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Pentagon: Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Nuclear Intelligence on National TV

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Hillary Clinton divulged Top Secret nuclear security intelligence to tens of millions of worldwide television audience viewers Wednesday night during the third presidential debate, according to high-ranking Department of Defense personnel.

Clinton, responding to opponent Donald Trump and a question posed by debate moderator Chris Wallace, boasted specific and “damaging” details about the United States’ nuclear response time to retaliate during a nuclear attack. Clinton said:

“But here’s the deal. The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” –Hillary Clinton, National TV Appearance

“Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander-in-chief,” a top-ranking DOD intelligence source said. “What she did compromises our national security. She is cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained and questioned so we can unravel why she did what she did.”

According to Pentagon sources, the information Clinton disseminated publicly is Top Secret intelligence governed under the U.S. Special Access Program (SAP) which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing and discussing highly classified and Top Secret intelligence. The specific details of the country’s nuclear response time discussed by Clinton, sources said, are only known by a handful of individuals outside top military brass, including the following “need-to-know” (NTK) officials:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of Defense
  • Secretary of Homeland Security
  • Attorney General
  • Director of National Intelligence
  • CIA Director
  • Deputy Secretary of State
  • Deputy Secretary of Defense
  • Special personnel designated solely by the President in writing

Sources said late Wednesday Clinton likely violated two different types of Dept. of Defense SAP protocols. Since nuclear response is part of the sensitive national plan for nuclear war operations, all of its schematics are covered under both “Intelligence SAPs” and “Operation and Support SAPs,” sources said. Both contain Top Secret information.

“Targeting options by ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles), air or sea, launch order, launch procedures and response are some of the most secretly guarded tenets of national security and nuclear war policy,” a Pentagon source said. “It’s truly incredible that (nuclear) response time as part of an ERO (Emergency Response Option) is now out there in the public domain to our adversaries.”

U.S. Defense sources said according to developed U.S. counterintelligence, military officials in China, North Korea, Syria, Russia, Iran and even actors like ISIS had no previous definitive intelligence to determine the U.S. nuclear response time, especially during an ERO, prior to Clinton’s admission Wednesday night. Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.

“Any time frame calculated would have merely been an educated hypothesis, absent leaked documents and there have been no such breaches,” the DOD source said.

Clinton has come under fire time and time again for mishandling national security secrets via email, telephone and secure facsimile during and after her tenure as secretary of state. Her mishandling of classified and top secret intelligence sparked a year-long investigation by the FBI and various Congressional committees which continue to examine Clinton’s lackluster security controls with and attitude toward protecting some of the nation’s most sensitive data which she stored on an unprotected home server in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York home during her post at Foggy Bottom.

Clinton, just this week, unleashed a series of campaign ads painting Trump as a loose cannon who should never be in control of nuclear secrets and weapons. Clinton trumpeted the seemingly ill-timed ads Wednesday night at the debate prior to her rant divulging nuclear secrets herself.

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  • Mark Toney

    Hillary is a Traitor. Plain and simple . .

  • Rob Andersplus

    “What does it matter”?? It is, after all, Hillary Clinton. She is above the law and we’ve been shown that over and over again!

  • The Darker Side

    When is the last time a public official with a top security clearance in USA talked about nuclear response time?


  • Napoleon Trombonopart

    Comey has stated that he has given immunity to Chris Wallace ,Fox and camera crew while he gets to the bottom of this.

  • Napoleon Trombonopart

    Maybe we will finally see Cankles do the Curly Shuffle off to prison

  • bill smith

    Lock her up…. and throw away the key.

  • Jocko Petunie

    She should be under arrest RIGHT NOW.

  • Mic

    Not to worry The Federal Bureau of Weasels are on the case.

  • Irredeemable_No_BlahBlah

    But, as Comey has re-written the security clearance laws, all at his whim I might add,

    NO knowledgeable prosecutor would take the case because she didn’t mean to and that is what counts it seems,


  • Ch00Ch00


  • Michael

    Don’t vote for traitorous HItlery Clintoon!

  • 67hwell

    Everything hillary clinton knows our enimies already know….

    Imagine what she has told her BFF huma.

  • warmingsmorming

    Can a criminal with horrible judgement like crooked Hillary be trusted with nuclear weapons ? I don’t think sp

  • k in Ma

    I kcannot, but someone needs to start a petition using that online free service and get it moving before election day.
    No one in congress or FBI will do a damn thing. Impotent and Stupid, the name of my govt.

  • Southern Hounds

    “Hillary should be arrested…..” is all that needs to be said.

  • drdov

    ISIS and Iran taking notes

  • Jackson1961

    Hillary Clinton is a militant Marxist whose objective is to destroy the sovereignty of this great nation. She cannot be the president of the U.S.A. if we are to survive as a nation.

  • Spirited!

    HilLiary wasn’t prosecuted for all she has already done and this will be swept under the rug with the rest of her crap pile.
    We have no laws that apply to her, and Comey concurs.

  • Voice of Reason

    Holy Carp! We finally have her!

    Oh, wait, it’s a Clinton. She didn’t “intend” to give out TS info.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    My God Lib America! Please wake up already!

  • DeplorableMe

    LOCK HER UP!!!

  • Huge_Heffner

    If the American people wind up electing this Ding Bat as President, then it proves this country is headed kamakazi style down the tubes.

  • OleBadDog

    Nothing to see here folks it’s only the National Security of our Country.WTF ??????

  • digitaltrucker – deplorable

    It’s the ROOSIKIES fault again…somehow…

    Oh, and Trump says mean things, never forget that.

  • digitaltrucker – deplorable

    It wasn’t that long ago that Joe Biden pointed out the guy carrying the response codes.

  • GS

    I could not even believe she said that. Nothing like making Trump look correct again.

  • Treelea Donna Brazile is trying to start #SheSlays…..something I can finally agree with Brazile on after Clinton covers top secret info in open debate forum

  • Facthunt

    From August 5th 2016

    Our Nuclear Procedures Are Crazier Than Trump
    U.S. presidents are currently given a four-minute window to decide whether or not to initiate an irreversible apocalypse. Sad!

    Indeed sad…. which is every one here who has shown themselves to be a 10 on the gullibility scale.

  • rld77

    Hillary is ENTITLED peons! AND she KNOWS so much more than us dull-normals–AND NOW–you see what arrogance really is—compromise of classified info — AGAIN!!!

  • politITguy

    Makes me wonder if we have any method to protect our Top Secret and above material at all anymore…the only prosecutions I have heard about are from the military…

  • FeedTheGrizzly!! $15!


  • netmad

    She is certainly not fit to be President. Hopefully Trump will put her where she belongs, JAIL.

  • Dem-Smasher

    But Trump said a dirty word… He said a dirty word…

    form Young Frankenstein

  • Docfiix

    Talk about a “loose cannon” – how much “looser” can you get and do we want to find out after its too late? The North Koreans, Iranians, Chinese, and Russians are all hard at work on their 4 minute drill now and we will be the losers.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Pentagon: Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Nuclear Intelligence on National TV

    Actually, she should be shot for Treason.

  • Lattelover

    You meant she ‘doesnt remember’ doing it.

  • Randal McNally

    They’re all jackasses……..

  • Randal McNally

    She admits that she doesnt know what classified information looks like……. what does everyone expect?

  • Dexter

    she should be swinging from a rope her and Obama both, they are both traItors and why our military has not removed them from office is mind blowing….

  • SweetLove Smith

    Trumps no idiot like the media and hostiles rhetoric portrays, it’s khillary who is the IDIOT loved and supported by my many other warmongering american IDIOTS….as they say birds of a feather stick together! Trump like his tik-taks is a breath of fresh air for common sense people!

  • Jerry Mael
  • Jack_Nelle

    Hahahah forgot about that. What an idiot.

  • whoisjohngalt58

    Comey didn’t want to wind up like Vince Foster with 3 9mm slugs in his brain and his service weapon laying next to him in Fort Marcy Park and his death labeled a Suicide.

  • apache54

    it shows she is a IDIOT and should NEVER be allowed in a office other as a janitor (no offense to you hard working janitors!) she has about 20 reasons she should be in prison and the FBI Comey should be in prison as well!! there is NO amnesty for what she did!! that is the LAW!!

  • R Kirkland

    It all still depends on the meaning of “Is”. She should be arrested, along with Obama and many others in their immediate circle of Traitors.

  • hot pursuit

    Laughably; she also mentioned that we were ‘a nation of laws’ in one of her responses to Trump. I kept waiting for Trump to repeat that phrase after she was finished talking, and lead into the 33,000 bleached emails.

  • why_mee

    Give the lady a break, she probably thought she was in a Goldman-Sachs meeting.

  • Jack_Nelle

    From your article. “The timeline we’ve designed was inspired by a book chapter that Walter Slocombe wrote nearly 30 years ago, a chapter in which he built a similar timeline.”

  • Ben Dover

    One more reason to lock her up…
    #one dumb b!tch…

  • why_mee

    Now do all of you kiddies understand why there are live televised debates? Now class, can anyone tell me who she was wearing? Please, please, one at a time!

  • gretchen

    Well, where is congress – they SHOULD BE all over this – we’ll see, but don’t hold your breath!

  • haggis-humper

    Hello to my US cousins.

    Obviously this a Trump-friendly/Hillary-hating place. This statement is not meant to bait and cause deliberate defence. In fact, I’m eager to hear your views on both candidates. For example, are you primarily pro-Trump or primarily anti-Clinton and can the two views really be differentiated? I’m genuinely interested.

    Sitting here in Scotland, the US prez race is something I find really, really hard to politically comprehend. I’m looking for a better range of insights from you – to help me (and others maybe) better understand how the race has descended to such a level.

