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Reports: About 51 Million People Watched the VP Debate

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The Vice Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine was watched by an estimated 51 million people, Reuters reported this morning.

It’s in line with the audience that tuned in four years ago and far from a record total.

The Hollywood Reporter, citing preliminary Nielsen and network data from the four main U.S. broadcasters, said the debate scored a 13.2 household rating. That would translate into a total TV audience of around 51 million – about the same figure for the 2012 vice presidential encounter – when the numbers from cable and other channels are included later in the day.  – READ MORE

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  • Michael Biondo

    YOU like This Kline. Is chee,chee, and pence is Lion King can you say Mafisa.
    47 years of Hillary and you get this.Exhibit:t from E-mail 22518 Hillary is stuck on Trump penis and the Woman thing.So true. Nobody EVER holds Hillary
    Rodham Clinton to ANY standard at all. It’s disgraceful what she gets away with.( No spectacular failures, but no
    spectacular achievements either. )This is one reason their public image and favorability ratings tend to be so
    high(except in Hillary’s case, she just hasn’t been held to any high standard, we have just given her a pass, see
    above paragraph) .We know Clinton is talented..(pat, pat, pat) 4>Whatwe don’t know is how she’d do in a sustained
    negotiation or in coordinating and orchestrating a grander political and military design. Her capacity in that
    regard has never really been tested, and likely won’t be: You can’t be a John Quincy Adams negotiating a historic
    treaty with Spain, a Dean Acheson orchestrating the Truman Doctrine, or a George Marshall doing NATO unless
    Fortuna and your boss let you.( We The People Know how that worked out, BENGHAZI).highlighted the urgency of
    women’s issues (ah, those “women’s” issues she’s so, preoccupied with.