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SHOCK VIDEO: FBI Director Comey Proclaims Americans Deserve NO Privacy; The Government Owns Even Your Thoughts, Memories

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FBI Director James Comey took the liberty of rewriting the United States Constitution and completely dismantling the Fourth and Fifth Amendments during a speech Wednesday at Boston College on cyber security.

Comey’s incredulous claims that even the US government owns the thoughts and memories of its citizens were absolutely disgraceful and proves he is unfit for any office in a free society. Comey fabricated a tale that the founding fathers “struck a bargain” and in return for freedom, law enforcement is allowed to invade privacy at will. Really? The founding fathers of Russia?

Special note to Comey and his wall of academic degrees: The Fifth Amendment affords every American the right to say nothing to you or the Justice Department. Ever. By law, you can’t compel squat. Ask Lois Lerner. Ask Bryan Pagliano.

Comey’s third-worldesque comments are beyond chilling and should shine a brighter light on his Anti-American, Orwellian philosophies that steer what used to be considered the country’s premier law enforcement agency. But no more. His words not only undermine this country’s constitutional fabric but also prove that he is not fit to serve at the helm any government agency. His rhetoric is dictatorial, dangerous and have no place in a free society.

The sycophants and collegiate stooges at Boston College gave Comey a rousing ovation after his comments. College kids all jacked up on caffeine and student debt. They’re dumb enough to believe a globalist like Comey who would kick your door down for downloading a mp3 file.

Are you?


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  • ranchdancer

    wow, pretty scary I guess, but like so many, just take the 5th and SUFFER NO CONSEQUENCES WHAT SO EVER, a FACT, proven often in recent times!!

  • RightVote

    HOW many (?) ” Shadow Governments ” are in the US GOVERNMENT ?
    Folks, we’ve been had !
    So, Pres. TRUMP use to say ‘Drain the Swamp;……….He really meant ‘Drain the Ocean’ !

  • ravtodot

    Homeboy needs to find a different job.

  • RedPillPlease

    Comey proved he was unfit for office last July when he took it upon himself to rewrite the statute for the handling of classified information by adding his own “intent” clause, knowing people were serving time in prison for far less than what the Hildabeast was guilty of. When Trump said he was going to keep this goon onboard, you have to wonder about his circle of advisers/influence and to whom is their loyalty.

  • Jessica Centanne

    SO SORRY BUT, JACKASS , get out of here with that

  • Takiwa

    What’s more disturbing than this clown’s comments are the clowns in the audience approval of it.

  • SR56

    I’m curious what the context is and what was said before and after this clip.

  • conrad

    Today, Comey is a thought.
    Tomorrow he’ll be a memory.
    Next year he will be a bad dream.
    In 5 years he will be used in schools as an example of corrupt stewardship.

  • Margaret Khan

    The FBI is a criminal organization. They rely on criminal operatives to trap innocent people into fodder for criminal Kangaroo Courts. Schaeffer Cox in Alaska in 2011 committed no crime, but FBI criminal operatives taped him, found nothing except what was exculpatory, so they destroyed their tapes and lied because AG Eric Holder wanted “American home grown terrorists” and couldn’t find any. Federal prosecutor lied to jury and hid exculpatory evidence to send Schaeffer Cox & Lonnie Vernon to 26 year prison sentences & Karen Vernon to 14. This was a heinous travesty of justice but par for the gangster network that our justice system has become. Now they sit in prison, elderly Lonnie & Karen probably for life, with no recourse because the criminal organization that put them there does not want to be exposed.

  • KiddBlast

    So he’s actually throwing attorney-client privilege out the window here. Unbelievable. He has to go.

  • SR56

    38 minutes in is about where this clip starts.

  • jp90405

    where is the ENTIRE speech?

  • mike

    Comey needs to hear those words, “You’re fired”.

  • 99magna

    These people give swamps a bad name… in fact I like swamps…maybe cess pool would be better..

  • 99magna

    I’m so glad I already own my guns and I load my own ammunition…I’m just saying..

  • 8675310

    HE should be made absolutely private. President Trump, imitate Donald Trump, YOU’RE FIRED.

  • Deplorable_Pam

    This Gov’t is beyond the ✗ ballot box being able to correct it. We’ve sat complacent for far too long. The Founders repeatedly told us of the vigilance required to remain the free Republic that they built for us. As usual we didn’t learn from their mistakes and we forgot their teachings. Now, there’s only one way to restore this Republic. I fear that there are no longer the kind of people who are willing to fight for this Country. Lady Liberty is taking her last dying breath. I’m not being dramatic either, if you honestly believe that you’re going to vote your way out of a system that’s been carefully and methodically implemented over 50 yrs, you’re sadly mistaken. May I refer you to what’s currently going on in DC with our POTUS, the riots by brainwashed (by our own schools) Marxist kids, the msm with journalists basically telling you the same thing that Comey just said. No, they control everything. Only one way to take it back it. Of course if the people would actually come together and refuse to fund this disgrace it may have a positive effect, but I don’t see that happening either.

