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PHOTO: Obama plays to empty seats at military farewell

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There apparently weren’t many in the military who were looking to say their goodbyes and thank yous to their outgoing commander-in-chief on Wednesday.

There was this shot from the Armed Forces Farewell Ceremony in Fort Myer, Virginia, broadcast on Fox News: – READ MORE

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  • benoNetanya .

    why was anybody there, Osama or my Mama would draw more. Good riddance, Bon voyage dude.

  • C.Patton Morgan

    MSM “fake news” gives him 70%+ approval rating. I think this pic pretty much says it all.

  • Barbara Ann

    what a smacked ass he is. just go already obama.

  • StuckInBlueMaryland

    I imagine the poor souls who did attend were ordered to. CIC was NEVER his strong point….then again, what was?

  • His approval rating is presented to the American public by the same organization that said Hillary Clinton had a 99% chance of being the nest president.

  • Wouldn’t it just suck to be in the military band and be REQUIRED to be there! HAHAHA!

  • Maybe he should give himself a participation medal.

  • Amy

    Omg, how humiliating!
    Bahahahahahaaaaa I love it
    You couldn’t PAY me to sit through one of his self-absorbed, condescending “talks”


    What a dip chit.