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SHOCK VIDEO: Producer Said CNN Focused Sniper-like Scope on Trump, Bannon To Simulate Oval Office Assassination

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CNN has gone too far this time. A segment on President Donald Trump and his inner circle, including senior advisor Steve Bannon, was purposely manipulated to show what resembles the scope and perch of a sniper’s rifle fixed on White House personnel through an Oval Office window, according to a network producer who spoke with True Pundit.

“This was done intentionally to simulate the vantage point of a would-be assassin stalking the White House,” the network producer said. “It is outrageous. I have never seen anything like this covering international politics, not even in third-world countries. People should be fired and ashamed.”

CNN’s message through the troubling imagery is clear, the cable producer said: This was a simulated assassination.

Specifically, Bannon, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were shown in the cross-hairs of the sniper-like scope feed though CNN said it had captured additional video of Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus inside the Oval Office during the same meeting. It is not clear when the footage of the additional White House staff aired.

The cable network insider said there was no other reason to air the actual footage, which CNN hyped as a “heated” argument caught on tape. There was no actual argument, however. The video did not show any dramatic debate and the fake story was little more than a cover for CNN to air its not-so-subliminal and troubling imagery.

What CNN has done here in certainly no accident, as even a common viewer can ascertain. The abrasive and outrageous video tells the story itself. And a review of CNN’s White House footage during the Obama administration shows no similar camera exploitation to simulate a rifleman’s perch during his eight-year tenure in the White House. So why would CNN suddenly change gears? By accident? Hardly.

“Can you imagine if this was done to Obama,” the producer asked.

Again, we checked. It never was. By any network. Nor would it have been tolerated by the White House or his supporters.

In his war with the media, Trump has labeled CNN as “fake news” and then later “very fake news.” Apparently, that now includes fake assassinations.

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  • Sunshine43

    Good Lord! This is reprehensible! The insanity from CNN just never stops. Whoever is responsible for this should be arrested and jailed.

  • Patriot76

    Drop CNN from entering the White House for news purposes, no more press briefings. Yank their press credentials. The Liberal press needs to be taught a lesson. Don’t mess with Trump!

  • cindy

    CALLING for Powerful Class Action suit to begin immediately for DESTRUCTION
    To our National security,massive attempts to destroy our great president,
    Let’s Sue them to get them off the air waves ASAP.

  • huntress

    SHUT DOWN CNN, PERIOD!! They are so flipping out of control it is sickening. Can you imagaine if okenyan was in the crosshairs!

  • kasullie

    This should go over really well with President Trump!

  • S51bill

    fake media must go this is beyond reporting this is let’s take him down I guess the Russians made them do it!!!!!!!!

  • Jodi LaBelle

    No one else has the ability but Trump who has the courage to take on the media, his own party, also the Democratic Party and O’bama , Hillary corruption. The political insiders owns Washington, and it will be left for all the people to take it back.

  • CNN=Very fake news

    CNN is a DNC propaganda television station.

  • RaySmuckles

    Like a rifle could go through that glass lol listen to you morons. Everyone on here pushing this nonsense is a semi-literate shitbag from some nightmare town in the flyover states.

  • Sara Paterson

    CNN needs to be placed on notice.

  • spaul40

    There must be an investigation (secret service, FBI, ???) on who proposed this, who authorized this and those people must be made to stand up in front of the President and congress to explain why their hatred extends to the assassination of Trump and others associated with him including his daughter Ivanka. In the interim, should any of those shown on their viewings actually occurs (someone is shot), those associated with these pictures should be brought up on the charge of attempted murder or, should the shooter succeed in death, then 1st degree murder since they obviously helped plan the murder. Actions have consequences!

  • PatriotPride

    I am appalled and righteously angry! This is a disgusting DELIBERATE action being taken by the biggest leftist propaganda tool in America. PULL THEIR CREDENTIALS IMMEDIATELY! Have the FCC FINE them and FILE charges against them immediately and have our DOJ Issue a “CEASE AND DESSIST” order on all coverage of our President who won fair and square! This attack is vagrant collusion with the left’s rhetoric to be violent, shed blood, and continue opposition as Lyin’ Loretta Lynch’s face book video conveyed: Loretta Lynch: Need more marching, blood, death on streets via @worldnetdaily

  • Lord Helmet

    They are voyeurs. Time to pull their credentials.

