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Revolt against Pelosi shows a Democratic Party searching for answers

With Democrats in Congress frustrated over four straight election disappointments, Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio is furiously dialing his colleagues during their Thanksgiving break to win support for his attempt to end the long reign of California’s Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader of the House.

While Ryan’s insurrection is a longshot, it’s laid bare dissatisfaction over an aging Democratic leadership and a party whose success is increasingly confined to the country’s coasts.

“There are a lot of members who feel there needs to be a focus on rural America,” said Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno. “And we’ve got a lot of talented members who’ve been there six, 10 years and would like to have an opportunity to contribute more.” – READ MORE

  • Norman Jonah

    Nancy Pelosi is, as we say in California, certifiable. She is not only “batty,” but she is BAT-SH$T NUTS. She is in a safe, or “Rotten Borough” Congressional District. She will just keep getting re-elected until she is shot or dies of old age. Democrats are a dying party: Donald saw to that, by coopting some of their social issues and appealing to minorities—the “what have you got to lose?” plaint STRUCK A NERVE.
    Democrats have been “run into” by the freight train of history. Nobody believes them any more. The 18-35’s just weren’t buying Hillary’s bull.