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Secret Service Detail: Hillary Clinton Was Drunk Morning of Campaign Rally

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Hillary Clinton had been drinking vodka the morning of a New Jersey campaign rally and was “visibly intoxicated,” a law enforcement source told True Pundit.

“She’d been hitting it (alcohol) early,” one member of Clinton’s Secret Service security detail told True Pundit.

Amazingly, the source acknowledged it wasn’t the first time Clinton enjoyed multiple cocktails prior to taking the stage at a campaign rally, fundraiser, or television appearance.

“It’s happened before but not that early in the day,” the source said.

Clinton was in Newark, NJ for a campaign rally at Rutgers University with Sen. Cory Booker and Jon Bon Jovi where the rock star endorsed her for president of the United States. Clinton was campaigning with Bon Jovi to boost her chances of defeating Bernie Sanders in New Jersey’s Democratic primary which would have almost clinched her nomination. Bon Jovi has previously stumped for her husband President Bill Clinton and served as a guest speaker at private Clinton Foundation events.

Clinton arrived in Newark on the morning of June 1. According to sources, Clinton and her Secret Service entourage entered a gate-controlled parking lot off of Washington Street in downtown Newark, near the Golden Dome Athletic Center at Rutgers’ Newark campus, the location of Clinton’s speech and rally later that day. Clinton and aide Huma Abedin were driven in Clinton’s custom, bulletproof van, sources said. That is where they met up with Sen. Booker, sources said.

Law enforcement  sources said Clinton seemed visibly liquored, at times loud and “animated” when she arrived prior to the scheduled 1:30 pm rally. Unwittingly, Clinton’s altered condition was captured on video and shared by Sen. Cory Booker on Twitter. Booker said he was filming Clinton’s arrival for his Snap-chat fans.

The Daily Wire described Clinton’s behavior in the video as acting “like an insane Bag Lady.” A bag lady is an urban term for homeless women who carry their clothes and belongings in shopping or garbage bags, usually pushed along the sidewalks and streets in shopping carts.

The former secretary of state dances(?) and approaches Booker’s cellphone as the senator tapes along enthusiastically.

“Secretary Clinton arriving right here,” declares Booker. “I’m just putting you on my Snapchat,” he laughs.

The senator then bellows: “Welcome to Jerrrsey!”

Hillary echoes the greeting: “Always happy to be here in Jerrrsey!!” she says with wild eyes.

Here below is a backup of the video in case Sen. Booker’s handlers delete the above Tweet.

Clinton’s altered state forced the campaign and Sen. Booker to make an unscheduled pit stop to “get some strong coffee into her,” later in the day, the source said. The duo ended up at Omar’s Cafe, a discreet Cuban coffee haunt in Newark’s north ward. While the cafe was located relatively close, the traffic route is normally congested during week days, the source said. The 3-mile drive can take 25 minutes during peak traffic in Newark. “Easy to lose any press who try to follow,” the source said.

NEWARK, NJ - Democratic Candidate for President former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), orders and enjoys Cuban coffee at Omar's in Newark, New Jersey on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Sobering Up? A red-eyed Clinton, and Senator Cory Booker orders and enjoys Cuban coffee at Omar’s

Rumors of Hillary Clinton’s chronic alcohol use have been swirling around the politician for years, but have proven especially rampant this campaign season with the focus and national debate on the Democrat’s lingering health issues. And for good reason. Just last week Wikileaks released an email chain where her aides talked of sobering up the Democratic presidential candidate.

An Aug. 2015 email from communications aide Jennifer Palmieri instructs campaign chairman John Podesta to locate and sober Hillary up so that she can return or respond to documents that were emailed to her hours before.

“I think you should call her and sober her up some,” Palmieri said.

The Wikileaks email chain between Palmieri and Podesta shows that Clinton was not reachable throughout the entire afternoon on Aug 8. Additionally, other emails released by Wikileaks and Judicial Watch indicate Clinton sleeps well into mid afternoon on many days and as secretary of state, overslept and missed key national security meetings and daily briefings.

