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Running Out Of People To Call ‘White Supremacist Terrorists,’ BLM Targets Former Liberal Poster Boy Justin Trudeau (VIDEO)

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Yusra Khogali, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter Toronto chapter, repeatedly called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “white supremacist” at a rally over the weekend.

Khogali’s speech took place outside of the American consulate in Toronto, where she blasted Trudeau for apparently not going far enough when he offered to take in all of the refugees that might potentially be turned away from the United States by President Donald Trump’s policies.


“What did Justin Trudeau say [in response to Trump’s so-called Muslim ban]?” Khogali shouted at the crowd. “He said he wanted to accept everyone who’s not allowed into the U.S. border to Canada.”

“When Justin Trudeau says that he is a liar,” she continued. “He is a hypocrite. He is a white supremacist, terrorist. That is what he is.”



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  • sam541

    Yusra Khogali is a hate preacher. In a Muslim majority nation a feminist like her would have her head cut off, yet she wants to preach the Islam that would kill her and us, as a way of life.
    As contractor Steve Gern mentioned recently in Iraq, he would be kidnapped, tortured and killed if he were he to go out on the streets alone. Yet we see this woman condemning Canada as a white settler colonialist nation. Instead of crediting the English and French Canadian culture with creating one of the most tolerant and prosperous nations on Earth, she curses it .
    Southern Ontario has more religious groups than any place on Earth and they have gotten along. Canadians fear Muslims precisely because they do not support freedom of religion and tolerance. The evidence of their persecution of Christians and others is there to be seen worldwide.
    She presents a strong reason to oppose more immigration of Muslims, why bring in people who are hateful, intolerant, Islamic bigots and dedicated to destroying the peace rather than enhancing it.

  • Suckit Hard

    BLM is a black supremacist terrorist group. Canada is f*cked. They just passed M-103 which classifies Islam as a “race”, & elevates it above ALL other races, religions & political groups. Badmouthing Islam (even Islamic ritual beheadings & female genital mutilation) is now a crime in Canada.

  • Amanda Ochoa

    Oh Canada….

    It’s interesting how the words of their anthem are different in French and in English. It’s not the same meaning at all after the liberals got a hold of the English translation.

  • Ray Johnson

    Who is this moron?????