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Shock: Hollywood Producer Says Alec Baldwin Was Fully Aware He Was Filming Sex Scene With 16 yr. Old Minor

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Didn’t you law-abiding people out there know that Hollywood’s beautiful people get a free pass when they get naked with 16 yr. olds? Just ask Alec Baldwin. Laws established to protect underage teens simply can be ignored by Hollywood elites.

Incredibly, the washed-up Baldwin actually leaked this story himself. Shanty Irish. READ MORE

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  • Mark

    I have to click on your article…..just to get the link to click on the real article?

    Instead of directing us to your 2 paragraphs, how about you just link us directly to real article?

  • alvindawg

    Disgusting is all you can say. But it is Alec Baldwin so what else can you say. Typical Demo.

  • Joseph Conrad

    Why isn’t he in jail for he committed a crime? It’s news that he’s not? Such a waste of time report such crap!