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Sellout: Bernie Sanders OK with Hillary Clinton caught disparaging his voters

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Sen. Bernard Sanders gave Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a pass Sunday for disparaging his young supporters during the primary.

Mr. Sanders, who led a far-left movement that was the biggest challenge to Mrs. Clinton during the primary but now supports her, said he agreed with her description of his followers as political newbies who “live in their parents’ basement.”

“What she was saying there is absolutely correct,” Mr. Sanders said on ABC’s “This week.”

A recording from a February fundraiser that was leaked Friday caught Mrs. Clinton saying that Mr. Sanders‘ supporters were overly idealistic and had unrealistic expectations for a left-wing political revolution. – READ MORE

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  • Max Rockatansky

    No balls. Go back to your lake house Bernie.

  • DSky1

    In the clip Clinton said “we all be understanding” of the viewpoint of Sanders supporters. If you speak English as a first language, you’d know that means she’s conceding Sander’s supporters have a point. Are you dumb?

  • mikemiracle

    Not as dumb as you are brainwashed.

  • DSky1

    I copied and pasted the direct quote idiot. It’s not a matter of debate. Go look up the definition of “fact” on Google before running your dumb mouth.

  • Charlie

    So for those who believe in HiLIARy, ask yourself this. If she says what he was proposing would not really happen, then why should you think the ideas she borrowed from him (free, free, free) would? It makes no sense!!! She admits in this conversation that it will not.

  • Charles S

    How again did she disparage Sanders’ supporters?

  • UniteAgainstIslamofascism

    Sanders likes his new beach house more than his ‘basement dwellers’.

  • H. Davis

    He has no real self love- that’s communism everyone is just a cog in a chain a worker subservient to the system -when he found out Hillary and Leaders in the DNC were conspiring against him he should have left that party. He doesn’t have a backbone.

  • H. Davis

    Three houses a new car and counting