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Senate Dem Decries Lack Of Women Leading Health Care Effort (VIDEO)

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Democratic Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell criticized Republicans Tuesday for not having enough women involved in the drafting of their new health care bill.

“Who is actually working on this legislation?” MSNBC’s Craig Melvin asked the Senator from Washington.

“I think my colleague from Hawaii called it 12 or 13 dudes, I think is what he said last night on the floor,” Cantwell said. “I don’t know of any women who are in the room.”

Cantwell continued with her identity politics, accusing Republican senators of drafting a “country club” piece of legislation.

“This isn’t about having a country club health care bill, this is about an open process,” she finished.


Cantwell’s sentiments resemble those made by Democrats after the House version of the health care bill was passed in May. Democrats and media outlets circulated a photo from the post-vote celebration in the White House Rose Garden that only had a few women present.

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  • democrat CockRoach

    Her hag hillary worked on it for EIGHT years and accomplished NOTHING go whine somewhere else.