    I’m a Scottish nationalist, believing in our right run our own affairs in a manner that foremostly represents Scots. I’m guessing there are US nationalists/patriots among you, but I’m left with the distinct conclusion that US nationalism/patriotism is an entirely different kettle of fish from my personal views on nationalism.

    So, I’d really like to hear your views – please try not to pile CAPS and !!!’s on me. I am NOT looking for a fight.

    Anyone willing to help me out here?

  • Pat Kara

    If this isn’t the proverbial straw, then she has the mother of all proverbial camels.

  • JW

    Hillary will, as usual, get away with it.
    But, YOU better not repeat it or you will spend the rest of your life in a federal prison!

  • Pat Kara

    Where are the trolls,
    Bring on the trolls.

  • JW

    Is it beer, vodka, or tequila?

  • Alejandro Moreno

    I think if my sources are correct when washington crossed the deleware river

  • Michael Gunnells

    If it was previously unknown to foreign actors, it is far to say she is aiding the enemy, and should therefore be charged with treason. Back here in reality, she will skate, just like she did with the server. Shame.

  • JW

    The trolls are sleeping late, after partying all night at Hillary’s “victory”.

  • Roger Pauley

    These are politicians appointed by people in power and voters.They are not professionals with proper training.We need educated people running the government .

  • james

    The crook also mentioned she would push for a no fly zone over Syria. She’ll start WW3 if a Russian plane is in the air. She’ll say there was a Russian plane, just like she’s says the Rusian government hacked the the Podesta emails. CROOK like her up before she kills us all.

  • wales777

    “What difference, at this point, does it make” -Hillary Clinton, Benghazi Hearings.

  • Terri Sturgill

    If elected, the totally broken govt agencies will give her security clearance. How does that make you feel?

  • ska55124

    He shouldn’t be trusted to investigate this, as he will give yet another pass to the traitor.

  • ska55124

    she will claim an illness made her do it, she wasn’t feeling well.

  • jacbec

    Hillary’s epitaph: “What Difference Does it Make.”

  • theemperorisnaked

    “U.S. presidents…four-minute window to DECIDE” VS. “There’s about four minutes BETWEEN THE ORDER BEING GIVEN and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons TO DO SO.”

    You owe those here an apology.

  • brilliant_observer

    I’d still trust her over the candidate.

  • Openmindednotangry

    Ugh. She is just so arrogant and terrible. Sociopath.

  • Bouchart

    Jailary 2016

  • Renee H


  • toondrawer35

    She’ll blame Bush. But, we will all know she means her lady body parts. It’s a Monthly Hormonal Thing Illness thingy imbalance. In her case it is Permanent PMS.

  • JW

    Why, when asked about an email on wikileaks, does Trump allow Hillary to deflect the question? She immediately starts yelling that the russians did it with Trumps approval. HOWEVER, when she does that she validates the emails! So she has no defense for the content.

  • UnderbaraSverige

    Only thing that is waiting for Hillary is a prison cell.

  • reddots

    God. I didn’t realize we had any secrets left after her private server.

  • TheApana

    No chance the American people will elect her. The only way it’s possible for her to win is illegal aliens and rigged voting machines.

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  • TheApana

    It’ll be “Trump’s fault for baiting her to say it… she’s the victim.” That’ll be their argument lol.

  • What a clown act this woman is. She is dangerous

  • Edna Ethel

    OK, it is time to see if the Pentagon and the rest of Washington, DC are finally at a point to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”
    What else does this miserable sub-human scum have to do to warrant arrest and prosecution? Enough must be enough…now.

  • Mark

    they need to QUIT TALKING ABOUT PUTTING THIS WITCH IN JAIL AND DO IT. If it was anybody else that shared the same information they would be thrown under the bus and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

  • Warden

    This angers me more than all her little idiot followers, she is getting off scott free for things any of us would be buried for.

  • Gloria

    Not a word about this on the morning news NBC program this morning. Figures. As soon as she said it last night, I thought, WTF?

  • Mark

    yes all of the above

  • Dew K

    Correct. Speculation isn’t confirmation. Some non officials have speculated they have mentioned 4-12 minutes but they were just speculating. She confirmed it. As Comey said “reckless “

  • Human

    I think he said…”careless”, that means she doesn’t care. Everything I know about Clinton screams…”I don’t care about you!” Truth be told she doesn’t.

  • marki

    This so called “national security info” can be found online with a very simple search of Google or other major databases. The fact that it takes a few minutes between the presidential order going out and the actual launch of Nuclear weapons is hardly a major secret considering the info is available online. Perhaps they think our enemies don’t know how to Google something? Or how to search Wikipedia? This is just another example of her political enemies trying to make mountains out of molehills and grasping at anything they can think of to discredit her at this vital point in time. Pity. Do they think Donald Trump would do better? He would be tweeting it all around the world at 3 AM every couple of nights.

  • sharon oliveria

    Mark, for all the World to see & hear, Donald Trump had just said before that E-Mail’s other of Her co-workers & Bernie said She does not have good Judgment, This Go’s way over the Cliff into the area of Arrest, get Her out of Govt before She destroys the Country in a mindless Melt-Down , What do they want to show the Entire World how reckless, & Mind wrapped She is , Not! able to Hold any job in Govt or any place !

  • A.K.
  • sharon oliveria

    digital, Yes! Joe is Famous for Foot In Mouth, He told where their Hidden Bunker under ground, was in a Fancy near by Hotel, Billions of dollars to build for Govt & Families in case of a Nuke Attack, they had to ditch the place & build a New one FAST!

  • sharon oliveria

    Napoleon, Well they didn’t spill the Beans it was Hilary, every time she Flashed that Fake Smile after Donald hit her with something, that’s when She was Boiling inside , look to the Video of Hilary’s Melt Down with Matt L interview , throwing a Glass of water at Him threat’s to have Him fired, screaming, calling worse names ever to Matt & Staff. Trump says Wow! what a Temper , Matt put a question in Hilary wasn’t ready for. She has been given question on the other ones.

  • sharon oliveria

    Ska55124 That is very Correct, do they think were stupid ?

  • John Baptist

    An Exhortation in the Final Hour

    There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Proverbs 14:12)

    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

    Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.

    For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools… (Romans 1:18-22)

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. (2nd Thessalonians 2:11-12)

    But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. (John 1:12)

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.(John 3:16)

    Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”(John 14:6)

    Jesus said to his disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15)

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)

    Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you—unless you believed in vain.

    For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.(1 Cor 15:1-4)

    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23)


    Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved! (Romans 10:13)

    And if you’ve done this remember…

    For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.(Ephesians 2:8-9)

  • Rhonda S Simmons

    Hillary could not wait to tell the american people that Trump could not be trusted with nuke codes, that she actually proved she was reckless once again with the security of the US. She’s not so bright is she. The Truth is she will say and do anything to get elected..She’s desperate and dangerous. Her love of money has already got her in the Pay for Play. Her brain is damaged. God help us …

  • Steffo Erikson

    Who cares i doubt she get any problems cause of this, Obama wouldent be able to nuke anyway, hes to scared, he would try to smoke some last weed instead.

  • sharon oliveria

    TheApana, George Soros owns the Voting Machine in 16 States, 2& 2 still 4, but with Soros it’s 0 O votes for Trump that how they steal the Vote with dead rising again to vote

  • blackballs

    She did it on purpose. That or she has Alzheimer’s / dementia. Neither of which are good attributes to be president of my junior high school, let alone the US.


    shes so stupid.


    just remember CNN says you cant look at wikileaks… its illegal

  • scot

    If they see what CNN won’t show them they just might.

    Must See! Crazy European Immigration Crisis

  • William Wilson

    they don’t necessarily think we are stupid… just insignificant.

  • why_mee

    and what flavor Kool-Aid are you drinking today?

  • Peter L Marzullo

    Yes,both Hildabeast aka Mrs.Clinton and Backside Barry aka Hussein Obama have traded sides in the fight against ISIS. They both have committed multiple acts of treachery and even treason. I hope when Mr.Trump wins the general election in an overwhelming landslide while picking up the needed electoral votes he runs them out of town at the very least. I would rather see them prosecuted on live TV and have all their treachery and treasonous acts laid out for the country and the world to see. There is a reason why Putin kicked Soros and the central bank out of Russia and issued a dead or alive warrant for his arrest.

  • beijingyank

    She is under protection from the Department of Just Us.

  • NanoPi

    she should know that the debate was on national TV, live and is seen world-wide in real-time, and that enemies would certainly be watching the debate

    on the internet, information travels around the world in much less than 1 second.

  • Gaines Bruce

    I am not sure who the DOD official was that confirmed her estimate but that too is a security violation. The proper response would have been no comment.

  • novictim

    Hillary is allowed to do just about anything she wants to. She’s a Clinton. Duh! Why can’t you just accept that?

    Why can’t you people accept that she is going to win, and accept that your going to have a craven, self-serving monster in the White House, one even more treasonous to the interests of the US public than Husein was, who will sell you and you and you, and all the rest of you, out for a nickle and some free hot sauce? She is a shoe-in so just accept that reality and keep it down. You are screwed and you need to be quiet now. Join a mosque or something.

  • novictim

    “Oh, that is so silly! No one would attack the USA! Come on, get real. We have more important things to think about!” -Hillary Clinton

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    The Clinton Campaign has BEEN EXPOSED, They have been caught bragging about PAYING anti-Trump protesters to BE VIOLENT and to start “anarchy” at Trump’s rallies…. The Project Veritas, James O’Keefe Video exposes the Clinton campaign hateful and violence towards Americans.

    She has already said she does not care about everyday Americans…. Hillary lives surrounded by ARMED GUARDS and high fences, she will not have to worry about HER family….. BUT what about YOUR FAMILY?

  • Debbie Tipton

    Uncle Joe and Hillary cool it’s a two for one Arrest and Conviction time and before that strip both of Clearance!

  • patriot7080

    Security clearance level is not equal to need-to-know.

