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SHATTERED: Video of Coretta Scott King Thanking Jeff Sessions for Rosa Parks Library Crushes Elizabeth Warren Racial Stunt

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Well, that was quick. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s racial stunt that sparked her removal from the senate floor Tuesday night proved even shorter than her time living in a teepee.

Warren attempted to use the words of Coretta Scott King, the widow of slain civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr., to smear Sen. Jeff Sessions’ bid for Attorney General. Warren’s now warrant-less claim was that King’s wife’s words framed Sessions as a bigot.

But now a more recent video has surfaced where Coretta King in fact praises Sessions at the launching of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum.

What a difference 12 hours can make.

Below is a back up source of the above original video in case the primary video is removed.

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  • The Darker Side

    Hypocrisy in action. Warren needs to be removed.

  • JJCaro

    Now Warren can join Pelosi and Waters with egg on their faces. We once thought “Dem” represented the world “Democrat”. Now we are sure what it represents is “Demented”.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    Coretta Scott King doesn’t praise Jeff Sessions in this video. She recognizes his presence at the event along with 7 other public officials. You’ll notice she pauses and raises her eyebrows before reading Jeff Session’s name.

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    The simple embarrassment of being consistently wrong would shame a normal person into removing themselves… but these aren’t normal people that gravitate towards Washington. D.C. seems to be a magnet for emotionally dysregulated sociopaths!

  • Eddie
  • Robert Sparks

    What history of Sessions? You mean when he tried KKK murderers and backrupted the KKK in his state? That history?

  • Tom Ogeechee

    Facts can be stubborn things for Democrats.

  • yourmamatoo

    She praised his contribution.
    Try keeping up.

  • naro wampanoag

    Session was liberal enough to attend the opening of the Rosa Parks library. I am sure a racist wouldn’t do it.

  • naro wampanoag

    A racist wouldn’t set his foot there.

  • yourmamatoo

    Liberals – making up their own facts.

  • yourmamatoo


  • Glenn

    She sounds a bit slow-witted.

  • guitta Dabe

    Liberal enough? Sorry, but the term “liberal” has been taking quite a beating with the fascistic actions of so-called “liberals” lately!

  • guitta Dabe

    Actions shouldn’t matter.
    What liberals say about a person should matter much more!

  • Mr Truth

    Racists set their foot anywhere they please. That’s like saying that a Christian wouldn’t go to a place full of drunks, or that an Athiest won’t go to a funeral, because it’s in a church.

  • Mr Truth

    Exactly. Coretta is simply doing a courtesy to the government officials there. She’s not giving him praise on anything.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    I don’t think Session’s history is all bad, but do think there should be a higher bar than that for Attorney General.

    Sessions supervised the Michael Daniel murder case that I think you’re referring to but wasn’t the acting attorney. The acting attorney, Thomas Figures, was actually one who alleged Session’s racially motivated behavior. Check out the Wikipedia page [1] where Sessions name isn’t mentioned.

    If there’s another case you’re referring to let me know!


  • Whateverman13

    The TEXT
    Statement of Coretta Scott King on the Nomination of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions,
    for the United States District Court Southern District of Alabama
    Senate Judiciary Committee
    Thursday, March 13, 1986
    Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee:
    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express my strong opposition to the nomination of Jefferson Sessions for federal district judgeship for the Southern District of Alabama. My longstanding commitment which I shared with my husband, Martin, to protect and enhance the rights of Black Americans, rights which include equal access to the democratic process, compels me to testify today.
    Civil rights leaders, including my husband and Albert Turner, have fought long and hard to achieve free and unfettered access to the ballot box. Mr. Sessions has used-the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge. This simply cannot be allowed to happen.
    Mr. Sessions conduct as U.S. Attorney, from his politically-motivated voting fraud prosecutions to his indifference toward criminal violations of civil rights laws, indicates that he lacks the temperament, fairness and judgment to be a federal judge. The Voting Rights Act was, and still is, vitally important to the future of democracy in the United States. I was privileged to join Martin and many others during the Selma to Montgomery march for voting rights in 1965. Martin was particularly impressed by the determination to get the franchise of blacks in Selma and neighboring Perry County. As he wrote, “Certainly no community in the history of the Negro struggle has responded with the enthusiasm of Selma and her neighboring town of Marion. Where Birmingham depended largely upon students and unemployed adults [to participate in non-violent protest of the denial of the franchise], Selma has involved fully 10 per cent of the Negro population in active demonstrations, and at least half the Negro population of Marion was arrested on one day.”
    Martin was referring of course to a group that included the defendants recently prosecuted for assisting elderly and illiterate blacks to exercise that franchise. In fact, Martin anticipated from the depth of their commitment twenty years ago, that a united political organization would remain in Perry County long after the other marchers had left. This organization, the Perry County Civic League, started by Mr. Turner, Mr. Hogue, and others, as Martin predicted, continued “to direct the drive for votes and other rights.” In the years since the Voting Rights Act was passed, Black Americans in Marion, Selma and elsewhere have made important strides in their struggle to participate actively in the electoral process. The number of Blacks registered to vote in key Southern states has doubled since 1965. This would not have been possible without the Voting Rights Act. However, Blacks still fall far short of having equal participation in the electoral process. Particularly in the South, efforts continue to be made to deny Blacks access to the polls, even where Blacks constitute the majority of the voters. It has been a long up-hill struggle to keep alive the vital legislation that protects the most fundamental right to vote.
    A person who has exhibited so much hostility to the enforcement of those laws, and thus, to the exercise of those rights by Black people should not be elevated to the federal bench.
    The irony of Mr. Sessions’ nomination is that, if confirmed, he will be given life tenure for doing with a
    federal prosecution what the local sheriffs accomplished twenty years ago with clubs and cattle prods. Twenty years ago, when we marched from Selma to Montgomery, the fear of voting was real, as the broken bones and bloody heads in Selma and Marion bore witness. As my husband wrote at the time, “it was not just a sick imagination that conjured up the vision of a public official, sworn to uphold the law, who forced an inhuman march upon hundreds of Negro children; who ordered the Rev. James Bevel to be chained to his sickbed; who clubbed a Negro woman registrant, and who callously inflicted repeated brutalities and indignities upon nonviolent Negroes peacefully petitioning for their constitutional right to vote?
    Free exercise of voting rights is so fundamental to American democracy that we cannot tolerate any form of infringement of those rights. Of all the groups who have been disenfranchised in our nation’s history, none has struggled longer or suffered more in the attempt to win the vote than Black citizens. No group has had access to the ballot box denied so persistently and intently. Over the past century, a broad array of schemes have been used in attempts to block the Black vote. The range of techniques developed with the purpose of repressing black voting rights run the gamut from the-straightforward application of brutality against black citizens who tried to vote to such legalized frauds as ‘grandfather clause” exclusions and rigged literacy tests. The actions taken by Mr. Sessions in regard to the 1984 voting fraud prosecutions represent just one more technique used to intimidate Black voters and thus deny them this most precious franchise. The investigations into the absentee voting process were conducted only in the Black Belt counties where blacks had finally achieved political power in the local government. Whites had been using the absentee process to their advantage for years, without incident. Then, when Blacks; realizing its strength, began to use it with success, criminal investigations were begun.
    In these investigations, Mr. Sessions, as U.S. Attorney, exhibited an eagerness to bring to trial and convict three leaders of the Perry County Civic League including Albert Turner despite evidence clearly demonstrating their innocence of any wrongdoing. Furthermore, in initiating the case, Mr. Sessions ignored allegations of similar behavior by whites, choosing instead to chill the exercise of the franchise by blacks by his misguided investigation. In fact, Mr. Sessions sought to punish older black civil rights activists, advisers and colleagues of my husband, who had been key figures in the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. These were persons who, realizing the potential of the absentee vote among Blacks, had learned to use the process within the bounds of legality and had taught others to do the same. The only sin they committed was being too successful in gaining votes. The scope and character of the investigations conducted by Mr. Sessions also warrant grave concern. Witnesses were selectively chosen in accordance with the favorability of their testimony to the government’s case. Also, the Prosecution illegally withheld from the defense critical statements made by witnesses. Witnesses who did testify were pressured and intimidated into submitting the “correct” testimony. Many elderly blacks were visited multiple times by the FBI who then hauled them over 180 miles by bus to a grand jury in Mobile when they could more easily have testified at a grand jury twenty miles away in Selma. These voters, and others, have announced they are now never going to vote again.
    I urge you to consider carefully Mr. Sessions’ conduct in these matters. Such a review, I believe, raises serious questions about his commitment to the protection of the voting rights of all American citizens and consequently his fair and unbiased judgment regarding this fundamental right. When the circumstances and facts surrounding the indictments of Al Turner, his wife, Evelyn, and Spencer Hogue are analyzed, it becomes clear that the motivation was political, and the result frightening the wide-scale chill of the exercise of the ballot for blacks, who suffered so much to receive that right in the first place.
    Therefore, it is my Strongly held view that the appointment of Jefferson Sessions to the federal bench would irreparably damage the work of my husband, A1 Turner, and countless others who risked their lives and freedom over the past twenty years to ensure equal participation in our democratic system. The exercise of the franchise is an essential means by which our citizens ensure that those who are governing will be responsible. My husband called it the number one civil right. The denial of access to the ballot box ultimately results in the denial of other fundamental rights. For, it is only when the poor and disadvantaged are empowered that they are able to participate actively in the solutions to their own problems. We still have a long way to go before we can say that minorities no longer need be concerned about discrimination at the polls. Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asian Americans are grossly underrepresented at every level of government in America. If we are going to make our timeless dream of justice through democracy a reality, we must take every possible step to ensure that the spirit and intent of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fifteenth Amendment of the Constitution is honored.
    The federal courts hold a unique position in our constitutional system, ensuring that minorities and their citizens without political power have a forum in which to vindicate their rights. Because of this unique role, it is essential that the people selected to be federal judges respect the basic tenets of our legal system: respect for individual rights and a commitment to equal justice for all. The integrity of the Courts, and thus the rights they protect, can only be maintained if citizens feel confident that those selected as federal judges will be able to judge with fairness others holding differing views.
    I do not believe Jefferson Sessions possesses the requisite judgment, competence, and sensitivity to the rights guaranteed by the federal civil rights laws to qualify for appointment to the federal district court. Based on his record, I believe his confirmation would have a devastating effect on not only the judicial system in Alabama, but also on the progress we have made everywhere toward fulfilling my husband’s dream that he envisioned over twenty years ago. I therefore urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to deny his confirmation. I thank you for allowing me to share my views.

  • RJ

    It doesn’t make any difference. Only conservative sites are showing this, everybody else is still pushing fake news.

  • FingerBlisters

    They obviously love egg on their faces

  • OnlyInAmerica

    Can you quote where King “praised his contribution” in this video? I didn’t hear anything in the video beyond her mentioning his name in a list of 8 public officials in attendance.

  • Connie Alsip

    I despise Liz, Ol’ Pocohantas made a fool of herself. Of course, in her case this is not unusual! Who does she think she is??

  • GinnyLee

    They have much more than ‘egg’ on their faces…

  • Connie Alsip

    Oh, please, demented democrap. You don’t like law and order? You think dems should be treated differently than Republicans? And the USA NEEDS both voter ID laws, and law and order in the streets, which seems to be the opposite of the democrapic mind set.

  • jubadoobai

    Coretta Scott King raised her eyebrows because she knew her original letter was a lie foisted upon her by the NAACP and other black Democrats who were trying to deprive a group of black voters of their voting rights. Thus, those deprived black voters went to Sessions who brought the suit on their behalf.

  • jubadoobai

    Where were you when Eric Holder was nominated?

  • Connie Alsip

    And black racism is violent. Robbing, pillaging ad looting other people’s property is a crime. Hoping that they put this into law. Peaceful protest doesn’t set fires in the street or beat up opposing views. Totally out of control. Totally un-American.

  • jubadoobai

    Sessions has done more for poor blacks than Obama ever did. Sessions destroyed the AL KKK; Obama brought BLM which destroyed black neighborhoods.

  • TJJ300

    Wait. She acknowledged him, but didn’t praise him. If you have that footage, please show it. Otherwise this is just BS. I can’t show this to anyone and claim she changed her views on Sessions.

  • jubadoobai

    I wonder how long it takes Fauxcahontas Lieawatha to practice that tone of suppressed passion which she uses to hyperventilate about everything … except getting a job at Harvard Law by masquerading as Cherokee then blowing off the Cherokees. Except profiting at the expense of people who couldn’t pay their mortgages so she bought up their homes cheaply, flipped them, and made a tidy profit.

    Somebody ought to find her a husband so her passion won’t have to be suppressed any more.

    Oh? She has one? Beta Max?

