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Sorry, Hillary Clinton Fans. There’s ‘Zero Evidence’ of Election Hacking

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Does Hillary Clinton still have a path to the White House?

That’s the provocative question posed by some computer security experts, who think voting results in key states could have been manipulated by hackers.

The emphasis here is on “could.” There’s no clear evidence that voting machines were rigged or that ballots were altered, but as reported Tuesday night in New York magazine, a group of computer scientists and election lawyers has urged Clinton to call for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, three swing states that Donald Trump won–to the surprise of just about every pollster, pundit, and journalist in America.

Clinton would have to win those states back in order to change the outcome of the election. And while it’s tempting to blame hackers, and not the failure of the political professional class, for Trump’s upset, experts warn not to get your hopes up for a shocking turnaround. For hackers to have changed the votes in three states would have been even more surprising than Trump’s victory. – READ MORE

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  • RonSwanson

    What a joke. There were lots of voter fraud reports in PA, but those were Trump votes turning into Hillary votes. If anything, Trump should have won by a bigger margin.

  • hsfred

    Well they’d better investigate into the actual number of illegal votes as well…..dead, non-citizens, & vote switching computer software!

  • Lyn Portello

    Bow out gracefully…its the end for you…your dreams will not come true!

  • patriot7080

    Michigan uses paper ballots with carbon copies? Every state should do that.

  • Deplorable_Physicist

    Knowing our nightmare of the Clintons is over is a great feeling.