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Scaramucci Won’t Take A White House Salary

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White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci won’t take a salary for his new job, a White House official told The Daily Caller.

In the new role as a senior White House aide, Scaramucci could earn $179,000 annually.

Scaramucci, a New York financier, made millions before entering the White House.

A financial disclosure form he filled out for his previous post as chief strategy officer at the Export-Import Bank showed that Scaramucci made about ten million between January 1 and the end of June from his investment firm SkyBridge Capital, according to Politico.

Scaramucci did not take a salary for his role at the Ex-Im Bank, which would have been $172,100 annually.

The same Politico report highlighted that when the pending sale of  SkyBridge to RON Transatlantic and a Chinese conglomerate is finalized later in the year, Scaramucci cash in again to the tune of several more million.

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