  • MFH

    She said, and I quote, “It’s a great honor and privilege to be here today..” Nowhere in this video did she say, “thank you” or praise ANYTHING Sessions did.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    It’s honorable for King to acknowledge Session’s attendance (along w/7 other public officials) at the library opening but it doesn’t negate her position that Sessions has a history of intimidating people pursuing their right to vote.

  • plainejane

    All she did was “thank” him as a group of 7 for helping establish this museum. PERIOD. She did not praise him for his beliefs or his political views or his actions as a judge or senator. This is a BS “contradiction.” She was a public figure and had to do things that public figures do, which is sometimes acknowledge people whom she does not respect. As Obama had to show respect to Trump when he was showing him how to use the lights in the White House – and run the country. Sadly, Trump wasn’t paying attention- BUT NEVER MIND. Obama was polite.

  • DeplorableinFL

    or “demonic”

  • jubadoobai

    BTW, Fauxcahontas Lieawatha called Sessions a “disgrace”. I’d love to hear her opinion of the “Liberal Lion of the Senate” from her home state—the one who, together with Chris Dodd (D-CT), made “waitress sandwiches” of female restaurant staff who were not in a position to say no; the one who let a girl drown at Chappaquiddick while he went home to sleep off his drunk; the one who slutted around with his brothers Jack and Bobby.

    Does Warren this Kennedy was a disgrace? I do.

  • Polly Sigh

    Look again – she raised her eyebrows after ever name. Fail.

  • scumby

    nasty fake indian put foot in big fat mouth again

  • OnlyInAmerica

    There was _totally legit_ controversy with Eric Holder about his agreeing to pardon Marc Rich as Deputy Attorney General under Clinton! It looked like Rich had donated to Democrats and in exchange earned Clinton’s pardon on a whole bunch of tax evasion and fraud charges.

    I agree! I don’t think the Democrats are any less prone to corruption than Republicans. They play the same game.

  • yourmamatoo

    She mentioned him by name. That’s praise enough.
    Too bad she didn’t live long enough to see his record.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    Oh, you’re right! She does treat him as respectfully as all the others she acknowledges.

    Pretty awesome that she does that despite feeling that he worked to deny African Americans the vote. Gotta admit, that’s honorable.

  • sreynolds

    Yeah,, actually it does..

  • LaserEye

    Show that history, because I’ve never seen it. I looked into all of it the day he was put up for the seat.

  • Jill

    yes it is. accept it

  • Jill

    we do not care

  • Jill

    I am black and this is true. Blacks are more racist than whites ever thought of being.

  • fireant451

    Social niceties do not mean praise or agreement.

  • homeworkn2

    She had to mention all office holders present. He just happened to be in office at the time of the dedication. He had nothing to do with it and she was being kind. She did hesitate before saying his name.

  • nimblenoggin

    If this is a true statement, then it should float up into the national discussion, with or without Sen. Warren’s input.

  • Jill

    not cool plain jane. Obama was a disaster

  • Cr Green-Martin

    I dont know what they heard but it damn sure was not praise she just acknowledged him only because he was there as she did the rest no big deal so for the ones who said warren has egg on her face, i dont think so and obviously you didnt see the video

  • I’m not going to be as nice a Jill.

    To borrow a line from Saturday Night Live, “Jane you ignorant $lu+”

    “… acknowledge people whom she does not respect.”

    And you know for sure without doubt Corretta Scott King did not respect Jeff Sessions? Were you and Mrs King in a sewing circle and she told you as much?


    Oh, and O’blome had to show President Trump how to use the lights? Again Puleeze. That re+ard couldn’t remember which door to walk through much less where any light switch was located.

  • Venkat Rao

    You guys are nuts. She just addressed a bunch of people who attended the opening ceremony. She is not thanking all of them. Even if she thanked him(which she didn’t), why is it such a stretch that she wrote a letter criticizing him too?

  • Venkat Rao

    That is the problem with people like you. Party before country. ‘OnlyInAmerica’ is criticizing wrong behavior irrespective of the party and here you are ‘I don’t care’. Nuts!!!

  • SJB

    Does she want the ‘crow’ she will be eating fried, baked, grilled or broiled? Any way should go well with the egg that is on her face. 🙂

  • sun_wukong

    The race-scamming wealthy socialist who does all the things she denounces in others and has no idea how the real world works; the perfect model for Massachusetts. Once the cradle of liberty, now the port-a-potty of human dignity.

  • al velanche

    Wait where is the part where she praises Sessions?

  • Andrew Griner

    It sure contradicts the narrative that Jeff Sessions is a bigot and a racist! It’s the opening of the ROSA PARKS library! You think Coretta King would casually praise a racist bigot at the opening of such a sacred event??

  • andersm0

    What brand of stupid pills are you eating when you make statements that are so easily disproven? Anyone else noticed that leftist female politicians seem to have cornered the market on dumb, dumber and dumbest? Are these idiots capable of contemplating the disaster they’re courting? Pelosi thinking it’s still the Bush era, Watters believing Putin is invading Korea, Pelosi lying about Coretta King. Their hatred of conservatives has made them demented.

  • mannfm11

    For as long as I can remember, voting involves signing up and showing up. People need ID’S to do almost anything, including buying cigarettes, alcohol and going to the doctor. You need one to get on a plane and generally to rent or buy a home. The right to vote is way down the list and generally involves the desire to loot your neighbors, something that they intended to prohibit.

  • 303summerwalk

    You are nuts. If sessions was kkk… he would not have attended except with a rifle

    But keep being a dim wit.

  • 303summerwalk

    Phuck off. Higher bar is just left wing rhetoric that you squeal because you feel the daily loss of power. You don’t really give 2 schitz about “higher bar”

  • 303summerwalk

    Wait where was the part that the kkk member attended a Rosa Parks ceremony with the widow of mlk as a speaker?

  • al velanche

    This piece says ” Coretta King in fact praises Sessions at the launching of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum.” Except she doesn’t. She just acknowledges his presence, along with that of the other dignitaries. It’s a ceremonial gesture, just like attending the opening of a Rosa Parks library in your state if you are a Senator.

  • d_in_denver

    Did anyone watch the video? Please, tell me the minute/second mark when she “thanks him.”

    All she did was acknowledge he was there. Nothing more.

  • WWII+K+V

    Well said ! They are demented!

  • ptslittlecomment

    Could someone please point out to me where in this two minute and three second video King praises Sessions? Is there another video?

    Because here the only time she utters his name is to acknowledge him as a member of the panel.

  • Mike Danger

    It also ignores the fact that as Attorney General for the State of Alabama Jeff Sessions prosecuted the KKK out of existence.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    A lot of attention on Sessions seems to relate to his days as a US Attorney in Alabama.

    1982: Sessions declines requests to prosecute a case related to absentee ballot tampering in Perry County. Absentee ballots were seen as a tool for rural, largely African American, voters.

    1985: Sessions prosecuted three civil rights leaders in Marion, Alabama (Also Perry County). The case alleges they were tampering with absentee ballots. The defense stated they were helping African Americans in their community to register to vote by absentee ballot. The jury cleared the three after 3 hrs of deliberation, which some took to mean the case against them was weak.

    This timeline is questioned because Sessions declined requests to prosecute tampering when it favored African American voting and did prosecute when it stood to harm African American’s right to vote. Taken with comments he’s made that the KKK was “OK until I found out they smoked pot”. [], it seems like he’s not a great pick for being the chief law enforcer.


  • Glenn Syclair

    and shit on their heads….ah,shitheads!

  • dixiesmystery is pissed

    Well just go figure

  • Wilbur

    They were stupid to give any credence to the letter to begin with.

  • 10adp

    I must be libtarded because I missed any semblance of praise or thanks to Sessions from her in this video clip. She merely acknowledges his existence/presence.

  • Anne Elizabeth Brown

    Look up the actual case transcripts. That’s not at all what happened. Black Dems disenfranchised primarily Black voters and other Black Dem candidates who went to Sessions on multiple occasions with heaps of evidence to ask him to investigate.

  • Anne Elizabeth Brown

    Again, no. He originally delayed accepting the case as he stated he hoped it would be taken up locally by the county. Alas, that never happened. Hundreds of absentee ballots were mailed to AA voters, after which the Black Dem running who was charged with fraud, along with his helpers illegally went around the community gathering them up, even convincing some AA voters to sign blank ballots, which they then filled in themselves before submitting. The jury did clear, but as local Civil Rights groups at the time were all in the tank for this conman, there was little likelihood of conviction.

  • deemilio

    Too bad this won’t be seen on the evening news.

  • Francee Greer

    She was doing what Michelle Obama does, taking the high road. He was the Senator and she was being the dignified person she taught all of us to be. So please, let it be clear, she was NOT in anyway supported of this vile man who did everything he could to suppress people of color. But you know what him and all of you Trump supporters need to know we are WOKE and we will resist. The day will come when the power shifts again and we will not forget.

  • Anne Elizabeth Brown

    Ironic, as it was Ted K who started this smear originally.

  • dldeal

    She acknowledges the presents of the man along with all the rest that were there. IT’S CALLED AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. NOT A THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE ALL SLOW MINDED REACHING FOR STRAWS….NO WONDER A REALITY STAR GOT YOUR VOTE.

  • Observer

    Never to be seen on /r/politics you fucking [email protected] redditors.

  • disqus_bkpytcPmo1

    Are you serious? “Coretta King … praises Sessions”? In your dreams, folks. There is not one word of praise for him (or criticism, for that matter) in this video. It is simply a gracious woman opening her remarks by naming the dignitaries gathered there, including Sessions, in the beginning of her speech. She names 6 or 7 people and says what an honor it is for her to join them at the opening… etc. That’s it! Were you listening? She utters not one single word of praise for him. Stop the desperate BS, please! You can’t make a point when there’s nothing there.

  • Observer

    Drop dead cunt.

  • dldeal

    No. It shows that you are taking classes at the new Conway/Trump school of alternative facts and ignorance.

  • Sabrina Wheeler


  • disqus_bkpytcPmo1

    It won’t be seen on the evening news because it’s not newsworthy. It doesn’t say what you wish it said.

  • disqus_bkpytcPmo1

    What are the words that contradict her position?

  • disqus_bkpytcPmo1

    What are the words of praise? Are you hearing things that aren’t there? Voices in your head? What. Are. The. Words. Of. Praise???

  • Jennifer Tate Rorke Nadeau

    She did not praise him. Just acknowledge his presence just as the governor and mayor.

  • dldeal

    That’s your narrative Like the bowling green attack.

  • disqus_bkpytcPmo1

    Hehehehe. You are displaying your stupidity for the world to see. Thanks for the laugh.

  • dldeal

    Proof? Did he find out they smoked weed.

  • ssaaaaa

    explain yourself dideal

  • dldeal

    You haven’t given any yet.

  • Dave Caillouet

    How do we even know that this letter is authentic? After all, this is Fauxahauntas Lieawatha Warren we’re talking about.

  • ron44

    I didn’t think after witnessing WATERS and PELOSI the dems couldn’t get and dumber then that, i was wrong..the whole damn bunch belongs in the shitter.

  • Dave Caillouet

    How do we even know that this letter is authentic? This is Warren we’re talking about here. That letter could have come from Dan Rather’s source for all we know.

  • Daniel M. Snider

    That statement is not true

  • RON

    You have NO CLUE what in the hell you are talking about. I live in the next county over and my uncle lives in Perry County. There was a complaint filed by a certain BLACK MAN, against 2 or 3 other BLACK MEN, who he was running against, he stated they filled out 100’s of “ABSENTEE BALLOTS” and it was proved they did. You don’t know anything man. Jeff Sessions prosecuted the top Klan man in Alabama, and Famed Civil Rights Attorney Donald Watkins was Ashamed he did not come to Jeff’s defense in 1985. Here is his Letter that is up on his FACEBOOK a we speak…………Go READ IT !! BETTER YET ITS BELOW SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE…………….Dems are plain wicked, evil tripe.