    Hillary’s brain damage allowed her to reveal information to Millions of people who do not have a need-to-know for that information.
    Some people watching the debate may have Top Secret (SAP) clearance while not having a need-to-know for what Hillary revealed.

  • patriot7080

    Hillary should have picked Biden for VP.
    Biden does put his foot in his mouth often, but he does not have brain damage and he possesses the cognitive ability to know there’s places where you don’t go.

  • kasandra

    I’m sure Comey will get right on it.

  • FedJay
  • Wow, as a non-American I now know the US nuclear response time and can tell everyone on social media! If HRC wins then there won’t be much classified material after 4 years – the US won’t need to be hiding much anymore! Hillary is good for transparency after all!

    Now wonder the rest of us know who really got those Wikileaks – the US intelligence community, I’m imagining what wouldn’t be left of the US defense apparatus if Hillary boasted details once a month for four years! She can do it on her private server, unprotected BB, through the Clinton Foundation, paid speeches to rich people, or to any of her many many pay to play associates!

  • Ed Smith

    Common knowledge for years. So common even radiohead wrote a song about it called “4 minute warning” in 2007. Get a grip:

  • FedJay

    To Launch a Nuclear Strike, Clinton or Trump Would Follow These Steps

    Here is the link. It is not classified. Jesus stop believing everything you read.

  • At this point what does it matter anyway! I’m going to win!

  • FedJay

    Its not classified information people. Look it up.

  • FedJay

    Thats because it isn’t classified. Look it up. Here is the link.

  • Kat

    Since Russia is currently preparing for nuclear war, she has given them essential launch information. The only solution is prison or hanging.

  • FedJay

    Jesus just look it up. Its not classified information. She didn’t give the launch codes.

  • Ed Smith

    Common knowledge for years:

  • FedJay

    This is the title of the article;

    To Launch a Nuclear Strike, Clinton or Trump Would Follow These Steps
    At the end of the article it says it takes about 5 minutes from the Presidents decision to launch until the missiles are out of their silos.

  • FedJay

    I guess its much easier to be ignorant than to actually look things up see if they are indeed true.

  • Chris Parsons

    Wow… Just wow…

  • Lynette Johnson

    Dude my 12 year old is passing Hillary’s passwords around at this point!
    It’s not like she valued National Security at any given point.

  • Finder1009

    lol you can add to that list, any missile sub sailor over the last 20 years would know the time required to launch from the command received. That adds “a few thousand” people to the list for that alone. you can add a “few thousand” more for “missile in the hole” officers.

  • atthecourthouse

    I think this now falls under the purview of the DOD and they are pissed! Perhaps this is the REAL October surprise.

  • Raymond Irrer

    This is a place that may give you the help you are looking for , http//raymondshealthblog

  • atthecourthouse

    I hear they are already on it.

  • Alien

    She’s a danger to this country #HillaryforPrison

  • Gloria

    There is a difference between what is in an article since it did not come from a government official. Other countries can’t take an article seriously. But a government official, well now that a different story. Regardless of what is out there, she should not have confirmed, stated or even brought it up in an open forum.

  • please advise your sources where the Government, DOD or etc. give a poopoo what Hilary said?
    Text me at [email protected] when you have the link
    I will be waiting.

  • Jim Gennarelli

    what makes you think that she cares????????????????

  • novictim

    I’m joining you, then! I don’t want to be left behind like some kind of sore loser.

    “We must join with him, Gandalf. We must join with Sauron. It would be wise my friend!”

  • David Wong

    this information was already given out back in 2012 if not many other times

  • David Wong

    this information was already given out back in 2012 if not many other times


  • Angel Bagley

    Didn’t she also mention how many men the codes had to go through, too?

  • David Wong

    Stop getting riled up every time a news article tries to divide people over something that isn’t true. This information was already given out back in 2012 if not many other times


  • WingsThree

    Who are these unnamed “sources?” Nice try people.

    This information is not classified…do your research and report back. You can start with Foreign Policy Magazine.

  • Barbara Washington

    I say hang her. Or better yet, give her (and those who cover for her) the electric chair. A fitting end for a traitor.

  • packertom

    Cut her tongue out…ISIS style!

  • Barbara Washington

    Trombonopart: love that. :^)

  • packertom

    That she would so cavalierly share that information in an Internationally broadcast Presidential Debate demonstrates poor discretion on her part.

  • WingsThree

    As I said, it’s not a secret, and in fact is common knowledge in foreign policy and diplomatic circles. Bottom line? Every country that has nuclear weapons already knows this – whether the public cares or pays attention to this kind of thing is essentially irrelevant.

  • Tracy

    I can’t not believe she is this stupid. She should never again be allowed to talk about our military publicly. She has to big of mouth to ever lead any type military action.

  • Dennis Hyman

    If you go looking, you can find articles mentioning the 4 minute launch window from 2015. It’s common knowledge.

  • Lee Massey

    How many times does the old ugly sleazy, slimy, and criminal hag put our nations top secrets out to the world before she is arrested and tried for treason against America?

  • Jason Plaisted

    She thinks “c” stands for clinton. Has no regard for the safety of this country. Thinks she’s above reproach. Going to get us all killed. Imprisonment imminent I hope.

  • That would be a true allegation if the “four minutes” were not general knowledge easily available on the internet.

  • Isn’t part of declassification having the process shown in a multi-million dollar Hollywood movie?

  • Steven DePriest

    “There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.”

    That’s not what Brzezinski is talking about. He is talking about the response time between when the alert is given and the decision is made to inform the President as being a real threat.

    If the information has been so widely given out, why are some members of the DOD so upset?

  • Greg P

    Relax. There was no classified info given. I have heard the four minute thing several times before.

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    What an idiot she is

  • David Wong

    hey even if Biden didn’t say it, the Russians would just hack the info and just get it themselves. Trump doesn’t care if they do.

  • diane

    “Snopes” is nothing but a couple of left wing old hippie libtards.

  • Roy Jones

    The response time Sec’y Clinton cited is an estimate and it isn’t a secret. You can find it in books and papers on nuclear weapons in any library.

  • diane

    That’s bottom line TRUTH.

  • New Man
  • Look, it’s like this. You might not like what I have to say but that’s your problem. In this world, we have the leaders and we have the serfs, the commoners that break their back to support the elites. Clinton has been chosen by the shadow gov to be the public face for those that rule the world. Nothing we can do. They have us in checkmate on every level, technology, media control, you name it. Now you can do this the easy way (accept your fate) or the hard way (get killed by bio weapons or secret scalar weapons etc). Since those are just the facts, why not live stress free and just forget about politics and the people who run the world and go about enjoying the TV, entertainment, and technology that they give us to enjoy our pathetic miserable lives? Like the song says, “Don’t worry, ….be happy”. PS. Applying grease when you know you’re going to get bent over and raped is better than having blood run down your leg.

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  • Vyse Legendaire

    DOWN with the witch!

  • sweetlittleemogirl44 .

    She is a senile traitor. She probably didn’t do the latest gaffe on purpose. Insufficient presence of mind to keep our national secrets.

  • Kevin W Miller

    Trump said last night that he didn’t condone Russia hacking our systems . Get the facts right

  • Dennis Harris

    Watch it again. He said he had 3 mins to inform the President… and “then he would have 4 minutes to decide how to respond.”

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  • bob cratchette

    Being above the law has its perks doesn’t it.

  • James Powell

    She’s lucky the military police haven’t picked her up by now, if they haven’t, hauled her off to a secret location, determined how much else she knows, and then, if necessary, done what was necessary to prevent more national defense secrets from being leaked…

    My God, anyone else would have gotten a .45 to the back of their head, and then a concrete internment in the desert for being so damn stupid!



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  • Anthony Joseph
  • Lisa Dawn Cheney

    At this point,what difference does it make?

  • Saper

    4 minutes to decide what to do is not the time it takes to fire back

  • BoldWarrior

    Wow, wow, wow….just…WOW. Am I in the matrix? Is this a joke? How could anyone think she would make a good president!? Amerikan brain washing is on point!

  • Ortre

    My God you “conservatives” are idiots.

  • TexasGirl1

    Both of the Clinton’s are despicable people. They don’t possess a single redeeming quality.
    They have committed every possible crime and atrocity known to mankind. Their supporters are hypocrisy personified.

  • Hazel Treat

    Thank God that some people have good memories.

  • sportsman321

    I was shocked to hear her say this. I thought she just told the world the USA has 4 minutes of wait time before we can defend ourselves. A true enemy can do a lot in 4 minutes. We could be neutralized in 4 minutes .Why in the world would she say this to the public? This woman is very dangerous for has no clue how to keep our military secrets secret. There was no reason for her to say this. Letting this secret out has to be treason. Why is the mainstream media not even talking about it? What is going on in our country?

  • sportsman321

    on a national debate being watched by 50 million people? stop making excuses for this woman. she is very dangerous. if it was told before whoever told it back then should also be tried for treason.


    why do people believe these silly web sites. We already have this and more detailed info online.

  • D. Johnson

    No, Hillary should not have brought it up ….unless, of course, she
    intended to let our enemies know the time for a nuclear response…
    perhaps the Russians ???

  • This information is already online and even more detailed info is online. Do you believe everything you read?? Lol

  • D. Johnson

    Right… Comey has a long history of covering for the Clintons.

  • D. Johnson

    Perhaps she had a reason….perhaps she needed more dollars for her
    campaign…. perhaps she is a bigger traitor and criminal than we thought.

  • Bubba B.

    So sick of this woman getting away with everything. The DOJ and Loretta Lynch should be held charged for dereliction of duty and prosecuted right along with Hillary, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Michael Obama not Michelle. This is Constitutional and Judicial Tyranny and should be charged as such.

  • Bubba B.

