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SHOCK VIDEO: Obama Agreed with Trump’s Immigration Stance Before He Was Against It

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Democrats. They just can’t keep all the lies straight.

Where was the outrage when Sen. Obama’s immigration stance was exactly the same as President Donald Trump.

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  • alvindawg

    They say what they have to say to get people to vote for them, then its a diff story.

  • Paul Busacca

    Since when did Obama ever say illegal immigrants wishing to enter and work in the country that they can come over without going through the proper vetting and procedural process? The goal posts are being moved to quite clearly dupe easily manipulated (and ill-informed) ideologues here.

  • Just a Joe

    this site clearly caters to easily manipulated idiots. What Obama said was certain people need to be properly vetted, that they can’t circumvent the law. But Republitards rewrite the truth. That’s what they do. They can’t deal with reality, truth, ACTUAL facts. So they make it up. Gowdy, Conway, Bannon, the list goes on… it’s actually an embarrassment to our country that they have a platform to inform and educate, but instead, they push lies, alt-facts and propaganda. It’s a behavioral tactic. To rewrite truth, facts and history to make themselves appear right or smarter than those they are trying to discredit, it isn’t right. But then, that’s the whole Republican platform. If we can’t win on truth and merit alone, we’ll just make it up… ask any of the women on Fox News’ #Outnumbered!

  • Jane

    He did not have the same ridiculous approach as Trump (aka Bannon). That is clear. Obama, like anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together, made very clear statements that if you took a ridiculous line like Trump is doing now, playing into fear & hate, you would be doing the terrorists job for them. He was very clear that the way to prevent terrorism and keep America safe is through unity and embracing diversity and acknowledging the enormous contribution immigrants from ALL countries make. He was NEVER in favour of blatant fascist “ethnic cleansing” just a sensible screening policy of people coming in from ANY country. Now please stop spreading fake news and lies Thanks.