    Standing on the Side of What’s Right
    By Donald V. Watkins
    ©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on May 10, 2016
    I have been asked more than once whether I have an “axe to grind” with Alabama Governor Robert Bentley. I do not. What I do have is a burning desire to experience a state government that is ethical, transparent, fair and responsive to the needs of its citizens.
    I am a political independent who judges Bentley and other officeholders on the basis of their conduct in office, not their political views, race or party affiliation. I have worked hard throughout my adult life to be on the side of what’s right even when it is unpopular to do so. My 46-year personal relationship with U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) is a case in point.
    In 1986, President Ronald Reagan nominated Sessions, who was then the U.S. Attorney for Mobile, to a federal judgeship in Mobile. The nomination drew the ire of various state political organizations and national civil rights groups. Thomas Figures, a black Assistant U.S. Attorney in Sessions’ office, provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with testimony of what he said were racially insensitive remarks attributed to Sessions while the two of them worked together. Sessions testified that the remarks referenced by Thomas were taken out of context or were made in jest. There was no testimony that Jeff used racial slurs or that he was demeaning to black co-workers, court personnel, or constituents.
    The groups opposing Jeff’s nomination immediately seized upon Figures’ testimony to mobilize enough votes to kill his nomination. Jeff became only the second nominee to the federal judiciary in 48 years whose nomination was killed by the Committee.
    Jeff was subsequently elected in 1994 as Alabama’s attorney general. In 1996, Jeff was elected as one of the state’s two U.S. senators. He was reelected in 2002, 2008, and 2014. Jeff is now considered by many national Republican Party powerbrokers to be a potential running mate for presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.
    Jeff was my classmate at the University of Alabama School of Law from 1970 to 1973. I was one of two black law students in our freshman class. The class of 150 students was divided alphabetically and I was the lone black law student in a section of 75 students that included Jeff. It was the longest and loneliest three years of my life. To put matters in perspective, I arrived on campus a full year before any black athlete had joined any UA sports team. I attended the law school on a desegregation scholarship awarded by the NAACP.
    The first white student to acknowledge my humanity on campus was Margaret Smith Marston. The first white student to invite me to join an organization was Jeff Sessions. He approached me, introduced himself, shook my hand and asked if I would be interested in joining the Young Republicans on campus. The invitation was sincere and gracious, but I respectfully declined. Jeff thanked me for my consideration of his invitation and asked me to let him know if I changed my mind. If so, he would be happy to escort me to my first meeting. Jeff and I were cordial with each other for the entire three years we were in law school. I was married at the time and so was Jeff. His wife Mary was a wonderful spouse and a devoted Christian woman who also treated me with kindness.
    As Jeff was going through his brutal confirmation hearing for the Mobile federal judgeship, I kept waiting for him to call me as a character witness to rebut the suggestion in Thomas’ testimony that he was a racist. Jeff was a conservative then, as he is now, but he was NOT a racist. I did not want to voluntarily inject myself into Jeff’s nasty confirmation fight. However, had I been called as a witness by either side in this battle, I would have gone to Washington and truthfully answered questions about Jeff’s daily interaction with me during our law school years. This call never came.
    A few years later, I saw Jeff at a legal seminar in Birmingham. He was sitting by himself in the hallway outside of the meeting room. I sat down next to him and chatted about his Senate confirmation hearing. I could tell that Jeff was still emotionally wounded from this awful experience. Jeff thought the senators who opposed him had been insensitive to his rights and reputation as a judicial nominee. He was right. Jeff’s confirmation hearing had turned into a politically motivated character assassination.
    I asked Jeff why he did not call me as a witness for him. I reminded him of how we had met and had spent three years together at UA when nobody knew our names. My interaction with Jeff had occurred eleven years before he met and worked with Thomas Figures. Jeff was kind, courteous and respectfully to me at all times during our law school experience. He was constantly inviting me to Republican Party gatherings on campus. Mind you, this was at a time when Alabama was under solid Democratic Party control.
    My talk with Jeff made him tear up. He asked me whether I would have really testified for him about our law school years, and I answered “yes”. I told Jeff that my testimony would have been extremely relevant, especially since my landmark civil rights cases after graduating from law school had favorably reshaped Alabama’s educational, political, economic, and criminal justice landscape. No witness who appeared before the Judiciary Committee against Jeff could have matched my established and nationally recognized civil rights credentials. Plus, my personal connection with Jeff was genuine, deep and born out of ordinary acts of kindness.
    At the end of our conversation, I told Jeff that I had failed him and myself. I should have volunteered to stand by his side and tell the story of his true character at his confirmation hearing. The fact that I did not rise on my own to defend Jeff’s good name and character haunted me for years. I promised Jeff that I would never stand idly by and allow another good and decent person to endure a similar character assassination if it was within my power to stop it.
    Fast-forward to President George W. Bush’s December 2000 nomination of Missouri Republican Senator John David Ashcroft for U.S. Attorney General. Like Jeff, Ashcroft’s nomination met with stiff opposition from national civil rights groups. I did not know Ashcroft personally, but I could tell that the same kind of character assassination I had seen in Jeff’s 1986 confirmation hearing was in play again.
    The Ashcroft nomination was on the ropes and seemed doomed. I remembered my promise to Jeff. After thoroughly and independently researching Ashcroft’s overall record as a U.S. senator, a Missouri governor and a state attorney general, I determined that Ashcroft was NOT a racist, despite the fact that his views on affirmative action and judicial remedies for the desegregation of Missouri public schools during the 1970s did not match my views on these subjects. By today’s standards, Ashcroft was a mainstream Republican conservative.
    With two days to go before Ashcroft’s scheduled January 31, 2001, confirmation vote, I knew I needed to act quickly to keep Ashcroft’s nomination from going down in flames from character assassination. I asked my Washington lawyer to contact Katharine Graham, the publisher of the Washington Post, to see whether the Post would allow me to run a half page “Confirm John Ashcroft” open letter in the front section of the newspaper on the morning of the vote. Graham agreed. I penned my open letter on my Alamerica Bank stationary and paid $43,000 to publish it on January 31st. Jeff was pleasantly surprised to see my letter in the Post that morning and called me to ask if he could read it into the Congressional Record prior to the vote. I said, “yes”.
    The “Confirm John Ashcroft” open letter lifted Ashcroft’s nomination out of the zone of danger. Ashcroft was confirmed as the 79th Attorney General of the United States by a vote of 58 to 42. He served with distinction in this position from 2001 to 2005.
    After the vote, Ashcroft tried for days to reach me by phone to say, “thank you”. We never connected because of my busy international travel schedule, but he left several voice messages of thanks. I would not meet Ashcroft until nine years later when I was attempting to buy the St. Louis Rams football team. Jeff arranged the meeting. Ashcroft thanked me repeatedly for standing by his side in what he said was his “darkest hour” as a public official. I told Ashcroft my story about Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. Like Jeff, Ashcroft also teared up as I recounted how I had failed Jeff and how I vowed to never allow such a personal failure to happen again.
    The moral of my Jeff Sessions/John Ashcroft story is this: If we truly believe in the promise of America, we must stand up for its ideals and principles when they matter the most. Integrity, accountability, transparency, decency and fairness are the hallmarks of good government, not race, gender, party affiliation, religious beliefs, or one’s socio-economic status in life. If and when we stand up for America’s core principles, we are truly serving our nation.
    America is the greatest country on the planet. I know this firsthand because I work in 47 countries across four continents. All of us have an affirmative obligation as Americans to stand on the side of what’s right, even when it is uncomfortable and unpopular to do so.

  • Observer

    Meanwhile you just claimed that her saying it’s an honor to be joined with Sessions et all isn’t praise.

  • ProCannonFodder

    Pocahantes is a troll.

  • NDK

    Contrary to the TruePundit headline, Mrs. Coretta Scott King did not “thank” Mr. Sessions for the Rosa Parks Library and Museum, but in her opening remarks she merely acknowledged his presence, along with several other guests.

    Here, again, we have an example from TruePundit of headlines-as-editorial. On this score—and mark well: I want the principles of freedom and justice to flourish in our land—TruePundit is no better than the NYT.

  • Not possible, leftists are incapable of realizing where they go wrong. She’ll easily figure out a way to blame someone else and the rest of the left will cheer her on. She’s a waste of conservative press ink.

  • RON

    Give me proof u arent a racist POS……………..All you liberal scum are the same to me, worthless drivel who love aborting innocent human beings. Jeff Sessions is 100 times the man you will ever be, and by tomorrow he will be the AG, kiss off

  • Freddie Poster

    How is that even relevant? Rather than show proof what someone said was wrong you just attack them? Jump straight to Ad Hominem? Do you have information that proves Anne wrong? Why you trolling so hard?

  • Civila191

    New word:- DEMGUSTING.

  • Jimson00

    I don’t think we can expect the white/right wing to reason logically or honestly. They compare apples and oranges all the time.

  • Quintus

    He was in the audience and she mentioned his name; there was no “praise.”

  • OnlyInAmerica

    I haven’t been able to find a case where Jeff Sessions acted as prosecutor against the KKK. If you can find and link one that’d be awesome.

  • Seth Grossman

    Both 1982 and 1985 election battles involved complaints of fraud in Democratic primary elections where candidates, supporters, and voters on both sides of controversy were black. It was very similar to battle between Lorenzo Langford and Craig Callaway in Atlantic City. The three “civil rights leaders” were caught red-handed with dozens of illegal ballots, but were acquitted by jury because of their civil rights pedigree and political muscle in community.

  • forgetyoutooo

    I’m reminded of grand wizard Robert Byrd….you want to talk about intimidation?

  • Jennifer Tate Rorke Nadeau

    This is pretty amazing. I’m always ready to learn new information and open to changing my mind. I followed the EW threads to this rebuttal thread. When it proved nothing contrary I was about to leave but scrolled through the comments. So very interesting. Feel more confident in the character of JS after your inclusion of this letter.

  • Brian Torbit

    No KKK exists in Alabama? What world are u living in? The KKK is and always has been alive and well and in Alabama.

  • Brian Torbit

    She does nothing on this video other than acknowledge his presence in the room. How many of you right wing sheep even watched the video.

  • NDK

    You are correct, OnlyInAmerica.

    This is another True Pundit example of headline-as-editorial.

  • Daniel Strahan

    Alzheimers is surfacing fast.

  • Anne Elizabeth Brown

    Read the freaking original docs. Or do you just love your lies too much?

  • Mike Danger
  • Donna Wood-Dudley

    My only question to all this mayhem is WHY

  • OhioAnon85

    It currently also represents “Dementia” in Pelosi’s case. The idiot still thinks Bush is President.

  • Mike Danger

    “Sessions’s actual track record certainly doesn’t suggest he’s a racist. Quite the opposite, in fact. As a U.S. Attorney he filed several cases to desegregate schools in Alabama. And he also prosecuted Klansman Henry Francis Hays, son of Alabama Klan leader Bennie Hays, for abducting and killing Michael Donald, a black teenager selected at random. Sessions insisted on the death penalty for Hays. When he was later elected the state Attorney General, Sessions followed through and made sure Hays was executed. The successful prosecution of Hays also led to a $7 million civil judgment against the Klan, effectively breaking the back of the KKK in Alabama.”

    The KKK was once a major political power in Alabama. After sessions they are a very minor fringe group with virtually zero political power and influence.

  • Matt

    I have been using the phrase “Words speak louder than actions” for the last few years because that’s what this country has been taught for at least 8 years. Someone once misunderstood the phrase and took it literally when I was being completely sarcastic, then proceeded to insult me but at the same proved my point.

  • Bill the Cat

    Fauxcohantas is suchhhhhhh a dull tool LOL

  • >The simple embarrassment of being consistently wrong

    like with the Bowling Green Massacre or crime statistics or any number of things the administration has completely lied about in the opening month of office?

  • Bill the Cat

    The Democrat party started the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow laws, filibustered and voted against the Civil Rights Act, had the only Senator to have been a Grand Kleagle for the KKK — “Sheets” Byrd — and actively support Planned Parenthood which was created for the express purpose of reducing the black/brown population.

    Here’s a photo of the KKK marching through D.C. in support of electing Democrats. Feel free to look any of the above up, it’s all true.

  • Bill the Cat

    Whereas Hillary Clinton praised a KKK Grand Kleagle… but that’s OK, right?

  • Pat Murphy

    Where exactly in the video does Coretta Scott King ‘praise’ Sen Sessions?

  • Denise

    Do you people even watch the videos you post? She in no way praises Sessions in this video.

  • David

    Remember when Elizabeth Warren’s Queen Hillary said Klansman Robert Byrd was her mentor? Why no rage from Lizzy over that ? Could it be Lizzy is a closet rasist herself?

  • Guy Pinestra

    Maybe you should actually look up the voting rights case for yourself, The charges were brought by black plaintiffs claiming that Turner and others were changing people’s absentee ballots illegally.

  • disqus_smhhrk

    You need to do some more research about that. It was African Americans that want sessions to take the voter fraud case against other African Americans. So he did and found voter fraud according to the law. What’s your point. Again someone not doing their research.

  • Macy

    dldeal, go home troll. or better yet, get out and do something. I notice you post responses to posts, but never respond to questions asked of you. do you need a hug.. or a bean bag with a puppy. If you send me your info I can make sure you get crayons and a few coloring books.

  • firefighterbill

    I have lived in Alabama for all my 48 years and can tell you that the KKK is all but none existant now. I am sure there are a few still around that hold onto their hoods but if there are they are silent.

  • Luisa

    Lying liberals need to stop lying. Get your facts straight or face a shameful reprimand. Fire her.

  • Gerrit_B

    Neither have you. Instead of sitting there trying to look like ” the thinker” why don’t you cough up some facts instead of snarky remarks…………asswipe.