    And he was responsible for Seal Team Six being shot down weeks after giving away their strategies, tactics and plans for a major operation in Afghanistan. 16 of the best of the best gone because he wanted to give info for a movie about killing Osama Bin laden. This is fact not conjecture and creepy pedophile Uncle Joe was never held accountable just like Hillary wont be with this issue.

  • Tina Marie

    WOW.. we all know that it’s minutes after the code is entered.. who writes this crap…

  • Bubba B.

    Yeah, The Russians hacked every computer in DC except for Hillary’s which was in a bathroom closet on an unsecure line. Now there is a fact you wont hear on the MSM news

  • Bubba B.

    The Russians hacked every computer in DC except for Hillary’s which was in a bathroom closet on an unsecure line. Now there is a fact you wont hear on the MSM news

  • D. Johnson

    Rumor and speculation is one thing…. confirmation from a former Secretary of State
    and First Lady is quite another…..very dangerous and traitorous of her.

  • patriot7080

    Snopes is a debunked website run by liberals who go around and falsify information to fit their liberal bias.

    The site is for liberal shills only, who need to express their self love of their ideology.

  • Bubba B.

    Damn Skippy

  • patriot7080

    That website is BS. Even Huffingington post has more factual integrity than snopes

    It’s for liberal bias only.

  • Bubba B.

    In case of Nuclear Attack just duck under your school desk and you’ll be safe. It’s true, we even practiced this in school. The amazing 1/2″ piece of plywood is Nuclear Bomb Proof. Who needs a fallout shelter when you have the Amazing Bomb Proof School Desk??

  • LeeToo
  • TonysTake ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    The old bag had better hire a food taster now. After this, her life won’t be worth ten cents.

  • LeeToo

    yes. they do. they stick to the sites that fuel their rage and disappointment. they think “the donald” is the ONE to save them. sad really.

  • LeeToo

    is that a threat against our former flotus, senator, sos, and future potus?
    maybe you’re the one who should watch his back.
    ding dong! secret service calling!

  • LeeToo

    and how would anyone know when the “four minute clock” starts? get some air, folks. or you’re gonna have a long 8 years holding your breath

  • Michael Hulslander

    Many times before, going back to the beginnings of the Strategic Air Command.

  • LeeToo

    then hillary was the smart one! 🙂

  • RichPorardo

    Joe Biteme also outed Seal Team Six for Bin Laden.

  • Lol they do prove a lot of things wrong that are said by Republicans but that is only because Trump and Republicans have taken to making factually incorrect claims. If you read the article, you would see the referenced material does in fact disprove the idea.
    I personally understood immediately, before reading snopes, that given the detailed information about the process, any seriously interested person could accurately determine the response time by role playing the procedure. The procedures are available on line in detail at a number of reliable sources- one being the White House itself. They even let you mock run the eye scan required to access the codes.
    No one wants to go on record?? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? You don’t believe snopes but you latch on to any vague accusation.

  • White Lightning

    When is anybody going to arrest this stupid witch? For our safety we need Trump not this head bobbing, smiling like a chip monk over everything, that falls flat on her face. She is not fit to be in charge of anything. Wake up you morons don’t vote for this woman just because she has a split between her legs. WE don’t need this creature as President

  • David Wong

    Why was it not a big deal when it was released in 2012 and probably other times before that? But suddenly because Hillary Clinton said it, it is reason for treason? I cant fathom the reasoning as to why the rules change when one person says it vs Hillary Clinton. It isn’t like she gave the codes to the actual nukes.

  • Ryan

    just because some fool posts something does not make it truth. When it comes from a Sec. of State, that is a different story.

  • Pingback: Watch: Many Are FURIOUS Over What Secret Hillary Gave Away On Debate Stage – ‘Highly Classified’ - Conservative MovementConservative Movement()

  • Ryan

    it was never claimed by a sec. of state, and read the story above, the DOD said it has never given out that info.

  • Ryan

    your a fool, and there is no proof, but LYIN HILLARY and the corrupt Democrats spouting that nonsense.

  • Ryan

    win a prison cell.

  • Ryan

    half of them owned by George Soros and his many companies.

  • Ryan

    or like David Wong, “just saying we all already knew this”

  • Nelson Vargas

    Arrest her.

  • wally63

    What comes out of her mouth in an attempt to smear Trump is a “projection” of her inner schisms and applies directly to herself. In other words, she’s saying her fingers are on the Nuke button – she’d love to start a Nuke war – because SHE’s the insane person. It’s all right out of psychology 101. She’s a textbook case of a career criminal mass-murdering psychopath. Nothing is too much to do to accomplish her goal of POWER POWER POWER. Murder, Mayhem, Lying, Blackmail, and you name it – she’d do it to gain that almightily POWER TRIP of the OVAL OFFICE.

  • Ian Lesiuk

    See this would be a big deal if it wasn’t already common knowledge.

    Come on people

  • Hangstotheleft

    You poor idiot.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You idiot.

  • Hangstotheleft

    How did conservatives get to be SO STUPID???

  • Hangstotheleft

    Good god, you are a raving IDIOT.

  • Hangstotheleft

    For what, you idiot?

  • Jackson Howard

    overwhelming landslide? this shows how little you open your mind to outside sources of news. it may be a landslide, but with Clinton as the winner.

  • How bout when it comes directly from the White House?

  • Jackson Howard


  • Cindy Cron Baker

    She’s a corrupt idiot that is only in it for the power and money. I wish people could see what she really is!She will get us all killed if she gets in the White House. She doesn’t have the brains or caring to make a good President. Please don’t vote for her only because she is a female!!!

  • wally63

    I must have hit the nail RIGHT on the head! Appears you, “protest a bit much.” haha. I love it.

  • Hangstotheleft

    Good god, you are a raving IDIOT.

  • wally63

    One more example of her divulging Classified info and walking.

  • wally63

    Hey, Lefty, slap your record player, your stylus is stuck in the recording groove. Hahaha. I not only nailed it, but hit it out of the stadium!” hahahahahahaha

  • Geeky Grandma

    Her security clearance needs to be pulled! Write to your Congressman demanding that. Then write to your State Board of Elections and demand she be taken off the ballot. She has disqualified herself with this lawless act.

  • Jackson Howard

    just think, 8 years of Hillary, then if we are lucky enough, 8 years with Michelle Obama as President. yes, that’s my hope.

  • Hangstotheleft

    Sigh….you poor idiot.

    No wonder you’re supporting Trump.

    LMAO!!! You DUMB A S S!!!!

  • PaRo Lee

    the dead will help

  • Jackson Howard

    we, who watched the hearings, know what she was referring to. it had nothing to do with the men who died. don’t take things out of context.

  • wally63

    Whew, I thought it was gonna be a hat trick – three in a row. When you have an intelligent comment about ANYTHING, please chime in. It appears your vocabulary and world view are stunted, being a Dem Rat, so I understand if you don’t. Think this over, El Jefe – Vulgarity is the crutch of the inarticulate Mother F’er. Hahaha. Yep, that applies to you.

  • Jackson Howard

    by only listening to people that agree with them. that is why they think trump is going to win. in a landslide no less.

  • Hangstotheleft

    They are all TOO STUPID to vote.

  • Hangstotheleft

    Said the IDIOT that thinks Trump is going to win!!!


  • Jackson Howard

    no, it’s that you guys can’t believe that what you believe is wrong. since you only talk to people who think as you do, you just reinforce your wrong thinking.

  • Jackson Howard

    exactly right

  • Michael

    Can’t believe the morons here.

  • Jackson Howard

    please post a picture of yourself. I want to see if you are attractive. maybe you are ugly. your thinking surely is.

  • Jackson Howard

    okeefe has been discredited in the past. this is probably another doctored video that he is known to produce.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You pathetic F * C K I N G ! D I O T..

  • dan from ohio

    Well add that to her personal e mails that show she collaborates with our enemies when she wrote how Qatar and Saudi Arabia secretly finances ISSI,S and she helps arm them and takes millions from Saudi Arabia



  • Spike

    I hear you Peter, I have never seen an election where one of the candidates is hated as much as Clinton is. I fear, however, she will win because of the rampant voter fraud that is happening and will be happening. This is a NWO move to put her in the White House to finish the take down of America. I feel Russia hopes she does not win because they know war is coming if she is placed in the White House.

  • Phil_J

    Landslide only to dead voters.

  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    all you have to base that on are the Polls the same Pollsters that Polled the Michigan Democrat Primary. Remember that?
    FOX …Clinton–+27
    Final Results……Sanders..+1.5
    From John Podesta 03/08/2016
    “Wish us Luck in Michigan-tighter than Public Polling Indicate.”
    He must have ESP, right?

  • patriot7080

    Yup, snopes is for liberal amusement only.

  • Lisa Marty Pearson

    I think some of you need to look up Federal Law Title 18, Section 2071.

  • Dan

    Whatever happened with Isis and their fleet of Toyota pickups? Toyota told the pentagon that the state department purchased those trucks and then that story disappeared like a fart in the wind.

  • Dan

    “Shall give up her office and be ineligble for holding any office again”.
    Makes no mention of a conviction being necessary and she is guilty of that statute by her own admission.

  • Zoe2010

    nah – she didn’t do anything wrong – just ask her… what I want to know is, WHERE IS THE PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAL???

  • Nick Lute

    All this woman does is change the rules to protect herself and her cronies, if any of us had done 1% of the illegal things she has done, we would be in prison.

  • Mark Toney

    Keep supporting Criminals that wouldn’t wipe their A $$ on you. You may get out of your parents house in about 20 years. You Pathetic Idiot …

  • blue1511

    It takes one idiot to know another idiot!

  • Dan

    I agree. Liberals are so smart, they figured out how to vote multiple times even after they die.

  • Lord Seraph

    She just wants to watch the world burn

  • Aisha Brutella

    Laws are for the little people.

