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‘Progressive’ San Franciscans Strongly Support Immigration Rights (Just Not In Their Neighborhood)

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San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in the nation, especially when it comes to national immigration, notes San Francisco Chronicle’s Vincent Woo.

We believe so much in the natural right of people to join us here in America that we fought to keep our status as sanctuary city even in the face of being federally defunded for it. We pride ourselves on our rejection of plans to tighten immigration controls and deport undocumented immigrants.

Yet, Woo exclaims, take that same conversation to the local level and all bets are off.

City meetings have become heated, divisive and prone to rhetoric where we openly discuss exactly which kinds of people we want to keep out of our city.


This is an ethically incoherent position. If we in San Francisco so strongly believe that national immigration is a human right, then it seems strange to block migration into our own neighborhoods.- READ MORE

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  • huntress

    Well san fran,… you’ll really love your sanctuary city when Trump shuts down all federal funds and your taxes will increase dramatically to make up the difference. Have fun with that!