New York Times national reporter Amy Chozick covered the Clinton’s vicious primary campaign in 2008 against Barack Obama. In a 2015 profile for ABC News about Clinton, Chozick said she was surprised how much booze Clinton swilled on the campaign trail. Chozick said:

“Hmm. She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.”

Clinton family insider and campaign manager at the time in 2008, Terry McAuliffe, now governor of Virginia, concurred:

“She loves to sit, throw ’em back. So to me this is nothin’ new,” McAuliffe said. “We all hear about the story that she and John McCain actually had a shot contest, I think in the Ukraine or somewhere around the world. And she actually beat John McCain in a shot contest. She’s a girl from Illinois who likes to throw ’em down with the rest of us.”

Actually, it was on a congressional tour of Estonia.

In 2012, Secretary of State Clinton danced at a dinner hosted by South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane in Johannesburg. Clinton had reportedly been drinking heavily and engaged in a her rendition of the forbidden dance with a performer at the event. The secretary of state. Dirty dancing. See it for yourself below. Also as the country’s top diplomat, Clinton had a similar night in Colombia where she was photographed with her entourage drinking beer from the bottle and salsa dancing with ladies through the night.

After the second 2016 presidential debate against Donald Trump, Clinton told her press pool that they needed to take off so that drinks could be served aboard her plane. Last week numerous video clips of that interview could be found on YouTube. By today, however, they had all vanished or been scrubbed, along with the entire user accounts of people who posted it. We did find one straggler that YouTube censors have yet to quash.

Just yesterday, Clinton was on the campaign trail early in the morning in a Miami bar at 10 am. When many Americans are in church at that time on a Sunday, Clinton was “campaigning” with the locals.


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  • 11Plunkett

    Vodka….the choice of alcoholics

  • madman

    That’s all the World needs to solve all our problems,is an evil intoxicated Criminal running the US.

  • Redeemed Duke Claymoor

    Vodka and alcoholism is the least of all the things wrong with her.

  • DeplorableBurtGummer

    If she would stay drunk, she might be more likeable.

  • peacefrog

    only if we were drunk!

  • bonni✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Nov. 7th- disqualify her..

  • Marie 1 of Many Deplorables

    Alcohol and medications mixed will do a number on your system.
    No wonder she comes over “Goofy” and “Depressed” all at the same conversation.
    Yup she’s one sick person.

  • Chicago60609

    Oddly this doesn’t make me like her less, as I don’t care for her much at all anyway. We’re a nation of grown ups, hopefully – we should stop buying the PR creation of candidates as saints. Everyone has flaws and faults. It’s sad that this is hers.

  • beijingyank

    150 million Americans get a government check, of some sort or another.
    There is no one better to increase benefits and reduce costs than Donald.
    It’s what he does.
    And Trump does it very well.

  • Fantastan

    She is even more creepy when drunk.

  • DimpleNut

    It will be OUR problem if she is elected.

  • Klavius Morph

    Alcoholism and a raging temper. What a lovely combination for someone who could launch nukes against Russia.

  • Jim Denney

    WTF is her voters excuse?

  • Eva Heinich

    One can only hope that she is going to OD on vodka.

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  • Hope Springsteen

    She’ll do anything for Israel

  • Fargunicehole

    She might want to consider switching to ganja.

  • Mr. Peabody… the DeplorAble

    Trust me……….
    If you were Hillary, you’d be drinking too !
    “Because. You’d be in JAIL !”….. Best election line …”EVER” !

  • Mr. Peabody… the DeplorAble

    They’re a “cult” !
    Nothing like this matters to them.
    Go over to “Media Matters”..and see for yourself !!
    The cult is in a “full blown melt down” !!!

  • Like a wart on a cancer patient.

  • Agree!

  • Warden

    Am I surprised? No. Am I laughing? No. Too many people don’t understand why alcoholism + a psychopathic personality = destruction.

  • Guest
  • Bill the Cat

    Chronic alcohol abuse results in brain-damage and reduced functionality.

    o Anemia
    o Cancer
    o Cardiovascular disease
    o Cirrhosis
    o Dementia
    o Depression
    o *Seizures*
    o Gout
    o High Blood Pressure

    Basically, she just seems like a vicious, old drunk.