  • Dan

    Folks, arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, the pigeon will just knock over all the pieces, crap on the board, and then strut around all victorious.

    Specific examples are cited below by the likes of hangstotheleft and jackson howard. Liberals are fake intellectuals. They always tell everyone how smart they are, yet when presented with a question they can’t answer or a position they can’t defend, they resort to ad hominem attacks. In the liberal mind, calling someone stupid, ignorant, or rascist is an automatic win……..Just like the pigeon who thinks he is good at chess.

  • Aisha Brutella

    When she gets us all killed, maybe then we’ll finally realize what utter fools we’ve been. Sacrificed ourselves to the god of political correctness.

  • Caleb Shipley

    Hillary Clinton will ruin us she a disgrace to America we Donald Trump in office not a liar

  • wales777

    Stupid is as stupid does- Forest Gump

  • Aisha Brutella

    She paid close attention to this particular fact, she wants to show the world how powerful a woman can be, by utterly destroying it.

  • wally63

    You’re pretty much stuck on idiot ain’t ya, Hitlery supporter? And, you’re gonna love this one, YOU ARE PROJECTING just like your lesbian bulldyke running for Prez! Seems to be a trait amongst Gay Libtards.

  • Gay, but hetero, Mike

    Bad judgment.

  • Alicia M Liverance

    MIND BLOWN!!!!

  • Alicia M Liverance

    I agree 100%

  • Cat202

    Sources reluctantly acknowledged her calculations were accurate.

    “Any time frame calculated would have merely been an educated hypothesis, absent leaked documents and there have been no such breaches,” the DOD source said.

    What nonsense, didn’t they both get a security briefing a month ago?

    No one is going to arrest this traitor, sadly.

  • Alicia M Liverance

    It ain’t rocket science dude!

  • Alicia M Liverance

    Not yet .

  • Jackson Howard

    you better start coming up with a new name for yourself. Obama will only our President for a few more months, then he can’t be impeached.

  • Roger Silverio

    But this happen in the 70th, giving current information due to a political ambition is treason.

  • You guys sure are desperate, huh?

  • I am voting for TRUMP.

  • DoD states clearly it is secret information. Show your source.

  • ©Ħ@Ⓡ£€$ Ʊℒ¥$$€$ ₣€ℕ€¥

    Hillary posed in her old crusty black pants
    Gazing over a gruesome battlefield expanse
    Like she did long ago
    In the strife of Kosovo.
    A dog to vomit – the same old song and dance!

    “I ran between Gaddafi’s compounds,
    When I nearly got shot by stray rounds
    I was dodging the gun fire
    When I began to perspire
    And darn nearly lost a few pounds!”

    She rejoiced when Gaddafi got dragged
    Thru the streets when he’d been bagged,
    “He always dressed so nice
    And he loved Condi Rice,
    And I’m the reason they got him”, she bragged!

    “I came – I saw – He died”
    Crooked Hillary cackled with pride
    And in the chaos that ensued
    The Middle East came unglued…
    Now she wants to take her disaster worldwide!

  • Darla Powell

    #FALSE… It wasn’t classified. It wasn’t a secret. It has been widely known and published/cited numerous times.

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  • Aisha Brutella

    Snopes has been proven to be left-leaning.

  • rabbit

    You morons out do yourselves on an hourly basis. It’s nothing less that frightening how many of you stupid, knuckle dragging, fear mongering morons are actually out there and walking among us. Get professional help, please, your delusional way of looking at the world is near criminal.

  • Highdesert Splintermaker

    Hillary Clinton absolutely cannot be trusted with so much as a Kleenex. She should be tried for treason, and minimally for conspiracy to trade government assets (uranium) for donations to the Clinton foundation.
    Going back to her emails, her multitude of cell phones, and multiple servers. The job of Sec. of State requires handling and communications of highly classified levels. Hillary claims she did not send or receive any classified emails on her own devices and servers. The State Department has no record of Hillary using government communications servers or a department issued cell phone. Now, considering just those two statements; in the course of 4 years as Sec. of State how exactly did Hillary do the job? Interesting how her very own statement nails the lid on her own coffin. If this person wins on Nov. 8th we, the entire U S of A, is in deep trouble.

  • Steven DePriest

    That isn’t what Hillary said. She is talking about the time it takes for the President to say, “Launch” they receive the command, it is verified, push a button, and away it goes.

    The video is about receiving the information of a possible attack, verifying that information to be true, contacting the President and presenting him with the scenario, and suggesting a response.

  • Marco0902

    Blah, blah, blah! So who’s going to do anything about it? The Republicans, the Democrats, the Justice Department? The media?

    The fact of the matter is that she’s right. We don’t like or agree with her but we as a nation are apathetic, weak and fearful. Think about it and stop watching mainstream media so that their contracts get cancelled.

    She’s right. Who’s going to do something about it?

  • Michael Gregory

    This isn’t classified, I can google an find any numbers of articles that have this information. A 4 minute window is needed to counter a decapitation strike by sub launched missiles.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Obama should be in GITMO for Life smart azz! ; )

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I predict that you are not going to last very long around here!

  • Joseph Lobosco

    Whose going to arrest her?

  • Darla Powell

    Even if so, there are still citations and mentions of the 4min time window and I’ve yet to see anything supporting it’s actually classified.

  • ARJ190

    Most disgusting person I’ve ever seen!!!! Has NO feelings for anyone or anything except herself and the “almighty dollar”!!!

  • blucorsair

    Hillary probably sent the nuclear codes to the Russians, from her unsecured email server after she sold them 20% of our enriched uranium! …this woman is an idiot and a walking security disaster!

  • Highdesert Splintermaker

    You got it! And it’s just that kind of accidental slips that can cost this country dearly. Imagine Hillary making a little “slip” like that when the country is at defcon 4!! This woman doesn’t have two rational cells of gray matter to rub together in her entire perverted skull. No cartoonist could possibly come close to depicting the extent of Hillary’s brassy, arrogant, and egotistical self-image!

  • snoqbob

    Come on people… what she said is tip of what is already on the Internet for anyone (Russians) to read. That’s mostly thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

  • blucorsair

    I think that the Russians are pretty good river boat gamblers and know what they’re holding in their hand! …Apparently, Hillary is not!

  • Angela

    No, no DoD did not say anything, some phony article started this to smear Clinton states an “unnamed source” said this. And the rest is speculation. Typical Trump supporters believing every lie. This information was already given out back in 2012 if not many other times

  • snoqbob

    Come on people… what she said is tip of what is already on the Internet for anyone (Russians) to read. That’s mostly thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

  • vagabonddenyg

    Biden has alzheimers and should be removed his job too! The whole frickn government is rogue!

  • snoqbob

    They don’t have to hack anything. Come on people… what she said is tip of what is already on the Internet for anyone (Russians) to read. That’s mostly thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Review that first search hit, the very detailed PDF presentation. Yeah, the 4+ minute response time is the least of the data that’s been leaked.

  • snoqbob

    Come on people… what she said is tip of what is already on the Internet for anyone (Russians) to read. That’s mostly thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

  • snoqbob

    Exactly. Only the idiots here can’t search for themselves. Come on people… what she said is tip of what is already on the Internet for anyone (Russians) to read. That’s mostly thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Read that first search result.

  • Connor McMahon

    They won’t do sht to hillary. Welcome to reality.

  • snoqbob

    Come on people… what she said is tip of what is already on the Internet for anyone (Russians) to read. That’s mostly thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. DoD probably said that first search result was secret too. But thanks to FoIA, it’s out there for all to see.

  • Highdesert Splintermaker

    I’m in total agreement!
    Going back to her multiple email servers and devices;
    In order to do the job of Sec. of State communications of all classification levels on numerous topics had to have included Hillary.
    In Hillary’s words she claims that at no time did she ever send or receive classified communications via her server or device.
    The State Dept. claims she never used official government secure communications equipment for her communications.
    If both statements are true; by Hillary’s own words then she fully admits she simply failed to do her job. If that isn’t true then there must be another (third) method of communication she used that no one has yet discovered.

  • Aisha Brutella

    Nothing supporting? Did you even read the article?

  • Steven Wedig

    Her saying it was mind blowing BUT her STILL running for president vs being in prision is unbelievable

  • Highdesert Splintermaker

    I tend to believe what rings true!

  • Steven Wedig

    Screw em let em ride it out like the rest of us since it’s THEIR STUPIDITY that will probably create the emergency

  • Gary Stolp

    You may have heard the expression: “I’d rather be dead than red”. Even more appropriate to say: “I’d rather be dead than Hillary Clinton”.

  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen

    In which of those documents or sites is the 4 minute response time mentioned?

  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen

    It’s 4 minutes from when the Order Is Given to when the missiles are Launched. I’m pretty sure they do regular training drills and they know how to run a clock.

  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen

    Where does it say it takes 4 minutes? Where?

  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen

    Where does it say the 4 minute response time? You repeating your idiocy over and over again is spam.

  • joed


  • Aaron Ingebrigtsen

    Ok, sure, he explained reaction times for when he was in the government back when I was a little kid. I was born in ’76. But there was no way to know how accurate those reaction times are Today. Hillary Confirmed the accuracy.

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  • metalmoore04

    There is absolutely ZERO proof we got hacked by Russia! Hillary, the Obama Administration, and many other career criminals are going to jail if Trump gets in. They have nothing left to loose, and since Trump is winning in a landslide despite what the proven rigged polls say, Hillary and the Obama administration are going to claim Russia is the reason Trump won because our election was hacked. They will claim all the polls showed Hillary way ahead, so they will try to overthrow the election and try to put in Hillary anyways claiming Trump is in bed with Russia like they’ve been trying to push for weeks now. If the People rise up and call their bluff, it will be the perfect reason for Obama to declare martial law citing a cyber attack by Russia which will allow him to retain his office indefinitely as king! Again, these criminals have nothing left to lose, so it’s full takeover now or never because people are waking up. Don’t believe the mainstream propaganda, it’s already proven false.

