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Report: 15 Million May Not Vote Over Fear of Hacked Election

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More than 15 million people may not vote on Election Day over cyber security doubts, according to a new report.

Carbon Black, a cyber security firm, released a report on Thursday after surveying 700 voters. The report found that more than half of voters (56 percent) fear the election could be affected be a cyber security attack. A slightly higher percentage of voters—58 percent—believe it’s likely that electronic voting machines could be hacked on Nov. 8. More than a one-third of voters think their information is not secure (36 percent).

One out of every five voters who believe their information is not secure may potentially stay home over their cyber security fears, which could amount to more than 15 million voters, the report says. – READ MORE

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  • PHHT

    Difficult to believe people think the hacking of their voter more concerning than direction of the country.

  • Sovereign_Citizen


  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Did she not see that little obama girl smoking pot? Chelsea Clinton is a racist.

    Nobody in this Administration has escaped Justice.

    Nobody in this Administration will escape Justice.

    Nobody in this Administration’s family members will escape Justice.


    “Those with nothing to hide, have nothing to fear.” – Barack Hussein Obama

    “Traitors should all be shot regardless of who they are or the office they hold or held.” – Me:)

  • Bob McMahan

    If cheating is likely, it is that much more important to vote. If enough of us “deplorables” show up at the polls, cheating is much harder to pull off.

  • rocketride

    OTOH, if the particular form of election-rigging in your jurisdiction takes the form of altering legitimately cast votes (which is apparently a possibility where electronic voting machines are used), then you’d only be contributing to her landslide and total vote talies.