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Rapper Bow Wow Threatens To ‘Pimp Out’ First Lady Melania Trump

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A 30-year-old rapper threatened to “pimp out” Melania Trump if Donald Trump continued to talk negatively about Snoop Dogg.

(Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Showtime)

After the president tweeted about Snoop Dogg’s music video where he pulls out a gun and shoots a clown version of Trump, Bow Wow tweeted this message Wednesday.

“Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”


Earlier Wednesday, Trump asked his followers to imagine the outcry there would be if the rapper had pretended to shoot President Barack Obama.


When this post was published, Bow Wow’s tweet was still up.


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  • Elizabeth Carter

    The Secret Service should be all over this guy. How can he threaten to kidnap the First Lady and “pimp” her out and not end up in jail?
    I hope Melania sues Deputy Dogg for everything he has and ever hopes to have along with his hero Snoop Dogg and all of the companies they work for and all of their handlers and advisors. These two are too ignorant to know that they both just got pimped out to support the Soros-Obama sedition agenda. So they can read this, I will just translate it to “2 2 dumb 2 tweet.”
    Yo Doggs, be sure to order McDonald’s while you are in jail. I hear an executive may be there with you soon. I read that someone did a short sale on McDonald’s stock just before the executive tweeted his disgust for President Trump. The Franchise owner’s will have a Big Beef to settle with the Executives that were also 2 2 dumb 2 tweet.

  • drew flemming

    These black morons do nothing for their race….Does snupid dog sh_t…come out bow wows a_s??