  • Femfelis

    I think the truth here is that you want her to be a “Traitor” (it’s not necessary to capitalize this noun) so badly that for you it is true no matter what the actual truth may be. Wanting something to be true and believing it to be so don’t necessarily make it true.

  • Pingback: Pentagon: Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Nuclear Intelligence on National TV()

  • Johnboi

    really….did we think it was anything different…what a secret…NOT…it has to be anywhere from two to ten minutes…she said four…maybe she should have said twenty…whatever…find another way Grumpy Trumpies!

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  • Threefiddy6

    They talked about it in an article for foreign-policy magazine in August. So only a couple of million people know about our nuclear response time

  • William

    Once again regarding her arrest is she should be, could be, outta be, needs to be, so why wasn’t she, and the real reason is……………

    What difference does it make anyway?

    Cause she ain’t never gonna be.

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  • Johnny Wilson

    Everyone already knows this. Did people think it took hours? Weeks? So stupid to think this is an issue.

  • Iconoclysm
  • Iconoclysm

    The reaction times are decision process, not communication…

  • Iconoclysm
  • Iconoclysm

    No, a “high ranking Pentagon official”…with no name…no real source…etc.

  • Iconoclysm

    The point is that these aren’t facts, and there are tons of other articles just like it that are lying to voters.

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  • gayle collier

    Well, this was debunked. PLEASE LEARN TO FACT CHECK!

  • gayle collier

    The STUPIDITY is you not knowing how to fact check!

  • whodowetrust

    Between that , Benghazi and her e-mails I can’t believe anyone could call Hillary “safe” with nukes.

  • staff office

    If this (unt hasn’t been arrested by now for her multiple proven crimes what makes anyone think she will be arrested for this? Frankly, I would like the Military to tell Obama to arrested her for treason and espionage or they will take matters into there own hands.

  • objectivefactsmatter


  • Stormcrow_reloaded

    So, it is Either 4 more years with Trump, or, 4 more Minutes. . . . . With Her.

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  • distachio

    This is NOT classified information. Look what Bloomberg published six weeks ago:

  • Pingback: Hillary Released “Extremely Sensitive And Thus Highly Classified” Material On National Television: “Should Result In Her Immediate Arrest” – Tactical Buzz()

  • hiernonymous

    Wrong. Zbigniew Brzezinski discussed the 1979 false alarm and the presidential launch-under-attack timeline no later than 2012, including specifics on the President’s response time. This seems to have been in response to or in elaboration of the declassification of documants about the false-alarm incident. The response window has been in the public domain for quite some time. Here’s an example: http://nsarchive.gwu.Edu/nukevault/ebb371/

    I’ve even read arguments in the past that this is intemtional and part of our deterrent: we want the Russians to know that our decision cycle is inside even an Eastern Seaboard SLBM attack.

  • Lee Massey

    You see something wrong with me calling a spade a spade. I may be ugly but you are stupid as well as ugly.

  • Jackson Howard

    Really? Dead voters? Where are your facts? That dead voters bull has been debunked for years . Do some research on something other than right-wing sites

  • Jackson Howard

    They don’t know how to fact check , they just willingly accept whatever they read on the Internet , like the guy who was ripping up Trump absentee ballots? They all fell for that one too !

  • mimi529

    Please. This has been in every political drama since James Bond. Seriously, they put in the codes, it gets approved then what? They go for coffee? It’s common knowledge the entire process takes less than 5 minutes which is why Trump is so freaking scary!!

  • Patricia A. Wilborn

    Jeeeezzz They both lied …only Trump was not doing it to hurt..but everything she has said except her name was a damn lie…and she did give our codes and has been pieces of America to the highest bidder

  • Patricia A. Wilborn

    amen Kevin..

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  • Tom Lytle Sr.

    Someone other than another Democrat…

  • jacbec

    Anyone but Clinton would be indicted.

  • jacbec

    But he’s mentally challenged, pass.

  • jacbec

    What difference does it make?

  • Mark Toney

    It was the Clintons that were paid 500 thousand for giving the Russians a speech. And the Clintons don’t even speak Russian …

  • Mark Toney

    No one questions Hillarys intelligence. It’s her Lying and Criminal behaviour that’s the problem …

  • Xcluzive100

    OK.. All this talk about Hillary needs to be arrested but no one is welling to the handcuffs on her… Regardless of what Obama says or anybody else.. All bark but no bite… Who is wellng to pay to arrest her behind.. I’ll start the bid with $.50

  • Dirt Doctor

    What’s really scary is how stupid you & your people are!! And you vote???

  • Uncanny_Valley

    The four minute procedure is PUBLIC INFORMATION. You are so desperate to nail Hillary that you are making up stuff.
    Here’s way more detailed information on nuclear procedures published more than two minths ago. It is written by trusted journalists with top credentials in national security. This kind of information has been all over the internet for years.

  • Sharon Lewis Hemmerly
  • Hangstotheleft

    Said the gay idiot.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You idiots lose fair and square.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You idiot.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You pathetic F * C K I N G ! D I O T..

  • Pink

    More proof she’s not qualified.

  • Pingback: Hillary Clinton May Have Leaked Classified Information About U.S. Nuclear Response Window: ‘There’s Four Minutes Between Order And Launching Of Nuclear Weapons’ [Video]()

  • Rich Allen

    That information has been in movies back in the 1980s.
    Are you all really that ignorant of such topics? Has ANY of you bothered to search for such public information? If you have, then congratulations, you’re the only Trump supporter who isn’t fed every bit of information they receive.

  • Dan

    Ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

    I thought if you knew the definition, you might recognize your own lacking debate skills.

  • LinuxGuy

    Just vote for Trump!

  • Hangstotheleft

    You are an idiot..

  • Dan

    Why not call me a racist too? Or a poo poo head?
    It is no one’s fault but your own that you lack the patience or the intelligence to form a complete and proper rebuttal.

    Arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are, the pigeon just knocks over the pieces, craps on the board, then struts around all victorious.

    The difference between the two is that the pigeon doesn’t think he is good at chess.

  • Dan

    Idiot -improper nown – person perceived to be lacking intelligence, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.

    So, in this exchange of unpleasantness, are you the pot or the kettle?

  • Hangstotheleft

    You are an idiot.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You ignorant uneducated conservative DUMB A S S E S will NOT be allowed to choose the next President.

    We simply will NOT let you.

    You can keep being as bigoted and racist and deplorable as you want.

    But you LOSE.

    That’s just a fact.

  • PD Drums

    Bloomberg article describes the entire process. Not top secret. This was written a month ago.

  • Dan

    Didn’t you read the definitions I posted for you?
    You simply won’t let us choose our next president in an election? Are you suggesting that democrats might cheat to guarantee the outcome?
    Triggered yet? Need a safe space?

  • Dan

    I’m rubber and you’re glue. There….You forced me to argue on your grade level.

  • Hangstotheleft

    Too funny!

    You pathetic losers are going to have Hillary Clinton as your next President for the next 8 years.

    I love it!

  • Hangstotheleft

    Behold….the conservative idiot.

    No wonder you idiots can’t win a Presidential election!!!

  • PD Drums

    Not a top secret Bloomberg article written a mon ago describes entire process.

  • PD Drums

    Bloomberg article written a month ago describes process. Not a secret.

  • Dan

    Oh what tangled webs…….
    Bear in mind that should you succeed, you will have her as your president too. Are you a foundation donor? A head of state? A celebrity? George Soros? If not, then she does not care for you either. Do you think NAFTA was a good thing? Or CAFTA? Or GAT? Or the TPP? (Which she will pass as soon as the election is over.) I think Bernie was your best chance and he rolled over for her too. Why don’t you ask the German people how their immigration policy is working for them? Hillary will do the same.
    Just forget I said anything.
    Asking you to read has already been an exercise in futility so just call me an idiot again to get the point of how smart you are across.

  • Hangstotheleft

    You idiots don’t understand trade agreements. You’re incapable.

    United States
    In a 2012 survey of leading economists, 95% supported the notion that on average, U.S. citizens benefited on NAFTA.[35] A 2001 Journal of Economic Perspectives review found that NAFTA was a net benefit to the United States.[29] A 2015 study found that US welfare increased by 0.08% as a result of the NAFTA tariff reductions, and that US intra-bloc trade increased by 41%.[24]

    In 2015, the Congressional Research Service concluded that the “net overall effect of NAFTA on the U.S. economy appears to have been relatively modest, primarily because trade with Canada and Mexico accounts for a small percentage of U.S. GDP. However, there were worker and firm adjustment costs as the three countries adjusted to more open trade and investment among their economies.”[36]

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce credits NAFTA with increasing U.S. trade in goods and services with Canada and Mexico from $337 billion in 1993 to $1.2 trillion in 2011, while the AFL-CIO blames the agreement for sending 700,000 American manufacturing jobs to Mexico over that time.[37]

  • Hangstotheleft

    You think Bernie was our best chance?

    LMAO!! Either Bernie OR Hillary would have beaten the S H I T out of Trump.

  • PD Drums
  • Dan

    I care not what a bought and paid for economist says. Where I live, multiple factories closed in favor of relocating to Mexico. Many farmers went out of business when it became cheaper to import commodities. The immediate impact to working people was disastrous. The lasting impact has been devastating. Do you realize that the unemployment numbers are wrong? When someone exhausts their benefits, they are no longer considered unemployed. They are considered as having “left the workforce” to pad the reports and make people feel good about the numbers. Workforce participation levels, as they are now called, are at an all time low. I guess so long as we can say unemployment is going down, those numbers don’t matter though right? Our exports are taxed by every other country on earth while we import their wares duty free. Does this sound fair, equitable, or beneficial to you. We can not survive as a nation of consumers. If we do not produce goods for export, we have no stock in the world economy regardles of the rhetoric from either side.

