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Scaramucci: FBI & DOJ To Investigate Who Leaked My Private Financials

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Anthony Scaramucci, White House Communications Director, threw down the gauntlet late Wednesday night and promised to turn the FBI and Justice Department loose on the culprits who leaked his financial disclosures to the public.


Scaramucci Tweeted this shortly after 10 pm EST Wednesday but then deleted the Tweet after midnight. He is a copy of what we captured minutes after he Tweeted.


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  • Big-Stu

    Why was Reince copied? I’ll bet Mooch gave the financial disclosure form to him as chief of staff, so he leaked it or someone on his staff who had access. It just got real arseholes are puckering.

  • KarenW

    And the buck stops at Reince. Even if it was his staff, he’s ultimately responsible.

  • Chris

    RNC has a leak problem. Someone is controlling Prriebus. Remember all the RNC forced on Trump by the never trumpers

  • whbsurfer

    *wh anon* predicted this….the happening will come…July 27 will be remebered….winter has come…………………

  • Fister

    The Awan bros had access to so many Congressional accounts that using any number of them for links to other Congressmen and Senators and aides and security people should be assumed to have been pervasive enough that the entire system must be considered insecure. Additionally there may be bugs everywhere left by the Obama machine to insure disaster for Trump trying to MAGA–something antithetical to that malignant enterprise.

  • Karenjreed

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