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Report: Breitbart coordinated with liberal activist to take down Rubio, Cruz

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The right-wing news site Breitbart, which has long been a safe haven for Donald Trump, teamed up with a liberal activist during the Republican primaries to take down candidates like Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Ted Cruz (Texas), according to a new report.

Aaron Black, an associate at Democracy Partners, which has been featured in undercover videos by the Project Veritas group, would often tip Breitbart off about the stunts he planned to pull, exchanging raw video footage for coverage, a source close to the situation told Politico.

Black and Breitbart coordinated through email, by phone and in person, according to the source. One of the stories that arose from their behind-the-scenes relationship came when Black dressed up as a robot and appeared at Rubio’s campaign events. A February article outlined a momentary tussle between Black and Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign chairman. – READ MORE

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  • Deplorable Hoosier_Friend?

    This story is a dog whistle

  • kjf

    I doubt this story. 1st Murcer(sic) gave started KtP1 with 10million of his own money. This is the same guy that owns BN. 2nd there were way too many never trumpers working there. Granted they left but it still remains BN was a safe havean for el rafael jr. This is only coming out bc of wikileaks and all the corporate media are taking a hit.

  • PHHT

    As a primary Cruz supporter Breitbart did nothing to lessen my support. Cruz shot himself in the foot when he refused to support Trump at the convention. Now he will probably have a primary opponent next cycle if he chooses to run again. Since switching my allegiance, I go to Breitbart to get a daily dose of encouragement.