  • Larry H

    Arrest her and anyone who would release her … up the chain of command.
    “Oh, you personally say she should be released? Come on down.”
    The U.S. House Republicans will not do their job, issuing a Bill of Impeachment and subsequent Senate trial.
    The Executive Branch did not do its job because of two political appointees, Attorney-General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.
    All of you traitors, crawl out of the woodwork and stand in the light.

  • Hangstotheleft

    Now look, the poor idiot is whining about cut and paste now.

    Yes, I made you look like an idiot. No apologies.

    I guess I should have just typed it all up myself!

    LOL!!! You DUMB A S S !!!

  • Hangstotheleft

    You pathetic morons just can not debate on the facts.

    It’s beyond your capability.


  • Deserttrek

    people have known about the Greenbriar for a along time, the Washington Post published an article in 1992.

    joe is manure but lets stay with facts

  • Dan

    So says the man whose only reaponse is “idiot”. Anyone who can read can plainly see just who the idiot here is. What is sad is that you are either brainwashed by propaganda, uneducated, or just willfully ignorant. If people like you truly represent the majority, we are surely doomed as a nation.

  • Dan

    Do you think you have an audience here? You debate like a monkey throwing feces yet still have the audacity to announce you have won. Repeatedly calling me an idiot does not make me look like one. What you have done here reflects solely on you. I would feel bad for you but you choose to be the way you are so I can not. I can only pray that you never reproduce or somehow obtain a teaching certificate.

  • Hangstotheleft

    I understand that you feel stupid. That was my fault. I MADE you look stupid.

    It’s ok, everyone here already knew you were an idiot to begin with, so let that be a consolation to you.

    You have lost. I have won. That is clear for everyone to see.

    And, I repeat myself, thank god you idiots don’t get to choose the next President!!!

  • Hangstotheleft

    What is plain to see is that you are the idiot.

    You keep proving that. Although I’m not sure why…

    Oh, wait……It’s because you are an IDIOT!!!

  • Daniel

    The information she disclosed was already public. Sorry everybody. She’s a shill and I’ll never vote for her, but she gets a pass on this one.

  • Kathleen Brannigan Carter

    She should be arrested and thrown in prison. If this had been me, a regular person, I would be in jail fast than the speed of light. How is it that is thing keeps for going to prison. Like I said:”Money talks, bs walks. We are living in a country that is scared of the rich, because if we speak out, we die!

  • Ryan

    then I wouldn’t trust it, they have been proven to be the most corrupt American Administration yet!!!

  • Grannie V
  • Bill Moss

    It happened not once but several times. Democrats are idiots. Plain and simple..

  • Get rid of this woman… PussyLeak in the White House.

  • Linden Howell

    No; the stupidity is your`s in not knowing that she is prohibited from even speculating openly about US nuclear chain of command, lock times or anything related to OUR MOST sensitive information we vigorously protect. It does not even matter if the information divulged is true or false; it is a violation to discuss these things in public.

  • Hubert Bent

    our point exactly time for someone with brains to be in there vote for Trump and Pence.

  • Spirited!

    Come now….this is HilLiary…..she won’t even be approached over this.

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  • Regina Carey

    A presidential term is four years, not eight.

  • CB Michael

    When will the cuffs go on this loose cannon of lies and deceit? The nation now knows she’s not principaled to be President and Commander in Chief. FBT/DOD need to arrest her now before she does more damage.

  • Regina Carey

    That article is not saying four minutes from when the order is given. That’s speculating that the president has about four minutes to decide whether or not to give the order.

  • Pingback: After the Debate Pentagon Official Calls for Hillary’s Arrest! SHE IS FINISHED!! - Focus News()

  • KCK

    That’s not what she said. You changed the context completely. What she said….and i QUOTE

    “….that when the president gives the order, it must be followed. There’s about four minutes BETWEEN THE ORDER BEING GIVEN and the PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE for LAUNCHING nuclear weapons TO DO SO.”

  • Had anyone made such a security breach when I was on duty – 1951/2 & 1955/8 we would have been stood against a wall – and deservedly so!

    But Kommrade Hitlery ??? She could give Kim Jong-un the launch codes and Marxist Stream Media would praise the action demanding Kommrade Oblivit’s ‘government’ give her a medal …

    Our biggest and most-immediate crisis:
    http://www.akupressllc (dot) com/160813StopVoterFraud.htm – and you must act NOW!

  • … from the smell of things, Russia didn’t have to hack Kommrade Hitlery’s email or server … were the TRUTH known Russina was probably on an auto-fwd …

  • Peter L Marzullo

    You gotta layoff that ‘kool-aid’ Jackson,it’s poisoning your mind! The only possible way Hildabeast aka Clinton could possibly win at this point is through voter fraud and Soros bribing enough of the Electoral College delegates. How do I know this you’re asking yourself right now? Because I DON”T pay attention to what you obviously consider “inside sources of news” because they are all lying.right on que,covering only what their puppet masters allow them to cover. Even Soros knows and has said that Trump will win the popular vote by a landslide but Hildabeast will still become the next POTUS due to the Electoral College that “they” will have to bribe/pay off. How can I possibly know all this? Because I do more than just “…open my mind to outside sources of news.” I do so quite a bit and get almost all my “news” almost exclusively from these “…outside sources of news.” BTW,because of all this,I believe Mr.Trump will still win with a majority of delegates from the Electoral College but he will have done it legitimate,legal and non-cheating way. He doesn’t have to cheat and he hasn’t come this far just to lose and allow the election to be stolen from him. True,genuine leaders don’t have to cheat or bribe people to win like the weasels and losers within the DC Cartel aka The Establishment do.

  • Matt

    I’m not seeing ANY sources for this, and I’ve already seen this on television multiple times.

  • clazman

    I thought response time to be only minutes and was under the assumption
    that is was common knowledge.. I cannot understand the problem here. I
    am going to attempt some research on this.

  • Regina Carey

    You’ve just proven my point that the article is not talking about what happens after the president gives the order to launch; the article is speculating about how much time the president has to make the decision about whether or not to launch after he finds out about a threat. Hillary gave specific timing about what happens after the president gives the launch order; the article did not.

  • Dave Webster

    Lock her up!!! Past time to roundup the Clinton conspiracy and try them, then lock them up and throw away the key. Watch “Hillary’s America.”


  • Mr. Izz

    If they were going to go after her for this, they would have done so already. However, we, the people, know that Hillary is above the law, so we, the peasants, know that nothing will be done.

  • Mr. Izz

    The information might have been out there, but it was never really confirmed by a person who has absolute knowledge. As such, this is not something she should have ever talked about publicly.

  • Mr. Izz

    The information may have been out there, but a senior member of a White House cabinet should never talk publicly about it. By doing so, she has confirmed the information.

  • PD Drums
  • Anyone with half a brain can figure out “nucular” response time. Of course, that excludes brain-dead right wingers.

  • blucorsair

    Since when, does Hillary listen to Trump or our national security measures? …Your short memory, does not have the facts right!

  • hokai sulai

    False. Was common knowledge way before Hillary opened her mouth about the subject. PDF here:

  • Pingback: Pentagon Officials Furious After Clinton Announces US Response Time for Nuclear Launch During Debate | RUTHFULLY YOURS()

  • Thomas Payne

    Its not secret info. Its 3rd grade math. Its only 200 miles between DC and where foreign nuke subs are allowed to be in international waters. Given that ICBMs fly at 3000+ mph (generic suborbital missile speeds) it would take only 4 minutes at most. Yes the US attack sub will fire as soon as launch tube sounds occur but boomer will still get at least a few missiles away before sunk.

    So in fact Clinton statement was BS. Typical sneak attack by sub is less than 4-5 minutes decision time. I mean think subs call military liason at white house who in turn calls POTUS – more likely passes through JCS or SecDef at Pentagon too. So calls alone are at least 1 minute lost if not 2-3 minutes.

    All assuming administration is all complete fools taken completely by surprise sub attack. In which case they probably have no idea of who attacked and thus have no known target to shoot back at. Remember terrorist often live everywhere…so nuclear counterstrike is where? And how could you miss nuke level anger from any of the very few nations that can do surprise sub attack. And ICBM strikes across oceans to Continential US… now you are talking 30+ minutes when military has preplanned responese it can get into air away from nukes hitting US. See the movie FAIL SAFE from the 1950s. Physics haven’t changed since then. Only Presidential decision is whether to abort or reduce counterstrike based on how MANY inbound nukes are seen…and honestly I suspect at over 6 the military would ignore POTUS current state of mind and go with plans POTUS approved under more rational times.

  • Jeffrey Sipe

    LOLOL…the country is based on being sold to the highest bidder. That is how it has always been. Do some research into how many iconic buildings in the US are owned by foreign entities.

  • Jeffrey Sipe

    lol…that’s for sure. Might want to ask yourself why.

  • Pingback: Pentagon just Charged Hillary Clinton With Giving Away Top Nuclear Secrets On Live TV()

  • “Zbigniew Brzezinski discussed the 1979 false alarm and the presidential launch-under-attack timeline no later than 2012, including specifics on the President’s response time.”

    So if another f_ckercrat of the F_ckercrat party gave away the goods. It is ikay form f_ckercrat #2 to continue in an established precedent of giving away state secrets.

    Bravo Hierno!

  • “Zbigniew Brzezinski discussed the 1979 false alarm and the presidential launch-under-attack timeline no later than 2012, including specifics on the President’s response time.”

    So if another Democrat politician gave away the goods. It is okay for a 2nd Democrat pol to continue in an established precedent of giving away state secrets.

  • (kind of like how SCOTUS works with precewdent and judicial rulings)

  • For every false one there are 10 to 100 real ones.

    Take Robert Creamer, the felon husband of Congress Critter Jan Schkowsky.