  • harrydweeks

    Fire this traitor tomorrow AM. Once you betray our Constitution you are a traitor.

  • John Burt Caylor

    i don’t have to listen to bullshit. Right Wing Drug smuggling Actor President Reagan and Ed Meese Executive Order 12,333 unleashed the CIA to spy on American citizens back in 1981. This is 2017 and Right Wing Ding Bat Republicans spout this True Pundit shit. If you people at True Pundit were worth a shit you’d write real stories instead of Catchy Headlines that lead to fake and dead end No Real News. I just can’t believe you people have and audience that reads much less is more than 8 years old.

  • Pvblivs

    When he seeks to throw out the right against self-incrimination, attorney-client privilege is barely a blip.

  • Wewon Bigly

    Trump needs to tell Comey “You’re fired!”

  • Phere

    Hoping this asshat goes DOWN!

  • Frank Atwood

    I hate to say it, but for Trump to keep this man aboard, something’s amiss, as Comey is openly building a case to throw to the American people, which will eventually save/bail out the entrenched Democrats from the hole they’ve dug and are digging for themselves, as Comey and his co-workers prepare a scenario which will eventually put blame another nation/country for any cyber-hacking done to Trump or even the Clintons and all things connected to Congress and what use to be, our Government, of the people and by the people. If Trump can’t see what I and others see in the words used to calm the masses, then the masses are dumber than dirt, and Trump with other members of his team, who are not politically tied to corrupt Washington D.C. we see at this time, then they will either become part of it, as more times passes, or shall be removed one by one by any means necessary by their opposition, to be replaced by another Washington liberal insider, to maintain their power. Unless Trump makes a bold move and replaces any of his team members who give in, in any way to any entrenched Democrat, who never budges one iota for anything for the people who aren’t in line with their Socialist Liberal ideology. I pray to God we are not being played, for we well could be.

  • KiddBlast


  • scratchNsniff

    waterboard him and uncover the shadow government

  • Kathleen Koblensky

    and we can say fuck you to your thought groping

  • alvindawg

    Time for Trump to remove all these bad actors and completely dismantle DC

  • Pvblivs

    I have no such hope. I only saw Trump as the “lesser evil” of the two candidates. But he wants to abuse power too.

  • alvindawg

    id like to know what power he is abusing. If you mean his executive orders most all of them are undoing the ones that Obama put in place. If your speaking on the travel one, read the law that’s on the book. He has every right under the law to do that. The Supreme Court approved that law.

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    And we all know how megalomaniac some judges can be in that they believe that they have the right to MAKE Law rather than implement and apply the Laws Codified by the Body that has the legal right to MAKE Laws, the Congress (House and Senate).

  • Ahmed F. Hosny

    Did Trump apply the “keep your friends close but your enemy closer” principle?

  • Ida Whanna

    Russia’s founding father’s never intended the communist take over that occurred there in 1917 and lasted until 1991–which is what is happening here now with people like Comey in powerful positions.(along with the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Rockefeller, Soros and the rest of the usual suspects in the background pulling strings) We can learn a lot by studying history, particularly Russia’s. Putin gets a bad rap here in the states mostly because the elite need a bogyman and Putin has been extremely vocal in his opposition to their new world order. He tossed Soro’s NGO’s out of Russia along with the Rothschild’s and World Bank. Main stream media has told us he’s a bad guy so it must be true, right? NOPE. In fact Putin warned Obama not to lead us down the path of socialism/communism, advising him to consider what it did to Russia and to think of the constitution. Obama said for all intents and purposes the constitution is dead. As elites do everything in their power end Christianity and Obama proudly announced we were no longer a Christian nation, Putin proudly announced Russia is a Christian nation. Russia refused to embrace the PC culture because Putin said (rightfully so) said it was nothing more than an attack on freedom of speech and personal liberty. I really wish people would research and study history because we truly are doomed to repeat it otherwise. I know that’s considered an old cliché by many but its very, VERY true. Our founding fathers never intended for us to be taken over by communists either but we’re dangerously close now. Donald Trump is our only hope.

  • Carol Chisumvii

    Yes. But that gets you snake bit

  • Carol Chisumvii

    He needs to face oblivion and not accorded any fame or infamy.

  • Carol Chisumvii

    If we were to remove the statue of liberty, who is/was a chained slave, we can install the newer, more cosmopolitan gem Russia gave us, we could have a rebirth of America.