  • Courdeleon02

    OMG! God help this nation. we are doomed if this woman wins the election

  • Morton Kowalski

    I’ll drink to that!

  • ValueTheTruth

    Remember Crooked Hillary’s “dehydration” at the 9/11 event that was held in the morning before temperatures had heated up for the day? Alcoholics often experience dehydration after heavy drinking. She must have really tied one on the night before

  • Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar
  • Nunya Bidness


  • NinjaZX14R

    This fool democrat is excited to see her ??? he know she is a felon/liar, he probably knows of all the times she went postal and cussed out the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, State Police, and even Military, not to mention that she had Bill’s rape and assault victims THREATENED ! and the MANY DEAD bodies around the Clintons (4 or 5 just recent) and NUMEROUS murders while they were in Arkansas, most democrats know of all this, as does MOST of the MEDIA, they are all sycophant Despots !!!! Just totally sick, screwed up EVIL people !!!!

  • anneemayberry

    Booze is the least of her problems. She is a corrupt career criminal lazy lying TRAITOR to America.

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  • lgoff

    None of the videos were “available”. All quashed. Imagine that…….

  • Beyond_Salvage

    They called Him a drunkard and a glutton. So what?

  • Hillary is no Messiah.

  • Nope. Her allegiance is with the Saudis and Huma Abedin.

  • @SBKK4

    my mother-in-law had parkinson’s and her doctor told her to drink some alcohol to aid in diminishing seizures.

  • @SBKK4

    With Parkinson’s disease, tremor tends to decrease or stop when you move the affected part of the body. Essential tremor is faster than the tremor of Parkinson’s disease. Small amounts of alcohol can reduce an essential tremor.Mar 12, 2014

    Differences Between Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease-Topic ……/differences-between-essential-tremor-and-parki...

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  • Diane Rauth

    clicked on, saw 5 seconds went away….who is trying to influence the election???? Whats Trumps word for it??Oh, yeah, ccorruption

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  • Pamela Read Arnone

    She will destroy the last of us, I hope, if she wins, when America goes DOWN IN HISTORY, ALL THE “NO BRAINS PEOPLE” WHO VOTED FOR HER, and Obummer,
    GET IT FIRST! And they will, by GOD…………….

  • OpenTheDoor

    Maybe you cannot smell Vodka on a drunk’s breath but it reeks coming out of their pores.
    Maybe the urine smell from the Depends overwhelms the pheromones.
    Maybe Chelsea won’t let her hold the baby.

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  • trangbang68

    Her cellie Big Bertha can probably make some potato hootch

  • trangbang68

    Classic liberal dementia. What a jackass!

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  • Beyond_Salvage

    Hitler never touched the stuff.
    The point isn’t liberal point.
    The point is that abstaining is overrated by the overly pious.
    But we know you are not overly pious.
    But you could abstain from name calling.
    Now I am being overly pious.

  • Anshe Paqx

    She is drunk with power

  • Akira Bear

    Jon Bon Jovi – no longer a fan. How could you?

  • Disarmed in CA

    That poor woman, thrust unwittingly into the spotlight. She needs a clear message to retire. VOTE TRUMP / PENCE 2016 – HILLARY’S RETIREMENT PLAN

  • Chipsie

    Another thing I admire about Trump is that he does NOT drink at all.
    Very disciplined person.

  • Chipsie

    No question…..She stumbles each time she tries to walk in the Valley of Darkness.
    But a time is coming,—– when all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, won’t be able to pick us H. Clinton again.

  • Chipsie

    “goofy and depressed” are probably the most benign results of a life
    devoted to the unbridled ambition of gaining of power and money.

  • spaceman

    SHE is DRUNK and CROOKED to the CORE.

  • Warren

    And she is scared of Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear button… The man DOES NOT DRINK!!

  • Warren

    While they wait for it to ferment, I understand Big Bertha has a bigger strap-on.than Huma had. It’s called “The Clydesdale” model.

  • Warren

    On or before 11/07/16

  • 0xnull