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Press Pours Resources Into Investigating Nine-Year-Old’s Letter to Trump

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On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from a Stockton, California boy named Dylan Harbin, whose nickname is “Pickle.”

Almost immediately, “Pickle Truthers” in the Trump-deranged media who couldn’t imagine that a 9 year-old could really have written such a letter embarked on an exhaustive boyhunt to verify Pickle’s existence.

Many clearly operated on the assumption that Pickle was a figment of Trump’s fevered imagination, and instigated a detailed forensic analysis of the letter.

It soon became obvious that a number of tweeters, including many in the press, weren’t joking as they questioned Pickle’s existence.


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  • Sheila Cloudcroft

    The media has become so destructive to the American way they need to be shut down. Sanctioned EXTREMELY so they stop this kind of constant harassment and demoralization intended to disrupt our President from leadership & connection to the people of this nation. They are owned internationally, therefore should be barred from any and all psyops & disinformation – that is an ACT OF WAR.

  • Sasha

    harsh truth: most, at least half, of american media is ownedand/or by jews. this is not a myth, anyone can verify it on their own.

    the media’s overt hostility to trump reflect’s most jews’ hostility to trump. They cannot tolerate a gentile leader who puts concerns of gentiles first.