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Petition: make the FBI explain why they didn’t bring criminal charges against bank execs

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Last month, Senator Elizabeth Warren published an open letter to FBI director James Comey observing that, in revealing details of its investigation into the Clinton email scandal, the Bureau had seemingly abandoned its longstanding policy of not sharing its deliberations, meaning that there was no longer any reason to keep secret its reasoning for not bringing criminal charges against the bankers who did trillions of dollars’ worth of damage to the world economy, sparking wars, starvation, and personal ruin for millions of people.

The Credo Action petition demands that the FBI do just that, and quickly, before the statute of limitations runs out. – READ MORE

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  • mo

    It’s like the Clinton investigation: They didn’t mean to. It was a mistake. Somebody else did it. I have a concussion and don’t remember.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Looks like several people in the justice department need a late night No-Knock raid.

  • Tracey Beaty

    Heads should roll for sure… lets not hold our breath now! .. instead the low paid employees will probably pay the price smh

  • Franklewank65

    I can’t wait to get our Justice department back. We haven’t had one in almost 8 years.
    Trump 2016

  • UniteAgainstIslamofascism

    I wonder why. That’s a real mystery…..

  • Laura

    where is the petition for why no charges against Clinton

  • RealityAlwaysBites

    FBI….. Feral Bumbling Idiots….. not one person at the entire rogue agency not a complete drooling fool.

  • W. Roberts

    They rigged all the laws while you were sleeping. The citizenry were pacified by small things that glow in the dark costing a premium. Then there’s the tattooes….