  • Brian Torbit

    Brown vs Board of Education desegregated schools in America. That was in 1954. Sessions was born in 1946. Exactly what cases are u talking about Sessions filing? Furthermore, prosecuting murders was his job as US Attorney. Prosecuting Civil Rights Activists and Black people who were trying to exercise their right to vote was not. That is part of his record that you seem to have left out. That is what makes him a racist.

  • Bkbear

    How does it feel to be the biggest shithead within 3000 miles of where your dumbass is parked douchebag???

  • nanaoffive

    Albert Turner Jr. (the son of Albert Turner Sr. and Evelyn Turner) endorsed Sessions for AG. Go figure…

  • glashoppah

    There’s nothing more comfortable for a Progressive than an egg mask. They live with egg on their faces.

  • angel alli

    The smoking weed comment was a joke and funny as hell! Black people are the only ones who can tell a joke around color, I forgot about that rule pffft. Keep calling everyone a racist and the real racist will get away with it, which we are seeing right before our eyes as the democrats are violently trying to shut everybody up who doesn’t agree with them.

  • robingee

    Robert Byrd denounced his involvement with the klan in like, the 40’s, dude.

  • robingee

    “Drivel” is used incorrectly here. Glad you’re not racist, though! #BlackLivesMatter

  • Gerrit_B

    There you go again thinking man. Just an opinion. No facts like you demand from everyone else.

  • robingee

    How did she “praise” Sessions?

  • Apple Store at Bellevue Square

    Probably more than egg. Baby batter as well.

  • Gerrit_B

    He’s the thinking man. You know the statue. He demands facts but never gives any.

  • justjo

    And it looked like she could barely choke out his name.

  • Doug

    Bush’s fault

  • Venkat Rao

    Who said he is KKK? I’m just saying Coretta King did not thank Sessions. That is quite an acrobatic leap you made there.

  • Doug

    Doesn’t matter if he didn’t inhale….

  • andy cooper

    It’s so funny you morons think this makes jeff any less of an asshole racist like you guys.

  • Doug

    According to the left wing nursing, all non libtard are racists. The word has been so overused by the left, it no longer has meaning

  • Benjamin Smith

    its so funny you think he’s a racist

  • Doug

    So not doing or saying something racist makes you a racist? Good grief! I haven’t shot a Klan member, have you? If not, you are a racist

  • Paris McBryde

    “The successful prosecution of Hays also led to a $7 million civil
    judgment against the Klan, effectively breaking the back of the KKK in

    I call bullsh*t, of that 7 million judgement only $225,000 was potentially collected. Therefore no klans backs were broken in alabama. The KKK continues to operate in Alabama.

    Jeff Sessions did not bankrupt the Alabama KKK, but is taking credit for it anyway.

  • Frank Seigel

    “What difference…does it make?” He’s a REPUBLICAN, and they’re DEMOCRATS!!

  • ron111

    If you think those types of racists feelings go away you are simply ignorant, dude.

  • Frank Harrison

    As usual, the racist deflect their racism onto others who are not to make themselves look high and mighty. Meanwhile, every leftist is a racist.

  • robingee

    Sure, people don’t change. Like ex-gang leaders or former neo-Nazis who now preach equality and peace.

  • edro3111
  • Danceholla

    Ummm… Not really

  • edro3111
  • ConKiller

    She was addressing the dignitaries assembled. She barely spit out his name through her obviously clenched teeth. She was addressing the racist she could barely stand. Nice try though.

  • JVince

    Are you kidding me with this? This is all you have? Her respectfully acknowledging other people in the auditorium where she is speaking? Really? This is all you have?

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    JJCaro – good one!!!

  • Adam Cooke

    Ron, my family is from Perry County. Marion mostly.

  • Mr Truth

    This country was founded on a riot and a protest. Boston Tea Party and the Stamp Act Riots.

  • MeMolly

    It is shocking that the Dems and Pocohantas would go after a guy who was given an award by the NAACP, is supported by black pastors, and who has so actively supported the cause of equality. For what? To cripple the government, keep the U.S. government tied in knots, in the faint hopes of scoring an electoral victory in the Presidential race in 2020?

    They don’t realize it is 1969 all over again, and Warren is George McGovern, and the left is/was protesting non-stop around the country for 3 years. Go check how McGovern did in the 1972 election against Nixon.

  • C.V. Laverdiere

    Dumb and Dumber! I would like to slap the living crap out of them.

  • MeMolly

    This is evil! They know darn well that Jeff Sessions is no racist, and yet they slur the man, and practice character assassination for political gain. Disgusting!!

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    The Liberal left are our enemies and Islam’s allies. They have brought the Violent Muslim Mob Mentality from Afghanistan to America.

  • saraidm

    Progressive liberals say and do things for the shock & awe moment. They are so full of themselves, that their eyes are brown, that they just don’t get it…words and deeds have meaning and consequences. Sooner or later it will catch up with you. In our fast paced world of social media, audio and video it would be wise for them to actually SHUT UP; and I’n not using rule 19 either!!!

  • SeattleWonder

    As they know Trump is not a racist. He’s never been accused of that until he came down the escalators, June 16, 2015. There’s video of Jesse Jackson giving Trump an award for his contribution to the minority community in NY.

  • Jess

    What does this prove? She said his name in a list of important people who were there. She said it was an honor to celebrate with them. She didn’t praise him. And It still doesn’t address why Sen Warren was kicked off of the Senate floor. Grasping at straws much?

  • Sharon Dye

    Keep fighting for the right thing. Vote Jeff Sessions for the job.

  • Noyb Nal

    If Coretta Scott King thought Jeff Sessions was an evil racist, would she have acknowledged him?

    As far as fauxahontas, there are rules. The democrats break the rules (after being warned) and then claim to be the victim. Pathetic. This is why Trump won. We are sick of it.

    If you cared so much about racism, you should clean up your own house. Jeff Sessions made a comment in 1986 that was completely taken out of context, yet you are silent about Bill Clinton, who LITERALLY BELONGED TO AN ALL-WHITE COUNTRY CLUB IN 1992.

  • Stlgrilz Fowler

    She didn’t even want to say his fuckn name she said uhhhhhhg before his name its not about her this was for Rosa Parks she had to swallow her pride and say his name because he was there she didn’t trust that mofo and all the king relatives are publicity whores

  • Sharon Dye

    You should know that the constituents that asked him to persecute the voter’s fraud case were black people. The black people were not Dem. therefore Turner was really and truly committing voter fraud. The case was lost but it doesn’t change the fact that there was significant evidence that fraud was committed. Sad that Turner
    continued in his hurting of voters rights. I want all that are doing this to be caught.

  • Angel Tibbs

    Endless hypocrisy.

  • Sharon Dye

    I know, MS has some I think up north. Down here they would be drown out,

  • stormywaters

    This would be groundbreaking, if she would have actually thanked Sessions, instead of just including his name in a list of people she told she was honored to be there, but I guess, “SHATTERED: Video of Coretta Scott King being polite to Jeff Sessions because he had a part in the Rosa Parks Library Crushes Elizabeth Warren Racial Stunt,” just doesn’t have the same weight does it.

  • iteach21

    So, you are saying that former support of the KKK by a leading Democrat is okay, but alleged, unproven allegations of former racism against a Republican disqualify him?

  • CarrieC

    It was the Democrats who created the KKK to fight against Republicans in the South who were fighting for civil rights for blacks in America

  • Gary

    The dems are tripping all over themselves. When Trump was elected, it’s like every liberal took an overdose of crazy pills. Schumer has become so angry he did not realize by delaying Senator Sessions confirmation it allowed Sessions to cast the tying vote for Devos.

  • iteach21

    I live in rural Alabama, less than an hour north of Birmingham. I can assure you that the KKK is nowhere to be found, unless you count backwoods beer fests where the collective IQ of attendees doesn’t exceed 65, even when they are sober. I have not heard a single person even suggest that the Klan is a good thing in 25 years or longer, and I teach American history in a public high school. The Klan has no power, no political leverage, and no popularity, period. Stop labeling a state about which you obviously know nothing.

  • Robert Hunt

    Not at all, thanking someone for a good act doesn’t mean that she supports his politics or make him any less a bigot. Typical GOP propaganda, comparing two unlike instances, and of course, relying on a totally spun take. Check out reality sometime folks.

  • Steve Kasian

    “We once thought ‘Dem’ represented the world ‘Democrat’.” – Ummm, no, I’m pretty sure most of us never did. We’ve all known pretty much the whole time that Democraps are demented, and that Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.

  • robingee

    Libtard is such a great word, because it combines “liberal’ and ‘retard’ which makes you look really clever and smart.

    What do conservatives believe in?

  • robingee

    good lord. People are still saying this. Yeah. WE KNOW. The parties switched, stupid. This is high school history. jesus.

  • Steve Kasian

    I, personally, can vouch for that; I add my manchowder to their faces on a regular basis.

  • robingee

    Alleged and unproven? Oh I had no idea. Then by all means he’s the man for the job. Mrs. King must have been wrong.

  • Pat Warnock

    She’s a lying toad.

  • Roy Haeger

    Didn’t see her “praise” Sessions in the video……

  • Bruce Anderson

    and douche bag

  • James Grimes

    Useless for promoting the welfare of this nation. This self-serving individual needs to be washing floors and cleaning houses.

  • Gary Schelvan

    You couldn’t find one for the simple reason that you didn’t want to find one! You’re sinking fast man, grab the life jacket being offered or go down with the ship called Demented!

  • Gary Schelvan

    Hey if the shoe fits you should wear it! It fits you my friend! Anything you believe in, we believe pretty much the opposite!

  • Sunshine

    The fact that only $225,000 was collected was not Sessions fault. If there is no money, you can’t get blood out of a rock. Also, if bankruptcy is filed, that money is likely lost. I don’t know if that’s the case here but I really could care less. What is wrong with giving someone a little credit for accomplishments. Only reason I can assume is that you’re biased. Using the NY Times, Think Progressive, Washington Post as references shows your bias. Scribd is just a website that provides readers with articles and books written by someone else for a fee. The article is suspect in that it is about the KKK written by the KKK which is in itself biased.

  • tucky

    Can you point out where she thanked Sessions?

  • Kathleen Lewis

    Russian hackers made her do it.





  • lynne

    Ah NO he didnt,he said that in the 70s so he could get re elected again, BYRD was a Klan member till the day he died

  • lynne

    Sorry no it didnt,just a myth to make dems feel better

  • budster981

    Wrong again. Sessions, as AG of Alabama, was asked by numerous BLACKS, Not whites in an AL County to investigate voter Fraud. He was praised by many blacks for his action against three. King’s window was critical of Sessions at that time as one of the three blacks implicated was a friend of the King’s at that time.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    You’re absolutely right, but we’re not talking about the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party. We’re talking Jeff Sessions.

    The Democratic Party represented slaveowner’s rights until the Great Society era under Lyndon Johnson in the 60s.

  • lynne

    so why were the schools still segregated in the 60s and early 70s better check your facts

  • iteach21

    That’s the best you have? Surely you jest…I wasn’t aware that Coretta Scott King’s opinion was in fact, well, fact. Let me educate you. Opinions are not facts, thus “alleged and unproven.” Moving on to the point. You stated that Hillary’s adoration of Byrd as her muse was not wrong because he “denounced his involvement with the klan (sic) in like, the 40’s, dude.” I asked for clarification from you. So, do you think that it is acceptable to support a former Klansmen, Byrd, who was a Democratic leader, but not acceptable for a Senator, Sessions, with a proven record of fighting the Klan, to be Attorney General? I am just trying to get a better understanding of liberal hypocrisy and thought that since you were so good at it, you could explain it.

  • tucky

    Did you watch the video. She didn’t thank him.

    She acknowledged that it was “a great honor and privilege to join” Senator Sessions and a laundry list of others at the opening of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. That’s how anyone (King, Sessions, Obama, McConnell) who knows how these things go opens such a speech – you acknowledge the presence of dignitaries and say that you’re honored to be there. It doesn’t mean that you like anyone there. Do you realize how many time McConnell and Ryan have acknowledged the presence of the President at an event and said that they we’re honored to be at the event?

  • tucky

    Did you people actually watch the video?

    She acknowledged that it was “a great honor and privilege to join” a laundry list people (including Sen. Session) at the opening of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. That’s how anyone (King, Sessions, Obama, McConnell) who knows how these things go opens such a speech – you acknowledge the presence of dignitaries and say that you’re honored to be there. It doesn’t mean that you like anyone there. Do you realize how many times McConnell and Ryan have acknowledged the presence of the President at an event and said that they we’re honored to be at the event?

  • Sunshine

    “it is a great honor and privilege to join you….” is praise not acknowledgement. Listen to the video again. This time maybe, just maybe, try to listen to it with an open mind.

