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POLL: One-quarter of Californians support seceding from Trump’s America

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Millions of Californians believe they would find a safe space from Donald Trump’s America by seeking independence or linking up with Mexico.

A new poll finds 23% of Golden State residents support seceding from the United States of America and a majority hold incredibly harsh views of Trump voters.

The statewide poll, conducted by Survey USA for KPIX and released on Wednesday, finds 57% of Californians oppose secession, while 20% are “not sure.” – READ MORE

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  • Jan C

    Oh please please don’t get my hopes up..How funny California wanting to be part of Mexico..That means the illegals were breaking into their own Country.

  • Noble Gunnz

    It’s not that much more fence. Yes, we can!

  • Pyrran

    Idiots. Complete idiots. They’re so far in the red fiscally, I wish they would secede. It would save us a bundle.

  • gadsdenamn

    Then get the FK OUT.

  • mudbirdy

    Go ahead. I’ll vote for it!

  • John Martin

    As a person trapped here in California, I would support it as a means of cutting loose one of the weights trying to pull the U.S. under. And then, when it fails, which it will, maybe my wife will allow us to flee to a constitutional republic that values freedom and personal responsibility.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Why don’t we just deport them to Mexico? Problem solved.

  • fjwag3

    Polls? hahhahahahaah!!!