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Poll: Schumer’s ‘Make America Sick Again’ slogan bombs

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The Democrats’ new healthcare slogan, “Make America Sick Again,” is a clunker with a majority of voters, according to fresh data from a Republican pollster.

The national survey, conducted for a GOP political group, asked 1,000 likely voters if they agree that, “If Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, it will make America sick again.” Overall, only 32.1 percent of voters agreed, including, at 57.1 percent, a majority of Democrats; 64.8 percent of Independents disagreed, as did 85.9 percent of Republicans. – READ MORE

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  • harleycowboy

    “Make America Sick Again”

  • huntress

    Sure thing chuckie, that’s why your on oblambocare, right. Oh wait, i forgot,… YOU’RE on the cadillac coverage that has NOTHING to do with oblamblocare, so chuckie,….stfu!! You hypocrit of all time.

  • C.R.

    Chuck Schumer is a godless Marxist globalist–he hates God given American liberty–and is doing everything he can to destroy it. Obama Doesn’t Care–has been responsible for making Americans sick and even killing them–and murdering some of them.

  • John Hill

    As Trump said today he could just let Obamacare implode and put it all on the socialist democrats but He has too much integrity. Schumer has none.