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Report: Facebook Insiders Hint at Mark Zuckerberg Presidential Run

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An insider at the social media company Facebook revealed how founder Mark Zuckerberg “quotes Greek legend” to staff and, “wants to be emperor” as rumours of a presidential run circulate.

Vanity Fair reports that multiple people close to Zuckerberg believe that he is setting his sights on politics in the near future and that he has plans beyond social media giant Facebook. The phrase “he wants to be emperor” is reportedly commonly used by Zuckerberg’s friends when describing the 32-year old. – READ MORE

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  • anotherworriedmom

    I think that’s a great idea. Let’s see how many people will vote for a billionaire that cheated his original partners.

  • benoNetanya .

    Does China have apolitical party in the USA? We know they finance parties.

  • sabaka95

    So people think that a kid that got lucky and created something on the computer that at the time there wasnt anything else, should be considered for president. Tell me, what things has he done other than create Facebook (which will be obsolete in no time)? Silicon Valley people have no common sense. Proof in point: “Trump can never win”. With all their money, it still didnt give them the sense to learn anything else in the world…They know computers and how to buy extravagant things. Zuckerberg has actually done less than mostly everyone else. He just got lucky with one product and boom..thinks he’s god….lol.

  • Mea Chavez

    LMAO. ! !