  • lynne

    BLM Funded by George Soros, to create anarchy

  • budster981

    I fact, if you Libs want to dig up the past, let’s rejuvenate the fact that former Sen, Byrd was a former high-ranking member of the KKK.
    It was a Republican, AG Sessions, at the time who prosecuted members of the KKK.
    Thus, Sen. Byrd did BAD for blacks, whereas Sen. Sessions did GOOD. Fact!!!

  • OnlyInAmerica

    The second paragraph of the article in your picture explains that those supporters are a minority against “a much larger crowd of opponents among Southern black clergy and African-American and civil rights groups”.

    I’m not saying size of supporters means everything, but it’s worth considering.




  • Stan Islaw

    We need Elizabeth Warren. The Democrats have to have a blooming idiot to replace the original blooming idiot Nancy Pelosi! “We have to pass the bill in order to read what’s in it”

  • Brenda Bolen- Baker

    Ever heard of it’s best to give a spoonful of Honey than a sour lemon that is what Mrs. King

  • OnlyInAmerica

    It’s never OK, Democrat or Republican. I didn’t intend to express support for Democrats who supported the KKK in my comment above.

  • tucky

    Dude, your “caps lock” is stuck.

  • Doug

    The U.S. Constitution means what it says, the rule of law, individual liberty, limited government, just to name a few

  • tucky

    Nah, Sessions probably sucks at washing floors.

  • tucky

    What the hell are you talking about?

  • tucky

    Wrong. He doesn’t instantly become Atty Gen. with the confirmation vote. If his hearing ended first, he’d wait until the DeVos vote was complete.

  • tucky

    Actually, I think she figured out that she messed up the protocol order. You acknowledge VIP attendees in a protocol order, and Sen. Sessions was probably the highest there.

  • Congrats to AG Jeff Sessions !!!

    It’s amazing, not surprising, but amazing the continual shameless acts of false righteous indignation (aka lies) by Democrats, especially from Sen Warren, alias Sen Lie-A-Watha.. slandering, misrepresenting facts of truth against the great Lincoln Republican Senator Jeff Sessions.. but never once made such racist allegations against Sen Robert Byrd, a KKK member for decades. What else can you expect from the party and people of Slavery, Jim Crow Segregation, the KKK- racism, intolerance, hate, bigotry, lies, etc.

  • tucky

    Noyb Nal, yes she would acknowledge him. It’s how these type of speeches work. In fact, the pause before mentioning Sessions could be due to the fact that he’s likely higher in the protocol list than the person she mentioned first, and she figured that out.

    The rule says “No Senator in debate shall, directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.”

    In his role as nominee, he is not a Senator. Otherwise, it would be impossible to debate his nomination. Dems should have considered moving that the nomination debate be suspended indefinitely because it could not be held properly under McConnell’s interpretation of the rule.

  • robingee

    So you don’t believe in equal rights for all Americans, helping others and being compassionate? Pretty much the opposite of what this country means. Real patriotic of you there.

  • robingee

    Conservatives love liberty for white males. Not so much for women, people of color, non-christians, gays.

  • robingee

    How does she “praise” Sessions in this video?

  • OnlyInAmerica

    From what I can find Thomas Figures was the state attorney prosecuting the Michael Donald murder case. The Wikipedia article doesn’t mention Sessions:

    Sessions was involved in some way but Figures also testified in 1986 before the Senate that Sessions “tried to persuade me to discontinue pursuit of the case.”. [1]


  • Mike Klarman


  • tucky

    Well, we know it’s real because it was released by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley in his role as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee after it had been hidden for years after being received by then-Chair Strom “I’m-a-bigger-racist-than-anyone” Thurmond.

    So yeah, go ahead and impugn Grassley all you want – sheesh.



  • tucky

    That explains a lot.

  • tucky

    Are you sure that you’re in the right comment thread?

    1. Fire who?
    2. You did watch the video and you do know that there’s no praise of Jeff Sessions. merely the customary acknowledgment of VIPs in attendance, right?



  • tucky

    lol … you can’t even spell Pocahontas right.

  • tucky

    Maybe you should actually watch the video.

  • tucky

    You apparently didn’t listen. She didn’t than anyone. She acknowledged that they were in attendance, and then said that she was honored to be there. That’s how these speeches go. Maybe that drywall screw in your keyboard is messing up the sound.

  • Rachel Resendes Holliman

    “The Trump transition has urged supporters to highlight Sessions’s ‘strong civil rights record.’ But the more closely that record is examined, the less it looks like the record of a civil-rights advocate of any kind, and the more it appears to be the standard, unremarkable record of a longtime conservative Republican from a Southern state.”

    This is from the link you posted. Guess you didn’t bother to read it?

  • more like an omelette

  • sporcupine

    “To President Martindale, to Senator Sessions, Mayor Bright, Troy State Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr., Dr. Dorothy Hite, Miss Johnnie Carr, Juanita Abernathy, to Mamie Till Mobley, to all of the distinguished program participants and guests in this audience today, it’s a great honor and privilege for me to join you in celebrating the grand opening of the Rosa Parks
    Library and Museum. History teaches us that all great freedom movements began with an inspiring act of courage, and in this regard, the American Civil Rights Movement provides a supreme example. The library and museum we dedicate today is a living testament to the courage, commitment, and character of the great woman whose act of courage sparked our freedom struggle, the woman we call Mrs. Rosa Louise Parks. In her extraordinary courage and humility, Mrs. Rosa Parks provided our movement with a matchless example of the very spirit of nonviolence…”

  • RON

    Then they probably knew D.L. Stephens. Daughters Lisa and Beth. Everybody called him Steve, he actually had no first name, D.L. was his name, LOL.

  • Nathan Matthews

    That’s a damn lie!!

  • tucky

    Thank you. Notice the pause between Martindale and Sessions. There’s a protocol to these acknowledgments, and I think Ms. King realized that a Senator should have come before President Martindale.

  • Nathan Matthews

    And Sessions love them!

  • tucky

    How do you account for Trump being sued for housing discrimination?

  • Nathan Matthews

    Or Russian lovers(dictator) lovers like that fool who calls himself President!!

  • RON

    I used it they way I intended, they are all full of shit. Of course being a LIBERAL HACK, you feel the need to point out grammatical errors to TRY and prove your superiority to hicks, but I am the common sense type guy, I don’t give shit about the way somethings said, as long as I know I am not a ding bat, fruit-cake Liberal that carries bongs and dildos, and tries to get grown men to go into little girls bathrooms.

    Your whole party are a bunch of perverted morons…

  • Ann Marie

    Kudos Ms. Coretta Scott King for seeing the good instead of the evil !

  • tucky

    You are ignorant in several different ways. You’ve never been invited to one of these things, have you? I wonder why?

  • tucky

    Did you watch the video?

  • tucky

    Didn’t watch the video, did you?

  • RON

    Mr King was a Preacher with a MISTRESS who traveled with him. I don’t see him as a great man, because he MOCKED GOD. Take away the PREACHER TITLE and he did great things but a MOCKER OF GOD, is not a good thing,

  • tucky

    Apparently you didn’t watch the video.

  • tucky

    low-information troll just read the inaccurate headline and didn’t watch the video again

  • tucky

    The letter that was hidden by then Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Strom Thurmond. The letter has now been released by current Chair Sen. Grassley. So it’s easy to know for sure.

  • RON

    That is because the LEFT are an organized Authoritarian group, take that from Dave Rubin, a gay man who LEFT the LEFT, this 4 Minute Video of his will SHOCK YOU in its clarity of truth…

  • tucky

    What in God’s name are you talking about. Jane made the point that King and Obama were each being polite in a way that their position demanded. Heck, even McConnell and Ryan have acknowledged the attendance of Obama at certain functions and said that they were honored to be at the event, not honored to be in the same place as Obama, and they surely didn’t approve of Obama.

    Think a little deeper.

  • JackinVienna

    Maybe…but he still didn’t have a problem dropping N-bombs in the 21st century.

    The character assassinations that Jeff Sessions is having to endure is shameful. Particularly coming from a disengenuous cultural appropriator like Senator High Cheekbones.

  • Gary

    Your wrong. Are you a liberal ? If Sessions had been confirmed two weeks ago he would have been sworn in before the Devos hearings even began.

  • Bill the Cat

    Oh, right, sure…. you’re the first leftist to think of that argument! LOL

    When Democrats denounce Planned Parenthood, you come on back and give that another try. Until then, everyone knows you’re lying.

  • tucky

    I hate McConnell, but I don’t think that he’s stupid. Sessions wasn’t going to be sworn in until the DeVos vote was secured.

    In any event, it’s “you’re wrong.”

  • Gary

    I am sure you don’t care for any conservatives. There is no way considering the urgency of replacing the current AG I am sure Trump would not have waited two weeks.

  • Denise this does & more 1 senator said the 1986 case they keep bring up he voted for rights to vote. Also he sentenced a KKK leader to death/ All MSM lies as per usual

  • Denise

    You didnt watch it did you? I watched it all Warren got what she deserved. They have been smearing him with falsehoods. Watch the last Sen. & TimScott video above

  • Brian Torbit

    The schools were still segregated because there where white racists who did not want to comply with the federal law. Hence the reason in 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower federalized the national guard in Arkansas and also deployed the 101st Airborne to escort 9 Black students to the previous all white Little Rock Central High School. My facts are straight. Learn your history so that u don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Just because you are ignorant of the facts doesn’t mean that I need to check them. Additionally, if you do further reasearch you will learn that In the 1971 Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal courts had the discretion to include busing as a desegregation tool to achieve racial balance. And just so you are clear, those are what as known as facts.

  • Brian Torbit

    Interesting how u complain of Sessions enduring character assasinations yet in your response you attack the character and name call another US Senator.

  • John Schmidt

    Mrs King is a classy Lady. So glad to listen too her speck

  • Lisa Hibbs

    All she did was thank him for being there. Seriously guys this does not make Mr. Sessions a great Civil Rights advocate. It does not erase the fact that he has fought relentlessly to take the safeguards away that make it very easy for the poor and oppressed to vote.

  • Dave Caillouet

    That doesn’t answer my question. How do I know this letter is authentic?

  • tucky

    Well no one with any sense, and even no one without honor (e.g., McConnell, Sessions, True Pundit), are challenging it.

    I’ll give you a day to find even one Congressman or Senator who challenges the authenticity of the letter, and I’ll donate $100 to the cause of your choice. If you fail, you donate $100 to Planned Parenthood. C’mon poseur, put up.

  • tucky

    She didn’t even thank him for being there. She acknowledged that he was there and said that she was honored to be at the Rosa Parks Library and Museum opening.

  • Brian Torbit

    Actually, the Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, sometime between December 1865 and August 1866 by six former officers of the Confederate army. As anyone who has the slightest bit of common sense knows, the white GOP at that time was the party of Lincoln who actually fought a civil war to abolish slavery in this country. The southern Democats who actually seceded from the Untied States and formed the confederacy LOST the war and formed this band of cowards who wore white sheets and covered their faces as they violated rights, intimidated, harassed, and murdered Blacks in the south. Please feel free to cite instances where they did the same to white members of the GOP at that time. I doubt you will find anything close to the number of lynchings of Black men that occurred at the hands of the cowards who called themselves the Klan during the period from the post civil war era to the 1950s. As everyone knows the GOP party of Lincoln is now the Democratic Party and the Dixiecrats of the Democratic Party of that time is now the Republican Party of today. As it has been said read a high school history book.

  • Youngblood

    She got exactly what she wanted. This would have been a blip on the radar if Mcconell hadn’t said anything. This only gives her more fuel.



  • Dr. Bill

    I wish for each of you an increase in your ability to see in shades other than black and white. And a better understanding of relationships that are more complex than us versus them. Have a great night, all y’all.

  • Youngblood

    Gross. That’s the last thing on my mind when I see them.

  • Kate March

    Since when “racial stunt” refers to someone defending racial rights? No, Mrs. King DID NOT thank Sen. Sessions. Listen again. Stop lying and stop spinning lies.

  • Kate March

    Yes, and they realized they were wrong, so they made 180 turn to be on the right side of the history. Which makes you, well, wrong, backwards, and disgustingly racist.

  • Youngblood

    Are you a member? Im a 42 yo conservative white male whose lived in mississippi all my life and have never met a klan member. Never even seen one. Atleast not one that I was aware of. So for you to be so sure they are alive and well must mean you have some inside knowledge.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    Thank you for that, I hadn’t seen this. Tim Scott brings up some events I didn’t know Sessions was involved in.

    It sounds like Sessions touched some truly landmark cases but it’s not clear what he contributed. I feel the evidence supporting his respect for civil rights is weak next to his own comments like the KKK + Weed “joke”, but that’s just my opinion.

    FWIW, here’s what I found looking up the cases Tim Scott brings up near the end of the video.

