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Salon Writer: Fly Flags Upside Down on July 4 to Signal America’s ‘Much Better’ Than Trump

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In a Monday piece, Salon’s Chauncey DeVega urged “people of conscience and true patriots” to fly their American flags upside down on Tuesday, the Fourth of July, “as a collective signal of our national distress” over Donald Trump’s presidency.

“America’s citizens have been traumatized, the national mood is sour, racism and bigotry are publicly resurgent, and political violence is on the rise,” declared DeVega. “Many of Trump’s supporters appear to live in an alternate reality created by their Great Leader and the right-wing propaganda machine…Through Trump’s presidency, they wish to impose their political cult on all other Americans.” In DeVega’s view, upside-down flags “would symbolize that Americans, as individuals and as a people, are much better than Donald Trump and what he represents.”



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  • Lee Lee

    Boo Hoo… Hillary lost…get over it.

  • Takiwa

    She should fly her flag upside down. She’s clearly in distress, just look at her.

  • Ivar Ivarson

    Hmmmm. OK if I piss on the front door of establishments that fly the Stars and Stripes upsidedown? Just want to signal that America is much better than Salon . . .

  • MatFan

    These people aren’t upset at Trump’s presidency. If they were, they would be seriously insane.

    They are upset that Communism’s march is being slowed. Their religion is being threatened. That’s why the reaction is so outrageous.