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PolitiFact And Snopes Caught Lying About Democrats Seated During Navy SEAL Tribute

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No one tried to argue that Democrats never stood. That was not the point.

But the inconvenient fact remains that Democrats sat down and chose to remain stubbornly and heartlessly seated as this moving tribute began to build to its highest and most memorable point.

But by splitting hairs, these propagandists who disguise themselves as fact checkers, can pretend Democrats did nothing wrong, even though the whole world can look at the video and see that they are  clearly being rude and spiteful, clearly sitting and not applauding for a standing Carryn Owens. – READ MORE

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  • William Helton

    This article is false lol. Watch the video. They sat when everyone else did.

  • Cameron Davidson

    I’m not a Republican.

    I did watch the video, and they did sit down before the Republican side did. But that’s kind of beside the point.

    The Daily Caller did in fact, post that Democrats didn’t stand at all. To say that it was never in dispute is a flat-out lie.

    That President Trump was using this woman’s tragedy to score political points was in poor taste, and Democrats had stood for a considerable amount of time, but there comes a time when enough’s enough.

    It would be more accurate to state (in my opinion) that the GOP was instructed to filibuster a clap just to make Democrats look bad in sitting down. If the Dems had have stood for 10 minutes straight, the GOP would have stood for 11.

    This, I firmly believe. But, they didn’t sit when everyone else did.