    + Prosecuting KKK murder of Michael Donald. Alabama Prosecutor Thomas Figures testified Sessions wanted the case dropped, but Sessions denies this, so we can’t know. We do know that he didn’t perform significant work personally on the case. [1]
    + Fair Sentencing Act : It sounds like Sessions pushed for an 18:1 sentencing disparity on crack to powder cocaine while other members like Lindsay Graham supported 10:1. [2]
    + U.S. v. Conecuh County. This anti-voter suppression lawsuit was mainly prosecuted by John Tanner who said Sessions was “supportive” but wasn’t involved in the case. [3]
    + U.S. v. Dallas County Commission. A voting rights case mainly prosecuted by Gerald Hebert who said of Sessions “He never filed anything in the Dallas County case that he wrote,” [3]


  • Brian Hildebrand

    On the contrary, Sheik One of the purposes of the left is to get conservatives to back down. Dr. King has strengthened the resolve of Conservatives to keep fight for what is right. Elizabeth Warrens did not have it’s desired effect but showed the world how out of touch Democrats are in America.

  • Joyce Clemons

    It took only 17 years for Ted Kennedy to grant himself enough absolution to call someone else a disgrace, but Elizabeth Warren needed to reach back 30 years in order to do that to Jeff Sessions.

  • Brian Torbit

    Well I guess by your logic being a 42 conservative white male who has lived in Mississippi means that you have met every person in Mississippi so now u can definitely say that they are nonexistent. Let me share something with you, I have not met a member of Isis but I am sure that they exist as well. Inside knowledge of something iOS not the only qualifier to understand that it exists. But just so that u can actually understand that they do exist here is a link for u I guess u have inside knowledge now. Are u a member???

  • Dave Caillouet

    Tucky, you’re evading. I asked how do I know that it’s authentic? Your trying to tell me I should believe that it is based on nothing but political affiliations. That is not good enough. And where is the rule that says that only Congress can question the authenticity of anything? Did Congress challenge Dan Rather’s “documents” about President Bush’s military service? So who says a private citizen cannot question anything? And given Warren’s reputation, what makes you think that anyone wouldn’t have questions about the authenticity of this letter? For all I know, she could have gotten it from Dan Rather. If you say that a Republican like Grassley released it and it’s true, then he could have gotten it from Dan Rather. That’s why your political affiliation argument is ridiculous. And as for Planned Parenthood, we all paid for that Eugenics worshipping, genocidal piece of shit organization that was copied by the Nazis. I’d rather see my taxes go to better care for us veterans or new tanks, thank you.

  • Brian Torbit

    They believe in name calling and ignoring facts.

  • Debbie Churchill

    FINALLY Warren has been put in her place

  • She doesn’t thank anyone. All she did was acknowledge/read the names of other speakers.
    If you can’t promote your agenda without lying maybe your agenda is bullshit.

  • Lawrence Little

    We’re all people of color. All you’re doing is sowing racial discord.

  • Youngblood

    Im sorry did i say anywhere in my comment they were nonexistent. My point is they are irrelevant. If they were alive and “well” as you claim then i assure you at some point in my 42 years i would have seen one of them. They have no power in politics or the republican party unlike they did in the democrat party. I agree they are a hate group. I wish the ones that are left would die. They do nothing but create division and hate. Much like the democrats still do today with groups like the black panthers and BLM.
    I have to wonder do you admonish hate groups on the left like the ones you percieve to be on the right. I willing to bet you don’t think hate groups exist on the left because the SPLC doesn’t have them on their list.

  • NolanR

    Also, at the time the KKK was big in Alabama, The state was Democratic. Remember George Wallace?

  • NolanR

    You talking about Obama? He is the only fool I remember who called himself President!

  • 737373

    These people have lost it the trouble they are causing this country has got to stop. She and the others should be ashamed of themselves for starting more hate and crime. She owes the American people and Jeff Sessions and President Trump a verbal apology to everyone in this country for the way she has showed her ass her and those other democrats crazy people out there we ought to have her and the rest committed to an institution for causing this much divided mess in this country they need to wake up we have a new president let’s all work together let’s get jobs let’s get security it’s good safety let’s stop the border crap when you have a constitution and you have rules and to go by them..

  • revengeservedcold


  • Mike Bromley

    Notice Coretta’s deeply calm delivery.

  • lovelydestruction

    Go, Warren. Cons manipulating the facts again.

  • lovelydestruction
  • lovelydestruction
  • grgreene

    Damn, y’all are stupid. King here mentions Sessions’ name IN PASSING since he’s one of dozens of dignitaries present. SHE DOES NOT THIANK him for helping secure funding for the library, even if perhaps HE DID — ANY Senator has to bring home the bacon. But the fact that the library in question honors Rosa Parks and NOT GEORGE WALLACE has NOT A DAMN thing to do with Jeff Sessions, NOR DOES Mrs.King even CLAIM it does. Of course, this won’t matter to the Trumptards, who will cite the mere existence of this video under this headline, as proof that they don’t have to engage with facts.

  • Sunjeev Bery

    False headline.

    This video clip does not show “Coretta Scott King Thanking Jeff Sessions for Rosa Parks Library.”

  • ryukidn

    This video proves, or disproves, as the case may be, nothing. Yes, she mentioned his name, but that hardly destroys Lieawatha’s tirade.

    Having an AG with doubt on his character makes the work to restore the DOJ to an honorable and impartial body working for equal and blind justice much more complicated. It is harmful to the Republic for half the citizens to have fear that the govt is waging war on them, however unfounded we believe that fear is.

    Our fear is still fresh in our memories, and we need not forget what that fear feels like. Politically, we know the left will use that fear as a weapon against Sessions’ work, and as a justification for the chaos & violence the left relies upon as a “tool of progress”.

    Surely we can dig up some newspaper archives & other evidence to shed some light on events of the day?

  • Jess

    She might have. She probably would have been expected too, even if she didn’t agree with him.

    Regardless of that, Rule XIX is rarely evoked, and as pointed out by Sen Schumer, there many recent instances where the rule was very directly broken and could have been evoked but was not. Sen Sanders has actually read from the same letter. On the Senate floor.

    This was a hugely selective application of a rule that was orignally designed to keep debates on topic. Sen Warren was on topic. The Senate floor is a space for open debate and Sen McConnell choosing to silence her rather then allow her to participate is not in the spirit of the Senate. It’s not the direction I want my country to go in.

    I’m not sure what to do with that last comment. I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton, last I checked he doesn’t live in my house so I don’t know what that has to do with anything at all.

    PS The name calling and generalizing is what is polarizing and ruining our country. Debate like an adult.

  • Nancy

    And the KKK was actually an organization founded and run by Democrats.

    “Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Though Congress passed legislation designed to curb Klan terrorism, the organization saw its primary goal–the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories in state legislatures across the South in the 1870s. After a period of decline, white Protestant nativist groups revived the Klan in the early 20th century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, blacks and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960s also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South.”

  • MrUniteUs1

    Shattered ???

    “Hitler founded Israel” – 1933 The Transfer Agreement zionists & nazis (aka The Haavara Agreement)

  • Cathy aka OldTxGal

    JJ, I borrowed the last 2 sentences of your comment and posted them on Twitter along with a link to this article. I hope you don’t mind. My Twitter handle is Proud_American_Cathy.

  • Iron Mike Houston

    The GOP has to fight dirtier. They should have let her speak and then played the video. They also need to attack her status as a fake injun! Maybe build a tepee on the senate grounds for her!

  • Jeanne Marks

    she will definitely blame someone else…

  • Jeanne Marks

    Good point… He destroyed the KKK.

  • CM440

    Seriously? You think that mentioning his name as thanking him for a donor – especially with her raised eyebrows and pause when she notices his name – is a sincere “thank you” — as in — forgiveness all of a sudden? I watched this video with an open mind thinking – maybe there is more to it. There’s not. By the way, your comments show your ignorance. If you didn’t act, talk, and think like misogynists and racists, “the left” (in other words, anyone who thinks differently) would maybe reconsider the popular opinion of Trump supporters being racists and misogynists.

  • Randy Edwards


  • Kathy McKinny

    NO THEY DIDN’T, YOU need to return to school. That is a BIG FAT LIE created by the democrats so they could NOT be responsible for THEIR OWN ATROCITIES, and blame the other side for what THEY DID!! so sick of the twisted party BLAMING the conservatives for what THEY DID, and it looks like they are still “trying” to employ that tactic, but SMART people don’t fall for it. A simple Google search would DISPROVE your “theory” as NONSENSE!!!!!!

  • tucky

    Poseur …

  • cvanzuuk .

    Sick of the Democrat bashing too…can you all just shut up if you can’t contribute something factual? Sincerely, a Trump voter

  • be12345

    IN their heads. Shit for brains.

  • Pat Mckenny

    None of you ignorant fucks gets it, do you?

  • Ralphie C

    How about Egg Farts?

  • Randy Edwards

    lol, watch a Klan Rally on youtube. 65 maybe a generous number.

  • Mike Danger

    Those ignorant of history are doomed to accuse others of lies…

  • Mike Danger

    Another racist organization, BLM, is much bigger and more powerful than the small handful of fools that is the KKK… Why don’t you see the KKK out in public in Alabama? Because “everybody” would throw eggs at them…

  • Michael David

    Sessions also won the Governmental Award of Excellence from the NAACP in Alabama.

  • Vision Rider

    It is becoming increasing clear that the egg on their faces is as scrambled as their brains. I confess a vicarious pleasure watching them destroy themselves. 🙂

  • AntiBanshee

    Cherokee Woman in heap big trouble?

  • jubadoobai

    Don’t expect Senator Lieawatha to see the irony.

  • Dave Caillouet

    Dude, if you’re going to fall back on the usual liberal tact of calling names because you can’t refute an argument, at least use the word properly. After all, the word “racist” doesn’t have the same bite it did years ago because of your constant improper usage of it.

  • tucky

    You’re a poseur Dave. There’s no indication whatsoever that the Coretta King letter is inauthentic. I might just as well ask how we know that the Constitution is authentic, or whether *you* are authentic. It’s not an argument Dave unless there’s a threshold level of evidence that the authenticity of the letter is even an issue.

    Either accept the bet or acknowledge the weakness of your position.

  • nmfd72

    I’ll give you that many of the Dixiecrats from that era did “switch sides”, but many of them all long gone and by no means represents the feelings of a major of Republicans today. To suggest that is pure racist bullshit.

  • Sure we do, especially when you present it like that. You’re very easy to understand. Loser.

  • ptslittlecomment

    Which is why she wrote the letter that Warren read, lol. This video does not contradict that at all.

  • dave

    That may be true, but it is also TRUE that Sessions, as the AG prosecuted the KKK .

  • MrUniteUs1

    Very well stated. Doesn’t change the fact the Session tried to send Black Civil Rights workers, and only Black Civil Rights
    workers to prison for life, for help Black Americans exercise the Constitutional right to vote.

  • Franklin Wilcox

    I think Elizabeth Warren should keep it up, she doing a great job for her party.

  • Maureen Murphy Gallagher

    I don’t see her thanking him for anything! That’s bull. She was merely introducing the dignitaries in the room,


    TruePundit, would you please add the date of the Coretta Scott King speech to the post?

  • JackinVienna

    Its the difference between levelling unsubstantiated criticism to sully ones reputation in spite of evidence to the contrary, vs stating facts about the accuser checking a box on a form that gave her preferential hiring treatment based on family lore. But I suspect that doesnt matter to you

  • White Lightning

    Demonrats should go find their safe spot in the same padded cell

  • JMA2Y

    She said thank you to Sessions and others for attending, NOT for being a Civil Rights supporter.

  • PastProdigal

    Learn to speak without the f-bomb. You might enjoy sounding educated.

  • PastProdigal

    Isn’t she Hiawatha, or something?

    Pochahantas, that’s it.

  • LChad

    Democrat Party is dead… transformed into the Hate America, Globalist Socialists [NAZI on steroids] funded by George [little Heeb Nazi] Soros.

  • LChad


  • Trenton Hansen

    Brian, you don’t know the full story. The civil rights activists and black folks that he prosecuted were charged with vote fraud. The interesting part of the story is that the person against whom they were committing vote fraud (i.e. the person being represented by Mr. Sessions as A.G.) WAS BLACK!

    I’d suggest you actually read up before posting. It prevents embarrassing moments like this.

  • Chilliraine

    Who would cheer and admire a corrupt liar who pretended to be Native American Indian to gain benefits for herself!!! A born liar and cheat!!! Nothing to be proud of and no one to admire!!! They were right to shut her up and sit her down. She should not even be a politician!! Remove from her position her with not benefits.

  • Trenton Hansen

    In regards to the KKK weed joke, there’s another joke I’m reminded of which may be illustrative. “Why don’t Baptists make love standing up? It looks too much like dancing.”

    The point is that the KKK weed comment was a bit of ironic humor. It proves that Sessions is a highly intelligent person because most people, as is quite apparent, don’t comprehend the humor of it. The point of the joke is to make an absurd comparison which suggests that smoking weed is somehow worse than being a murderous, violent racist.

