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Photos of Obama’s New Swanky Taxpayer Funded DC Mansion

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Their new 8,200-square-foot mansion is decked out with eight bedrooms and nine-and-a-half bathrooms.

And don’t forget about the gracious living rooms, the gorgeous oversized terrace with formal gardens, and the courtyard.

The family will have enough parking for at least 10 vehicles. – READ MORE

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  • antranchers

    Why is this paid for by the taxpayers?

  • Deplorable_Pam

    Good question

  • Jeff Scott

    How is this taxpayer funded? You can’t make a statement like that in an article without some type of explanation.
    That’s irresponsible journalism…. or what some might call ‘fake news’

  • August Mezzetta

    How does a slick talking minority member who has never had a real job amass millions of dollars while POTUS? Shouldn’t we be investigating how he accumulated so much wealth in eight years?