  • DanceswithMorons

    CNN crossed into batshit crazy months ago, I didn’t it possible to sink further.

  • Rich Bawol

    Pull their Broadcasting License and they won’t be doing that anymore!

  • drummie

    The secret service or someone in their employ should pay CNN a visit and explain the facts of life to them. Even as a joke, no network should eve3r show anything like this. CNN has gone way to far. They are worse than FAKE, It seems they make up a lot of their LIES from clear air with nothing to back it up or give any semblance of truth or reality.

  • drummie

    So you are saying it didn’t happen? Most rifles could not go through the glass there but what is the point other than to incited people? What legitimate “news” purpose does this have? NONE

  • Elvira187

    Agree! Yank their press credentials immediately. President Trump should prohibit CNN from entering White House property. Investigate and arrest those responsible.

  • Daniel K. Berg

    And you are nothing but a condescending piece of shit with no valid reason to be condescending to anyone as everyone has more class than you.

  • Faiths Burden

    CNN, Enemy Within…………….Destruction eminent.

  • Deplorable_Pam

    I’ve no words.

  • big karma420

    Lol. All you fucks would’ve applauded this if it was the last administration. Hypocritical cunt bags.

  • Bradley James

    It is is time we the people exercise our crosshairs on the traitors. Just in case . On the ready.

  • CarnactheMagnificent

    The juvenile cross hairs probably ruined their contract lip readers view.

  • Nancy Kennedy

    shut them down, I don’t watch, don’t know many that do……………..

  • buttposter


  • Orumus

    OK look, I hate CNN as much as anyone but lets be fair unlike them. There was no “cross-hairs” it was a window cross in the video. And the circle is something they often do to highlight what they are talking about in a video. I agree the story was typical BS about a “heated “argument. But this sniper scope thing is equally stupid.

  • benoNetanya .

    I hear they also have a foot fetish with cheap white wine.

  • Jeff Campbell

    This is illegal to tape or Photograph inside the WH without a permit and could mean a loss of FCC license,

  • whitcheywoman13 .

    #ClintonNewsNetwork #CommunistNewNetwork

  • Vyse Legendaire

    CNN = Russian traitors. Choosing Red as their core color scheme tells all.

  • This story could be taught in schools on what fake news propaganda is and how it’s made.

    What happened here is some random blogger (“truepundit”?) noticed that this image as a thumbnail made it appear that there are crosshairs in a scope. When you look closely at the full size image it’s obvious it is just the WINDOW TRIM!

    Using a circle to highlight the subject in an image is a STANDARD PHOTOJOURNALIST TECHNIQUE. It is nothing nefarious.

    So what are we left with? An anonymous “CNN Producer” that came out with this story, not to the New York Times, not to the Arizona Republic, not to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but to some random blogger that none of us ever heard of before. BS anyone?

    This is the EPITOME of fake news propaganda. Based on the hysterical effect it clearly has on the credulous poorly educated here and on social media we can see how this technique was used to great effect in installing our illegitimate, illiterate and incompetent fake president.

    Look, hate me for dissing your beloved trump but please have enough self respect to not be played for such fools with blatantly obvious fake news like this!

  • This is fake news propaganda. Please read my main post explaining how to know it’s fake.

  • The only wrongdoing here is the author of this blog that exploited an image that deceptively looks like crosshairs, especially in a thumbnail, to create a horror in your mind. It’s not real. Please read my main post explaining in detail how to recognize this for what it is: fake news propaganda.

  • Please look closely. There ARE NO CROSSHAIRS! It is window trim. This article is 100% fake. I explain in detail how this is fake in my main post in the discussion.

  • You are being manipulated! Nothing nefarious happened. This story is fake. The “crosshairs” are window trim. The story doesn’t hold water. Don’t be played for a fool!

  • No, this story is 100% fake news! Nothing happened except some click hungry blogger noticed that the window trim looked deceptively like crosshairs, especially as a thumbnail. He then exploited it to make a story.

    Think about it. Look closely at the image. Read the article. A anonymous “CNN Producer” came out to this random blogger nobody ever heard of? Don’t be so easily manipulated!

  • Those are not crosshairs! It’s window trim! This story is fake!

