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Report: Clinton Mulling NYC Mayoral Run

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Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is “talking about” running for New York City mayor, Newsmax reports.

It has only been 57 days since President-elect Donald Trump defeated Clinton. During the election slog, Clinton, 69, collapsed getting into a Secret Service van, had multiple coughing fits during speeches and seemed to have trouble walking up steps at a rally in Lake Worth, Fla.

“If she ran, she’d win,” a Newsmax source said. – READ MORE

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  • ILConservative

    Is this a joke? Why doesn’t she just find a hole and crawl inside, never to heard from again.

  • DemocracyRules

    Newsmax is a paid shill for Clinton. There is abundant evidence that the owner of Newsmax has contributed to Hillary’s’ campaigns. He also has a long history of supporting Hillary against all reason or logic. He is a stalwart Never-Trump guy.

    So it’s possible Hillary actually is considering this NYC mayoral move, but it’s more likely just more of the same old failed positioning strategies. Podesta’s emails were right about one thing. Hillary has terrible judgment.

  • huntress

    My God, does this cancer ever go away!! She’s like a fly you can’t get rid of.