  • robingee

    Yes they did, stupid. That’s why Republicans are racist now and Democrats are not.

  • robingee

    Yes it did, stupid.

  • Richard L Jones


  • Bossazzbitch

    In what world does someone thanking someone for building a library mean they also think that person would be honorable as a Federal Judge or Attorney General? I thank John McCain for his contributions to the veterans of this country, I don’t think he’d have been a very good president. Two mutually exclusive points.

  • OnlyInAmerica

    That’s a fair point. From what I’ve read it doesn’t seem there’s conclusive evidence that he’s applied himself to curtail the civil liberties of any group, nor that he’s been particularly active fighting to protect them. King’s letter certainly leaves me skeptical, but she doesn’t seem to make specific references to the events referenced in her letter, so it’s difficult to verify.

  • Dick Orr

    Warren is so proud of this being nasty image….nothing to do with an honest image just nasty…

  • flickerKuu

    Why is that funny its true? Whats sad is the fact you are ignorant or uncaring of that fact

  • flickerKuu

    What playground did you get that awesome burn from?

  • Truth-to-Power

    Pundit is choosing to spread miss information or alt-facts, as the republican party likes to call them these days. The video posted within this article, in fact, has nothing to do with the actual letter that Coretta Scott King wrote regarding Jeff Sessions app[ointment as Attorney General for the state of Alabama in 1986. Here is a portion of that same letter that Sen. Warren was barred from reading on the Senate floor.

  • Truth-to-Power
  • dave

    He was a Kleagle , a.k.a. recruiter for the KKK what difference does it make when he quit? The Left doesn’t want to talk about it.

  • gigi01

    It is articles like this that causes me much concern regarding other articles posted by “True Pundit”. Nowhere in the video does she thank Senator Sessions. She did the courtesy of addressing him as someone in attendance. This amounts to a FAKE news headline. I, for one, do not need a fake headline to stir up the truth about Warren, Pelosi, Reid, etc. being idiots. Shame on you for resorting to lies to promote the truth!

  • robingee

    Yeah you’re right. Democrats are racists and Republicans love minorities and do everything they can to help them.

    How do they do that, again? What policies do Republicans have that champion minorities? Looking forward to your list!

  • robingee

    And that makes Democrats racist because…

  • robingee

    Elvis Costello says that in a song. But yeah this proves Democrats are racist. Let me know what policies Republicans have had lately that help minorities, since you seem to care about the black community a lot and want everyone to have equal rights.

  • robingee

    Dude we all know about it. So. What. What policies have Republicans enacted to help minorities recently? Like in the last 50 years? Let me know. Thanks!

  • Kevin Williams

    How is this “Thanking” Sessions? He’s a dignitary in the room. Is the part of the video where she thanks him missing?

  • AJOHN151


  • AJOHN151

    of course it was george bushes fault

  • It was amazing to see Pelosi dredge that old chestnut back up. Even Maxine did a double-take. This is the implosion we’ve all been awaiting.


    Profanity is the wit of imbeciles…. …I rest my case


    Yep and the KKK was started by, populated with, and supported by … Democrats. Democrats were for Slavery, Against Civil Rights, for segregation….btw alive, surviving, not well….still populated by democrats.


    No….it’s revisionist history. F for high school history, but, so as not to break your little snowflake heart, we’ll give you an A for effort. Democrats are still racists….they are the ones that tell you blacks don’t measure up, they are the ones who tell us blacks can’t do what whites can do, they are the ones that insist blacks are not as smart and must be given extra time/points on tests, they still manage to keep blacks in chains (ie welfare and reliance upon the government) and the plantation (the massas pubic housing). Nothing has changed….they just lie and cover it up under the guise of helping.

  • Denise

    I suggest you pull it up somewhere and watch it because the last speaker before they confirmed his nomination actually reputed and proved untrue sessions is not a racist okay this isn’t about that wait till you see what starts happening now I would suggest if you have not read Wikileaks to do so

  • DrKennethNoisewaterMD

    The #proclintonrape #proshariaislam #progressiveleftwing media and the Dem party are represented by such complete idiots that it’s a joy to watch them cement 2 terms of Trump and Repubs with their idiotic words.

  • Red47 Celebrating 45

    They keep saying he’s a racist, but that pesky public record keeps interrupting their narrative.

  • lovelydestruction

    So the Dixiecrats and the Southern Strategy never happened? And be careful of your one good carotid.

  • CLZR


  • Brigadon

    She can always join Nancy Pelosi in her war against ‘President Bush’

  • vicman

    This in no ways invalidates Coretta Scott King’s assessment of
    Sessions as being racist.

  • Lonestar57

    Madonna Says “F— Y–!” and that’s a headline? Sort of like “Dog Bites Man!” isn’t it?

  • dahszil

    it doesn’t matter Mrs.King went through the formality of thanking sessions for one thing many years ago. the point Warren was trying to make is that the ban of muslims, the blocking and deportations of immigrants from Latin America , and a hand picked number of Islamic countries to bar anyone from coming from them, etc is similar to the way blacks were treated in the bad old days.

  • JackinVienna

    School choice. A sound education is the ONLY pathway out of generational poverty.

  • scottchan
  • Kathy McKinny

    The switching of sides NEVER HAPPENED!!!

  • Cathy Moore
  • RON

    Because they RACE BAIT you idiot.

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    That and how bright the lights upstairs are burning… Very dem, very dim indeed…

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    No, no, no … Russians hacked the video..

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    How ironic is it that Dr.King was a Republican… Lol

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    More like “Man bites dog!… Dog says Trump made owner do it!”…

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    Try again “dude”…

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    No that’s called revisionist history. The parties never “switched” lol… That’s like saying the sun got tired one day and switched places with the moon, fool.

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    My cat changed into a Chihuahua, that’s why it doesn’t shed everywhere now and poops in the yard instead of a box…. ROTFLMAO….

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    Don’t forget President Johnson said “we’ll keep those n***era voting Democratic for the next 50years….”

  • CD Ard

    Or join mad Maxine waters counting bombs dropped on Korea.

  • CD Ard

    Bobble head b.tches from hell. Just when you think itis safe to turn on the tv…..incoming psychobabble bobbles.

  • CD Ard

    Ah yes how true ….the fine Dementedcrats under black head masks instead of their old drag white sheets

  • Laura Goodwin

    Until Trump

  • Kinsmankid

    Fake news. No where in her speech did she thank Jeff Sessions. She only acknowledged his presence at the event.

  • Kinsmankid

    Fake news. No where in that video did Coretta Scott King thank Jeff Sessions.

  • DeirdreTours

    Uh, so she, after a visible hesitation, included Sen. Sessions in a list of people thanked for a building and that means she thought he was fit for Federal office? But, the letter, written by her, read into the congressional record in 1986 was what? Fake? An illusion? Did any of the commenters here actually view the video before deciding that somehow, this speech contradicts her letter?

  • Kathy McKinny

    I see that koolaid is getting to ya

  • jeffsalzberg

    And yet, the only mention of Sessions is her opening acknowledgement of the various office-holders who were present. It in no way is her “thanking” him.
    You guys are amazing. Even when the truth is right there in front of us, you lie.

  • jeffsalzberg

    For the one or two of you who do not define “truth” as “What conservatives want to hear”:

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    The mainstream media will not cover this development. No egg facial for PocusHocus.

  • Robert Woodward

    This has exactly nothing to do with the letter from Mrs. King, that Sen. Warren was trying to read. That letter was in protest to Sessions, a racist. I can see the trump chumps trying to make this video , some how, apply to the situation. Truth is their enemy. Of course racists stick together.

  • Mike Danger

    Actually they never switched. Dr. King preached “integration”. Integration means to combine separate components into “one” component. i.e. Dr. King advocated a monocultural solution.

    Democrats advocate “multiculturalism”. Multiculturalism is respect for separate but equal cultures. “Separate but equal” is associated with Plessy vs Ferguson (1896) which is the legal basis for the Jim Crow laws. Democrats have been advocating policies that promote segregation since the civil war.

  • Mike Danger

    liberals = racist fascists

  • robingee

    Yes! We have the “kool aid” reference! 10 points! It refers to drinking a poison that a cult leader gives you. So in your brilliant usage of this fresh new insult from the 70’s, what is the “kool aid” and who is “Jim Jones” in your scenario? Or is it just something idiotic you people say when you got nothing?

  • robingee

    You’re an idiot.

  • robingee

    You are an idiot.

  • robingee

    School never happened. Learning never happened. Reading is certainly not happening here. But they know to spout the “kool aid” reference (who is the Jim Jones in this scenario? You will most likely get the response, “Who is Jim Jones?”)

  • robingee

    Yay we have a “snowflake” comment! God, you people just spit out the buzzwords your are taught, don’t you? Be sure to say “libtard” and “cuck” next because that makes you sound really smart. Also, the term “snowflake” doesn’t apply here because it means someone who is easily hurt or offended and what does that have to do with anything?

    I’m so glad you love the black community and minorities and want to help! What Republican policies do you support that are going to benefit the community? Looking forward to your answer!

  • lovelydestruction

    Oh, come on.

  • robingee

    What is “revisionist” is just saying whatever you want, like Trump. If you say it it must be true.

  • robingee


  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    That’s the best you have? Everyone is an idiot. It’s your idiotic statements that all of us are ridiculing. So what dims and Republicans just switched places like trading baseball cards!?!… Bwahaha..

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    No doofus… It’s called reading ACTUAL history not what liberals have white washed to make themselves feel and look better than what is the real truth. Read an actual book, it’s that rectangular item with pages of written words on usually both sides of the pages. You can get them at the library. *Gasp* you’ll have to leave mom’s basement to do this though. Some of them have pictures in them to help you out in comprehension, “dude”!

  • Adrian W.

    He was a sitting US Senator in attendance its called Decorum not thanks.

  • Mike Danger

    Mainstream democrats are advancing multiculturalism (i.e.separate but equal neo-segregationism). Why have race relations deteriorated? Abandonment of Dr. King’s solution of integration by liberals.

  • Mike Danger

    Your position is indefensible. “Your” side has rejected the solution of Dr. King and we see the 150 year continuance of policies promoting segregation.

    As CSULA’s web site notes, however, that community is not technically
    “segregated” by being exclusive to black students. Rather, it is designated as housing open to any student interested in matters relating to the black community. (Right it’s segregated but we can’t legally call it segregated…)

  • I ain’t fer it, I’m agin it!!!

    Nowhere in that video did she even come CLOSE to saying thank you to anybody. She addressed Sen Sessions, which I would think means he’s in the audience.

    This is such a giant steaming pile of nonsense.

  • Mark204

    Democrats such as pelosi, warrent, etc…are a waste of good oxygen. They love abortion so much they should self abort and save us all the misery of hearing their screeching voices.

  • Proudly American

    MLK Jr was not a Republican.
    That is a right wing lie to gain Black American voter.

  • The Darker Side
  • anne55

    She simply acknowledged that Sessions was in the room. She didn’t thank him at all. This video and the analysis of it is way overblown. I stand by Mrs. King’s letter, read by Warren, as being MUCH more specific.

  • ChaznGwenie Gugins

    You are not being honest presenting this video. She mentions senator sessions for being in attendance. Where are you getting praise from this. Come on don’t start presenting stories the way the liberal left does.

  • John

    Fauxcahontas is a lying loudmouthed hypocrite. another waste of oxygen sent to Washington by the moron liberals in Massachusetts.

  • pcisbs

    Question for Brainwashed drone robingee: Exactly what has Indian Chief Warren done for the black Community? While you’re at it, what’s Hillary or any of the other leftist Democrats you worship done for it? Let’s not forget Obama – who left office after his policies put more members of the black community on welfare and on unemployment assistance than any other president in US history. You can’t name a damn thing-other than their propaganda, claiming how much they care for minorities and how evil Republicans are. Jeff Sessions’s indicting, convicting and successfully putting to death the leader of Alabama’s KKK alone, represents doing more for blacks than all of your leftist heroes combined. I know it’s tough, but if you educated yourself on reality – you find life to be more enjoyable. It really sucks living as a drone.

  • 2Bn/22Infantry

    You know what, after some digging, you’re right to some degree. As to what ive found, some family members, his nephew being one, claim that he was a Republican BUT what information I found elsewhere stated he was of no political affiliation at all. Not Republican, Not Democrat either. Strangely enough, I had found that he had received the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger award and felt OK with the population control aspect. I used to hold some respect for the man but outside of his “I have a dream” speech, he wasn’t much different than the AL Sharpton’s and Jesse Jacksons of the world.

  • blueskygal

    Or demonic!

  • Proudly American

    Good morning,
    MLK Jr never declared a party but said he always voted democrat in 1956 but might vote for Eisenhower.

