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SHOCK VIDEO- NYC Mayor de Blasio: You Can’t Arrest Illegal Aliens For Drunk Driving; Would Rip Their Families Apart

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New York City Mayor and liberal windbag Bill de Blasio believes some crimes, like drunk driving, are too petty to prosecute illegal aliens.

The misguided mayor, whose city is falling apart at the seams both financially and culturally, said such arrests would tear Illegals from their homes and families and that would prove tragic.

No mention of the tragedy when innocent Americans die behind the wheel from being struck by Illegal drunk drivers like hundreds of U.S. citizens already have. What about them being ripped from their families, Mr. Mayor?

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  • miikiki

    But there is no problem ripping apart American families if one of their members break the law.

  • DavStp

    I hope he gets run over by a drunk mexican on his way home. Fuxk ask liberal Scumsac

  • SarahUSA

    And take a look at how drunk driving is viewed in Mexico and among Mexicans here. Hint: machismo. — Where is MADD? Has “diversity” trumped our laws and our lives?

  • Vigil cain

    And why is our country so screwed up! Deport the scum bag and all illeagals

  • Alan

    So it is okay to drink and drive if that person doesn’t hurt anyone but who says that person will keep drinking and drinking the 2nd or 3rd time till he or she hurts someone. No exceptions. So the city has to wait till that person hits someone to get in trouble. This is ridiculous. Makes no sense. Safety is number 1 priority. Illegal or not.