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Podesta: Hillary Clinton lost because media gave Donald Trump ‘a pass’

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Hillary Clinton’s inner circle gathered for an autopsy of her failed presidential campaign and concluded that media bias in favor of Donald Trump contributed to his historic win.

A political postmortem of the Democratic Party’s Election Day results has concluded that FBI Director James Comey and a media “pass” for Mr. Trump translated into an electoral landslide for the billionaire.

A private conference call Thursday with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, communications director Jennifer Palmieri and other aides addressed what Ms. Palmieri called “the most devastating loss in the history of American politics,” The Hill reported Thursday. – READ MORE

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  • Miguel Sueiras

    lol from the pizza for an hour nose rubbing comet ping pong pedocreep.

  • jubadoobai


    Donald Trump created his own media outlets, Spirit Cook. He used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the few Conservative media outlets out there, like GatewayPundit and Breitbart. The LSM gave Trump a pass? Yeah, right. The LSM never presented any issues, and Trump’s campaign was issue rich. Instead, they focused on personality (Trump’s a winner there, too) believing that Hillary’s was superior. That’s why Hillary got drunk and almost beat Podesta and Mook on election night. The LSM helped her to believe she would win!

  • Mike Hosford

    Well said!