    “In the past I have always voted the Democratic ticket. At this point I am still in a state of indecision. Stevenson seems to be more forthright on the race question than Eisenhower”

  • Proudly American

    While he did favour low birth rates and was concerned about population, he also saw the need to improve the lives of Black American families. It’s why he saw a need for BC to reduce infant and maternal death rates.
    Sanger is accused of being a racist (in part to gain the Black American vote).

    Yet she was not a racist, Here is an interview with Sanger in 1945, you won’t find these on Sanger propaganda websites such as, Crowder, Dinesh, Bozell, Breitbart and other sites like Daily Caller and Black Genocide due to not wanting Americans to know the truth and facts.

    “Views on Negro

    When, before World War I, Miss Sanger launched her famous idea of curtailing the size of families in order to safeguard mothers and children against poverty, disease, crime and miserable home life, she was attacked by “respectable” society. She was insulted, stoned, jailed–but she went on with her work until her idea is a widely-accepted institution in America and in other parts of the world.

    Miss Sanger views the problems of the American Negro as part of a world problem.

    “They are not separate problems,” she says. “It is not just a Negro problem. Like the problems of the people of India, of minorities everywhere, it is a democratic problem. We have got to work all together on these issues.”

    She likened the attitude of most of the white North toward the Negro to that of the British attitude toward the Indian peoples. “I like to think of it that way; as a concept of superiority over others.”

    White Man’s Power

    “I’ve traveled in India and China,” she said. “Knowing our own problem, it gave me greater sympathy with the others, with what I saw in the Orient. I can recall many horrible things I saw in India. I once saw a white man come out of a train; there were five or six Indians in his way; he just kicked them away–literally, with his foot. There were a hundred people around, who were powerless to strike him. The white man’s power and the Indian’s defenselessness were so unjust.

    “In China, the Chinese could not go on ‘our’ property. A Chinese doctor was not allowed to see me, couldn’t come into the American area. Discrimination is a world-wide thing. It has to be opposed everywhere. That is why I feel the Negro’s plight here is linked with that of the oppressed around the globe.

    “The big answer, as I see it, is the education of the white man. The white man is the problem. It is the same as with the Nazis. We must change the white attitudes. That is where it lies.”

  • bulldogmom

    Baby blood, after they have eaten the babies. HELLary cooks them and then eats them.

  • bulldogmom

    Let’s all remember and admit that Bill Clinton put more Blacks in long-term prison incarceration than anyone in US history. He even signed the execution of a very retarded Black man, just to prove the point that he was “tough on crime.” What hypocrites. And the Blacks refer to him as the First Black POTUS and to HELLary as “Sister Hillary.” All the while both Clintons and of course, the Dems in Congress, but Massa Barack and Missy Michelle have kept the Black population in this country under their collective thumbs. They don’t want the Black community to progress, if it did, they might all vote Republican,.

  • bulldogmom

    Read ‘Parting the Waters” by Taylor Branch about the insipient Black Civil Rights movement. According to Branch, who cites his sources, ML King was watching the funeral of President Kennedy and saw Jackie Kennedy lean over the coffin and kiss the center of it, right about the area which covered the president’s penis. King said to his company, “That’s the part she will miss most of all.” What a scumbag King must have been.

  • bulldogmom

    Thank you, iteach21. Thank you for the honest truth about the South. I am from east Tennessee, and I can tell you the same thing about the KKK in that area. If the county sheriff and his/her deputies aren’t getting the job done, what little of the Klan remains, and that’s usually a small group of old men and some teenagers, will jump in an do some militia-type work. Other than that, there’s no Klan around. Same for here in Indiana. Twenty years ago the Grand Dragon lived about five miles from me and was revered dearly. Set in high esteem. Since he died, there’s no Klan at all. You are all very correct about the work that Jeff Sessions did with prosecuting in Alabama. God Bless Trump and Sessions and curses on any one who tries to stop them from MAGA.

  • Drue_H

    Wow, what kind of democrats do you know?

  • Drue_H

    I may not have read every comment by robingee, but I don’t remember her saying anything about supporting Hillary at all. Or Warren for that matter. She was asking about what Republicans are going to do, so stop deflecting.

  • Drue_H

    did you or any of you even watch the video? At no time does she thank him. Did you do any research into this to see what the truth might be? Another speaker thanked Sessions, not King. And we are the idiots?

  • Drue_H

    you quote the weekly standard like it’s the truth? Wow, that is exactly why we snowflakes have issues with Trump supporters. They never choose to research outside of their comfort zone.

  • Yet another weird sleeper account. Hang it up honey, nobody cares about your “profound” opinion. Just carry your sign and remember to call everyone you don’t agree with a “Nazi”. You’ll be just fine.

  • Or, “Demonic.”

  • Steve Wikert

    Mrs. King is NOT THANKING Sessions in her speech she is only courteously acknowledging people in the room (including Sessions since he is a Senator) and the entire audience in her opening remarks. “It is a great honor and privilege for me to join you in celebrating the grand opening of the Rosa Parks….” Nowhere was there a specific thank you to Sessions. This site should be called the site!

  • RON

    I won’t demean on rumors. But being a preacher with a mistress is pretty bad. Look at Jesse Jackson, another “preacher” with a “LOVE CHILD”. LOL

  • Bluemoon47

    The only problem with this video is that Parks doesn’t thank Sessions or the any of the other people she mentions here. She says she that it’s a pleasure to join these people in celebrating the life of Rosa Parks. Honestly, if you’re going to post something like this and make a claim, actually listen to what is said.

  • Mike Danger

    I guess you are unaware that the Weekly Standard is intimately associated with the “Never Trump” movement so it is hardly “pro-Trump”. If the information is false than it should be easy for you to produce a source that contradicts the information; after all you don’t mind researching out of your comfort zone…

  • bulldogmom

    True, Ron, and I know some preachers with mistresses who are white, fundamentalists, and not famous! LOL

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Think you missed the point, or don’t understand what “consistent” means. One can hardly establish “consistency” in less than 30 days to constitute a recognizable pattern. It will be useful to revisit your claims after a few months, but watching months and years of the liberal left, put forward false stories is sufficient to assert “consistently being wrong”. However, I don’t exclude the current (or former) administration(s) from the realm of sociopathy, except perhaps by degree of sociopathy.

  • dave

    …and they too should be shamed for their phony and fraud behavior.

  • Dan D

    I’m sorry, but listening to this I never hear anyone being thanked. I hear that he was present, but this is typical of conservatives propagandists–add meaning that’s not there because you want it to be true. Idiots!

  • Drue_H

    ah, my apologies, I should have said conservatives. And what information is it that I need to prove to you is false? I can’t see in my post anything that I said was false other than Coretta King not thanking Sessions and you can google that and see it anywhere but the best proof would be for you to watch the video where she never says thank you, she merely notes that he is present at the event along with many others. It was another presenter at that same event. If there is something else you want me to prove, please remind me what it is.

  • Mike Danger

    You could disprove that Sessions had nothing to do with the conviction of the KKK member and did not push for the death penalty. You could disprove the the consequences of the conviction included a civil suit of 7 million dollars which had a devastating impact on the KKK’s operations in Alabama.

    Similarly you could refute Alveda King’s (Dr. King’s niece) statement that Sessions prosecuted the KKK and worked to desegregate Alabama schools. Of course you will not be able to refute or disprove any of these statements because they are all true.

    Liberal leaders that “you” trust are cherry picking the data and only presenting what they want you to know in order to advance their agenda. Democratic Senators who praised him a year or two now are attacking him simply because he is not a democrat…

  • Drue_H

    I never once said those things didn’t happen. What I did say is that CSK never thanked Jeff Sessions in her speech and that is what the headline, and the comments following, were saying and calling out the hypocrisy. Don’t put words in my mouth. The headline was meant to provoke ill will towards Warren when, in fact, if anyone choose to watch the video, does nothing to refute the letter Warren was reading from and says nothing about how CSK feels about Sessions. So don’t cherry pick what you want to hear either. I don’t trust liberal or conservative leaders. I don’t currently trust 80% of the politicians and that might be a low percentage. Conservatives (if you want to use BROAD labels) always want to tell liberals what they think, say, feel, etc. Well, maybe we all ought to be looked at without those labels and talk more about policies we do and don’t agree with. What bothers me is either side posting threads with attention grabbing headlines that can be proven to be false and I’ll call out liberals the same way.

  • Mike Danger

    So you felt the need to respond to my post without even reading what I said? Warren is a hypocrite for trying to paint Sessions as a racist when his history says otherwise. You responded to my post not vice versa. Don’t respond to a person without reading what they said…

  • Drue_H

    And you felt the need to respond apparently to what I said without reading because I was only talking about the use of both parties of using Sensational headlines to snake people in. Ill judge sessions on what he does now not on anything in the past. But I will judge the electorate on making determinations about people based on Sensational headlines. You’ve determined to judge me in a way that’s suits your need to paint liberals and one particular light

  • what are you talking about less than 30 days? Trumps been lying like this the entire campaign trail. Heck he’s been doing this since the 90s but back then we didn’t have to listen to him. We all know Trumps a racist but white people like to point out how rich he is like that matters. Trying to compare the whopper lies that Trump lobs to anything Obama said in his entire tenure as president is a great disservice to the word comparison. Every few days Trump says something so monumentally stupid that he has to have a team of people trying to put other words in his mouth to try to make sense of it.

    Trump said the crime rate was the highest in 47 years. What kind of idiot does that? Oh he meant increase not the rate? Well then why didn’t he say that? He’s the POTUS. He has entire offices dedicated to giving him the correct information? If Trump can’t read information correctly. If he can’t get someone to tell him information correctly (because that’s the best case scenario) then he’s a moron who should be impeached yesterday.

    I personally believe that he’s a psychopathic and compulsive liar and everything he’s done suggest this. He lied about the size of his inaugeration, he lied about the press, he lied about terrorist coverage, he lied about Russia, he lied about crime, he lied about Chicago, he lied about the popular vote and illegal voting. It’s why he’s done as well as he has in business even with his father’s millions to start him off. Just constant lying and backpedaling. Why pay contractors when you can promise to pay them and then … just not. Which he’s done. Why hire teachers when you can just get people to show up, pay you… and then no. Which is what he did with Trump University. The man is unfit in every definition of the word which is why he should be impeached even faster.

  • Mike Danger

    No… Go back and read the posts. You replied to me:

    “you quote the weekly standard like it’s the truth? Wow, that is exactly
    why we snowflakes have issues with Trump supporters. They never choose to research outside of their comfort zone.”

    “I” made a statement about Jeff Sessions past record. You responded. “Our” conversation had nothing to do with sensationalist headlines. Based entirely upon your responses I would paint liberals as “scatterbrained”…

  • Drue_H

    And I don’t care about your profound opinion either. I wasn’t disagreeing with anyone. I was pointing out the truth, fact, you know that little troublesome creature the right hates to look at .

  • Drue_H

    In 1986, Figures testified before the Senate that while it was “literally true” that Sessions had not “obstructed the investigation of the murder of Michael Donald,” Sessions had “tried to persuade me to discontinue pursuit of the case.” Figures said that Sessions “remarked, with regard to the investigation, that the case was a waste of time, that it wasn’t going anywhere, that I should spend more time on other things, and that, if the perpetrators were found, I would not be assigned to the case.” Figures told the Senate that after the case went to the grand jury, and it “became increasingly apparent that we were going to break the case, Mr. Sessions attitude changed” and that he supported the prosecution.

    “It would be out of character for Sessions not to have supported the death penalty in the Donald case––Sessions is such a staunch supporter of the death penalty that in 2002 he publicly opposed the Supreme Court decision ruling that execution of mentally disabled people violated the Constitution. “The Court seemed to say that they had divined, somehow, that the American people had evolved in their thinking and, therefore, the laws their legislatures had passed were not valid anymore; that they could not execute people who were retarded,” Sessions said.”

    “Despite once claiming to have filed dozens of desegregation cases, Sessions appears to have filed none––instead taking credit for work done by the civil-rights division on which his signature was included merely as a formality. By contrast, one of Sessions’s signature efforts as a prosecutor was an attempt to convict three voting-rights activists on charges of fraud for assisting elderly voters in filling out ballots.”

  • Mike Danger

    Not that actually cited your source but I do not consider Adam Serwer of the Atlantic to be an unbiased source unlike the niece of Dr. King:

    “Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., however, said
    Senator Warren is using the King name to play the race card and stir up

    “In that letter [Coretta Scott King] would be referring to some of [Sen. Jeff Sessions] comments,” King told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “However, she would agree today that he of course ended some [school segregation and] he worked to prosecute members of the KKK.”

    King added: “It’s almost like a bait and switch, stir up the emotions, in the name of King—and my name is Alveda King… [and] play the race card, which she was attempting to do.”

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Wow, you ramble on… without filter… just like Trump.

  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Albeit accidentally, maybe Ms. Maxine has stumbled an effective foreign policy fitting to North Korea…