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Sources – A top FBI lawyer is under an investigation for allegedly leaking classified information

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FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is purportedly under a Department of Justice criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classified national security information to the media, according to multiple government officials close to the probe who spoke with Circa on the condition of anonymity.

FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty said the bureau would not comment on Baker and would not confirm or deny any investigation. Baker did not return comment when Circa attempted to reach him through the FBI.

This comes as Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would soon be making an announcement regarding the progress of leak investigations. A DOJ official declined to comment on Circa’s inquiry into Baker but did say, the planned announcement by Sessions is part of the overall “stepped up efforts on leak investigations.”

Three sources, with knowledge of the apparent investigation, told Circa that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing leak investigation, but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what national security information or material was allegedly leaked.


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  • Tyler Durden

    Burn this mother focker to the ground

  • andrew76092

    #DraintheSwamp! Maybe, just maybe, this will be picked up by the #MSM so that non-critically thinking American’s can learn the truth! Good on Trump Administration for moving forward on plugging the leaks and draining the swamp!

  • dyrwolf

    Can’t wait to see the CNN/MSM spin to blame this on Trump. Does Baker have some disability/nationality/other that they can say Trump is racist/homophobe/nazi?

  • Amen Dicant

    Is this news about leaker leaking being leaked before it can be leaked by the leakee who is supposed to leak it?

  • Ylem00

    I hope he pays dearly. These leaks cannot continue.

  • Aaron Prince

    Fire McCabe too…….

  • Dennis Shockley

    Curious to see who appointed him to that office??

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