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Rogue Elephant Wanders Wisconsin Neighborhood

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The residents of Baraboo, Wis., had to address the “elephant in the room” Friday morning, almost literally.

Kelly, a Circus World elephant, escaped from her enclosure around 5 a.m. and began wandering the neighborhood and munching on greenery. A Circus World handler eventually caught up with the meandering elephant and escorted her back to the park without incident, CNN reports.

“Kelly went for a very short neighborhood stroll this morning after her partner-in-crime, Miss Isla, opened the door on the elephant barn,” Circus World Executive Director Scott O’Donnell told the Baraboo News Republic. “They’re very curious and intelligent animals.”

Although the elephants’ handlers don’t wander more than 20 feet from the animals’ enclosure, Kelly was able to sneak away unnoticed, according to CNN.

“They highlighted an area that we now know was a weakness,” O’Donnell told CNN.

Kelly may have been exceptionally sneaky for an animal that can weigh over four tons, but she never would have escaped if her pen mate, Isla, had not opened the gate.

“We’re going to keep a better eye on her friend, who we now know has a mischievous streak to her,” O’Donnell told the Baraboo News Republic. “I’m not making light of any of it — we’ll check all of our protocols, as we should, and take the appropriate measures.”

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  • Stop The Left

    Rogue? Come on, she was out for a stroll. How many were killed? None, oh my god. Love this story, Baraboo is about 60 miles from here. wish I’d been there.