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Report: Trump planning huge strategy shift, ‘warfare’ with Congress

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CNBC has reported a source close to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and former chief of staff Reince Priebus says President Donald Trump is planning to shift his political strategy and could engage in “warfare” against Republican Congress.

According to a post by CNBC’s John Harwood on Twitter, “Ryan-Priebus ally to me: next phase of Trump presidency will be warfare against GOP Congress.”

“Ryan-Priebus ally tells me Trump is moving toward ‘an independent WH’ untethered from the Republican Party,” Harwood also posted.

Harwood said he believes this shift, if true, could be a bad sign for Republicans hoping to pass significant tax reform.


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  • John

    John ‘Podesta” Hardwood……………plllllzeeee…….i’ll call BS right now……….only war coming is when Gen. Kelly goes into the WH tomorrow and puts their anus’ up into their throats!!! Azzzzes KICKED, respect will be paid……get on board the Train or get the fuck OUT!!!