  • There are no crosshairs. Look closely. It is window trim. You’ve been played for a fool by a fake news propagandist!

  • You shouldn’t have any words because this story is fake. Look closely at the picture. Carefully read the article. It’s obvious b.s.

  • You can do the investigation yourself and end it in five minutes by realizing that it’s a hoax. This story is fake news propaganda. I explain in detail in my main post how you can know for a fact.

  • Thank you Orumus. I’m sure our politics are diametrically opposed but it is so refreshing to see that at least one other person got it. This blogger exploited the image looking deceptively like crosshairs, especially as a thumbnail (as most see on social media, and then hysterically comment on it without actually reading the article.) Sadly though you are the only one (so far anyway). How could so many people be taken in so easily?

  • 1st amendment would be a major obstacle with that.

  • B a Raiderfan

    You MEAN that’s the moment they were given the info on OBAMA. Pretend to be news for 5 seconds and keep up. USA before your lame ass liberal agenda.

  • Geeks on Hugs

    This story could be taught in schools on what fake news propaganda is and how it’s made.

    What happened here is this random blogger noticed that this image as a thumbnail made it appear that there are crosshairs in a scope. When you look closely at the full size image it’s obvious it is just the window trim! When you watch the actual video you see the window trim is only centered for a moment as the subject and highlight move.

    Using a circle to highlight the subject in an image is a standard photojournalist technique. It is nothing nefarious.

    So what are we left with? An anonymous “CNN Producer” that came out with this story, not to the New York Times nor the Arizona Republic nor the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but to a random blogger that none of us ever heard of before. Is that credible? This is the epitome of fake news propaganda.

  • Garrett McCafferty

    Reprehensible, shady and calculating at worst. Insensitive and amateurish editing at best.

  • Jim Davitt

    Dopes anyone recognize the fixed mullions in the window? Crosshairs, my ass.

  • Strelnikov

    So. You say you want a revolution?

  • CNN is deluded to think they will be the ones reporting how this ended badly.

  • Crabbey

    I can’t wait for Trump to address the nation again. He is going to have so much to say!

  • Nick

    Genius – we all know that its the window trim. What CNN has done is shown a long distance telescopic view and made it appear like its a sniper scope. You don’t need an anonymous CNN producer to admit that is what they are doing. Its obvious to anyone with half a brain.

    And as for the NYT, the AR, or the AJC coming out with this story, you obviously have been smoking too much of the California legalized ganja.

  • Lynette Johnson

    classify them as TERRORISTS, then hold them accountable as such

  • o000o

    The secret service snipers should put some real crosshairs on that CNN crew.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    CNN has become an ethical Jihadist organization.
    Jeff Zucker is very religious in his commitment to Suicide Journalism.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    In the 60’s the FCC understood the power of Subliminal Messages.
    They banned it for obvious reasons, it works too easily on emotionally vulnerable.

  • keepitreal904

    Looks like they were signaling to anyone that hey guys, come take a shot. I would hope those windows could withstand any bullet.

  • keepitreal904

    It’s not what it is, it’s what it looks like and it’s disgusting for a so called news organization to do this considering there have been plenty of people calling for him to be assassinated.

  • Orumus

    The “scope” is not subliminal. It was a consciously seen thing that only looks like a scope to those who want it to be one, on both sides. When you see a video of those black kids causing issues in malls a month or so ago they used the same circle to highlight those who were fighting. I didn’t see anyone claim they were suggesting assassinating those kids.

    The fact is CNN is on the outside now and they know it. So they sit outside the white house like scolded dogs and point their long distance lenses at the windows hoping to get any scraps to report on. So when they figured they could spin waving hands as proof of some huge argument they highlighted the area they wanted people to look at so it would seem like they had something. …. They didn’t and they knew it.

  • WE

    You sir are a f’n idiot

  • Geeks on Hugs

    No, as I said, that is a standard photojournalist technique. I’d be shocked if you’ve honestly never seen it before. Just thinking offhand go look at certain footage of the challenger explosion they used those to highlight the booster rockets flying off. There are thousands of other times this has been used when the subject is not clear as in this case. It absolutely is not used in this manner to stimulate a sniper scope.

  • Nick

    Wow. Those are exactly the same cases. Thanks for making it clear.