  • Ida Whanna

    You’re right but consider this. Only 3% of the population actually fought in the Revolutionary War and this is a new era. We don’t necessarily have to fight with blood shed although I wouldn’t rule it out. It may be necessary. I wont pretend to be smart enough to know that answer but I do know in 1776 we changed the world and the way it thought about governments. Maybe its time to do that again. Maybe WikiLeaks is right about having governments with no secrets. That would be revolutionary and they’d have to walk the straight and narrow if everything they did was held up to public scrutiny. I’m not sure how we could achieve it or if the majority of people even want it but I think its worth considering. Either way, I’ll do whatever is necessary to preserve our country. I don’t want to see the US lead the path to a totalitarian one world government-new world order. We all know that wont work. The elites planning want a society of 2 classes. Them and their slaves. I can imagine if they succeed in getting their one world government the next step would be great purges of the populations. In fact, I believe that is their plan.

  • Carol Chisumvii

    Yuck, ha

  • John Hazlett

    Hmm, can we say, “1984”, (Orwell)?

  • Brian Janot

    After he handed him the presidency?

  • genesis667 .

    Come on Trump, throw this dirty cop Comey the fk out already!

  • Jane

    Trump is gibing him enough rope to hang himself with Sessions

  • Terry Dixon

    This guy needs to go to prison. So we don.t even own our own thoughts. Screw you Comey.

  • John Hurtuk

    Russia is guilty of punitive psychiatry. Countless are rubber stamped as schizos, and fully depersonalized and the govt allowed to fry their brains.

  • John Hurtuk

    u tube: lily4liberty.

  • gallegagirl

    Like yesterday.

  • ss442es

    That is communistic socialist crap. Comey has an Obama view of the world. We did not trade privacy for security. We hire people who swear to uphold the constitution and do not and we are getting screwed. After 9-11 the federal overreach began on steroids stripping our liberty without our consent and began shoveling third world muslims and refugees into this country along with NO border enforcement to help destroy this American spirit and Christian heritage. Comey is keeping the lid on the Sandy Hook fraud and even the FBI refused to say anyone was killed that day but his silence as criminal as the fraud. The FBI hit Lavoy Finicum and have tried to hide the evidence and agents lied about rounds fired and casings didn’t match the report. There is more but the FBI is crooked as the Obama administration. And Comey appears to be a liar.

  • Winghunter

    HERE is the Founders “bargain” you SOB!
    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.” – Benjamin Franklin

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Have we had enough of Comey or WHAT??

  • Ticklebits

    Thomas Jefferson said there ought to be a new revolution every generation. He was right.
    Unfortunately the powers that be have made revolution a difficult cause to get behind. Look at how many ppl depend on the govt. for money or foodstamps or housing. I happen to fall in a very poor sect of the economy. I grew up and lived in it and observed how this system keeps people in a perpetual loop of poverty and fear. And instead of being encouraged up you are encouraged down i.e. NO the govt. will not give you foodstamps if you are in school, NO the govt. will not help you out of an abusive environment at 15 (unless you’re pregnant. HA!), NO you cannot get paid for childcare if you are a blood family member of the child in question (that was a Bill Clinton thing btw) and I have worked in daycares…they are no place for children. Welfare as it existed before the Clinton presidency no longer exists. You have “Welfare to Work.” Yea, sounds great right? Getting people to work and back on track but really it is a series of useless classes. When I signed up I was pregnant and they wanted to give me 300$ for for 20 hours a week in “life skillls” classes which is ironically the only class I failed to get an A in before dropping out of the 8th grade to go to college. The min. wage in this state is 11 dollars an hr. It was about 10 at that time… For 300$ a month/20-25 hrs a week. Idk about you but while your kid is at daycare or public school and NOT (god forbid) with a family member, it looked and still does, a whole lot to me like they were just trying to hold me back from succeeding. We have pretty high living costs here and a lot of ppl have trouble with housing but I’ll be damned if there is ONE family shelter in this city or even county. There are men’s shelters and there are women’s and children’s shelters (so long as those male children are 12 or under). This was all before I even discovered the stretch of “social justice” or contemporary feminism and it’s effect on society in recent years. I got my foodstamps cut off for not trying to collect child support from a father that was living with me and providing for both our son and me. Yet there are so many ppl who still don’t see the trap. You stay poor and out of fear and sheer survival instinct you will vote left and they will inevitably offer you more “benefits.”
    Now, when people ask me about my political views and how they might affect me I simply tell them that when I think of how politics will affect anyone it is my child. My child happens to be a very white male and I sincerely fear for his future in this society the regressive left is trying to create. I would die and, more importantly, I would live for him to have a better future and more opportunities than I did. If it meant giving up my foodstamps, if it meant giving up everything and everyone but him. It’s that simple.

