical slam yes, but I still love you and I love your work and I’m thankful for it