  • Deplorable_Pam

    There’s no reason to keep legions of “useless eaters” around.

  • AFR2

    In the clip above, Comey does not proclaim whether or not he agrees with the legal rules he cites. He merely cites the law as it is promulgated in society at present.

    That’s seen clearly in the way the IRS is allowed to compel presentation of income records. It shouldn’t be allowed in a free society but it is. By the same token, the Selective Service System shouldn’t be legal but it is, by court rulings and legislative action.

    What I notice is that no link was provided to the entire Comey speech. That was no accident. It was intentional that only one minute of Comey’s remarks were made available, virtually assuring that they were taken out of context. If the rest of his talk would have been objectionable, a link would have unquestionably been provided.

    Thus it is that the snit we see above has in all likelihood been distorted and exploited. That’s just obvious. The means by which this episode has been introduced and dangled before readers reeks of mainstream news media tactics.

  • ArmedPatriot

    1. I think we’re distorting what his intent is.
    2. I dont give a shvt…I want Comey GONE.

  • Dan Bailey

    I thought with the Hillary crap that he had some issues fire this asshole and send him to Russia where he belongs….Oh and stick Comrade Mc Complaine and Barry wiretap under both his arms. When Trump said “Drain the swamp” who knew????? there were so many BLOODSUCKERS…

  • Sucheta

    He is only stating the facts as he has been told. They are already using mind-reading technology and have been stealing our ideas for decades. This technology is installed all around the world (via HAARP) and mind-reading, dream/nightmare implantation, torture can be carried out at will in seconds, as the computers are much faster than humans.

  • Ed Hunt

    Unfit for government office? Fuck I wouldn’t hire him as a bathroom attendant at the Lincoln memorial.

  • Ed Hunt

    Bit by them vs cutting off the head with dull dirty garden shears??? Shit, gimme that snake

  • Ed Hunt

    No because thinking it would be illegal under this asshole

  • Ed Hunt

    Has become? Umm gulf of Tonkin? Shit the Boston tea party (the actual one and not the folk legend it’s become) may have been orchestrated by the crown for all we know. Either way it was an act of “domestic terrorism.”
    Case in point: Benjamin Franklin
    In actuality he was an alcoholic who’d fuck anything with a pulse; as an inventor was seen as a crackpot and the declaration of Independence was an act of war.

  • Robin Prestwood

    Compel HIM to testify to misdeeds of Obama and Clinton.

  • Ed Hunt

    Agree halfway; were NEVER a Christian nation. We have NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE either the people have been dumbed down by purposely subpar indoctrination centers(public schools) or just too slow to learn a second language like the other 90+% of the world. Yes; those starving kids in Africa know how to speak more than one language better than 3/4 of the country and in other than the areas of abject poverty in many aspects are actually better than us. For example the average speed of the internet is 10-20 TIMES ours and is provided as a utility in almost 35% of the earth’s population; and imagine the healthcare options without forcing the easily bought FDA to approve it first.

  • Ed Hunt

    How to tell when a politician is lying to you… his lips are moving.

  • Pyrran

    Then using his own logic, we should squeeze him for everything he knows. No lawyer, no taking the 5th, we own your thoughts Jim.
    Let’s see what he thinks about it then.

  • Pyrran

    Well, just remember J. Edgar Hoover. He had a lot on everyone. Maybe Comey is Hoover 2.0.

  • Kaye Johnson


  • Urupipeṛ2 Ṫẁo
  • Urupipeṛ2 Ṫẁo here is the speech

  • jp90405

    thanks, actually i found it already and i suspected those comments were taken out of context. listen, i’m no fan of this guy because the way he didn’t handle hilary properly. listening to his entire talk i couldn’t help but think he sounds like a reasonable guy. however, i also can’t help but remember him answering trey gowdy’s questions to the list of chargeable offences that hilary committed. what could the establishment have on him to force him not to do his job.

  • Mac mcintire

    Needs to be gone. Corrupt, member of the swamp

  • WHYNOT010

    I do agree that it’s time. We are beyond all hope of it being solved in D.C. by anyone elected.

  • Guy W Jordan

    I’ve been wanting to write something about this since J. Edgar Comey made his remarks about privacy. What Comey forgets is the Supreme Court, in 1973, legalized abortion-on-demand on the basis of the Right to Privacy. If there is no Right to Privacy, there is no right to abortion. We never amended that Constitution to permit abortion, so there is only the Right to Privacy to buttress abortion, but J. Edgar Comey says there is no privacy and we shouldn’t have any.