    I bet you are so house proud of his bragging on video of his vote fraud efforts.

    You deserve a 100,000 Robert Creamers. It is the world you deserve to live in.

  • Do they own the buildings or do the rent them like a person rents beer?

    Abu Dhabi Buys Chrysler Building – The New York Times

    A Japanese concern used to own the Chrysler building.

    Office building do not concern me.

    Corporations with patents, accumulated knowledge, capital equipment and functioning manufacturing systems do.

  • Trump reminds me of a fighter pilot. Egotistical as HeII.

    Of course I resent fighter pilots, but then I reason the the ego came with the territory. Without it they would not make the grade. This is what I saw as I watched pilots mature in the ascension pipeline.

  • It might have change in 4 years. Systems might have gotten better. The time might be less.

    Unless Billary is part of some sort of disinformation campaign to fool the Russians, what she did is confirm that the ‘time’ has not changed.

    So will you still say she did no harm?


  • M.TWAIN11

    This woman is a national security threat and is obviously mentally unstable. The left is downplaying her breach but not anyone in the military. She consistently demonstrates a cavalier attitude toward national security.

  • You are looking at a 20 to 30 minute flight time. Given that detection might not be instantaneous and might have a lag of a minute or two, the command and control time that the president has is significant. It is 20% of the minimum flight time.

    Keeping the Russian guessing is important.

    If for example this time had decreased to 3 minutes 30 seconds and thus was more current info than what Zbignew had said, I would say she most definitely should be hung for spilling state secrets.

  • One could argue that and be correct.

    Was she given the task to trot this information out or did she obtain this information when she did not have a need to know, but obtained it anyway and used to for her private advantage.

    I would not sleep so soundly believing that our

    “our decision cycle is inside even an Eastern Seaboard SLBM attack.”

    You lack imagination or maybe you just take orders.

  • And the response time could nit have changed since 2012?

    It could not have gotten better?

    You could not have thought of this?

  • Exactly.

    Hillary gave away current information due to a political ambition.

  • hiernonymous

    What a moron you’ve become.

    The claim was that nobody had ever done X.

    I presented evidence that the claim was incorrect by citing a previous example of X.

    You political fanatics who get upset when presented with facts are pretty tiresome.

  • hiernonymous

    “Was she given the task to trot this information out or did she obtain this information when she did not have a need to know, but obtained it anyway and used to for her private advantage.”

    If those are the only possibilities you can come up with, you probably shouldn’t comment on others’ lack of imagination.

    “I would not sleep so soundly believing that our
    “our decision cycle is inside even an Eastern Seaboard SLBM attack.”
    You lack imagination or maybe you just take orders.”

    Moron, understanding that the public knowledge of a short response time can deter a set of undesirable actions in no way implies that it solves all of our national security problems.

  • Hillary gave away new information.

  • “You political fanatics who get upset when presented with facts are pretty tiresome.”

    My guy was Scott Walker. He bowed out due to debt. Jeb Bush had done a good job sucking all the oxygen out of the room. I had 3 other candidates between that and Trump.

    What I am not is a fanatic never Trump Republican.

  • Hillary did give away new information.

    She gave away the fact that the response time had not changed in 4 years. It could have gotten better.

    I did not state that in my 1st post so as to give you rope to run with.

  • Certainly missile tech is getting better. It is getting faster.

    Might not C4 change in response.

    Preener Hillary gave out that it has not.

  • Deb Bennison-Supers

    WHEN will people start understanding Nothing Gets Said Without A Explicit Reason Behind It! She, nobama, kerry, biden, et al, ALL have been & continue to Give Out Information NOT Suppose to Be Given! Be it Classified, Confidential, Need- To -Know, They Give It OUT!
    The SOONER the ‘Gruber’ fools grasp that, the sooner it can stop!
    For nearly 8 yrs now, this entire administration has done nothing but aid & abet our enemies!!! What More Must It Take To Wise Up Fools!!!

  • John Keller

    More concerning is her comment about “the order must be followed.” Uh, no, if doesn’t. That was established at Nuremberg. If a loony President wants to light off a nuclear war due to a bruised ego or similar, and the second man is bullied into confirming, it is a moral and lawful obligation not to follow that order.

  • John Keller

    Her Majesty is on record wanting to take steps for open war with Russia. Trump is on record wanting to negotiate. And you find Trump scary. Something is wrong with you.

  • hiernonymous

    Ah, rope.

    So you’ve moved the goalposts from “nobody has ever discussed the president’s response time” to “okay, the whole world knew what it was in 2012, but it might have changed.”

    Okay, let’s test your rope. What year was Clinton last Secretary of State and involved in these matters first-hand?

  • hiernonymous

    And yet you’re responding as a fanatic.

    A claims X to be a fact.
    B shows X not to be a fact.

    And Pete shows up crying about how B is supporting the political party Pete doesn’t like, and ascribing ethical positions to B not contained in his post.

    You’re unhinged.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    “My guy was Scott Walker. He bowed out due to debt.”

    “Due to debt.” That’s how you explain his collapse? Pete, have you ever let the truth come close to your thought processes?

  • Bring out of office does not put Hillary out of the loop.

    Plus Hillary was Secretary of state after 2012.

    Plus Zbignew might have been out fo the loop and given 1980 data.

  • “You political fanatics who get upset when presented with facts are pretty tiresome.”

    1) I have seen you slobber-on about liking Hillary.

    2) If you were not for Hillary you would be a Jeb Bush Xe and be a never Trumper.

    You are not too hard to figure out.

  • He had less than about $25,000 in the bank and a million dollar in campaign debt.

    Walker is not your typical Libtard that think money grows on trees or flies off of printing presses.

    BTW tardman are you ready for the recession?

  • “Hillary believes that it takes a village … in places like Haiti, she’s taken a number of them.”

    Haitians Got the Joke.

    Tell a Haitian that you voted for Hillary.

  • jon
  • hiernonymous

    “1) I have seen you slobber-on about liking Hillary.”

    Only in your imagination. I know that you fancy yourself something of an analyst, so feel free to provide the links to such “slobber.”

    You increasingly moronic hack, I intensely dislike Clinton.

    But you’re quite correct in noting that it would be hard to name a Republican I wouldn’t prefer over Trump. I consider Trump to be loathesome. He has, in my eyes, no redeeming features. That he was, for even a moment, considered a serious candidate stands is an indictment of the derangement and low standards afflicting us.

    “You are not too hard to figure out.”

    Perhaps not, but you’ve not managed it.

  • “Only in your imagination. I know that you fancy yourself something of an analyst, so feel free to provide the links to such “slobber.””

    It was a slobberfest between you and American.

  • Jeb Bush was not viable because of his stand in illegals.

    Trump gained traction and took the lead in July 2015 precisely because of his border security talk.

    Any other politician could have pledge to build the rest of the border fence and been much more viable.


  • hiernonymous

    “Bring out of office does not put Hillary out of the loop.”

    Well, yes, it does. After that point, she has neither access nor need-to-know, and would be operating on old information.

    “Plus Hillary was Secretary of state after 2012.”

    She was SecState through 1 Feb 2013.

    So much for your “rope.”

    “Plus Zbignew might have been out fo the loop and given 1980 data.”

    That’s right. There’s no reason to think that the window will ever get much lower than the current, since it describes the time necessary to inform the president and get a decision. You might shave a few sexinfs off by turning to biometric validation or some such, but nobody in any of these conversations identified the time cost imposed by the communications technology.

    Hete’s the bottom line, Sparky: the claim was that she was the first official with past access to discuss the matter. That’s demonstrably false.

    The underlying claim is that she revealed classified. The fact she referred to has been public knowledge for years. When a candidate states a fact that is readily accessible in open source, the burden is on you to prove – not insinuate, bluster, or gasbag, but orove – that she has violated her NDA. The prima facie evidence is against it.

    Knock yourself out.

  • hiernonymous

    “It was a slobberfest between you and American.”

    You are American, you increasingly unhinged moron. Have you lost track of your own handles, Pete?

    As for the substance, link and quote. Since I know that your conclusion is false, the only further value to the conversation is to find out what exchange you misunderstood or drew bad conclusions from. I’m willing to do this much because you weren’t always so stupid.

  • hiernonymous

    It’s not clear what this post answers.

  • It will take awhile.

    Scrolling in a web browser is slow. What is nit on screen is not searchable.

  • Hillary and other Democrats have shown they do not break laws left right & center?

  • “Only in your imagination. ”

    If you liked a Republican, but did not get the one you liked, I gave you the reason why,

  • hiernonymous

    I expected you to know what you were talking about before you posted it.

    And, yes, you can use google to look for conversations. Again, it helps if you actually had something specific in mind so you could search against the specifics. “Help me get my foot out of my mouth” probably won’t do it.

  • hiernonymous

    “Only in your imagination” responded to your comment about ‘slobbering on” about Hillary Clinton. I helpfully quoted the part of your post to which it applied so you wouldn’t get confused.

    I don’t have the patience to put up with deliberate stupidity tonight. If you want to say something worth posting, I’ll read it. But so far, you’re being an idiot.

  • hiernonymous

    Look, dumbass, pointing out that a particular criticism is flawed is not some sort of blanket endorsement of the recipient of the criticism. You are so lost in your partisanship that it’s making you stupid.

    If you had paid the attention to my previous comments that you should have before making your characterizations, you’d have noted that I’ve specifically pointed out where I think Clinton has clearly broken the law. Your question is stupid.

  • It is called methods, functions, subroutines, properties, objects, loops and such.

  • hiernonymous

    Oh, and btw, I notice that you tried to follow me yet again.

    Are you simply retarded? I’ve explained to you before: I’ll let you follow my comments when I can follow yours. It’s not that hard to understand.

  • Your school marm routine is old.

    You don’t like Hillary. Maybe you feel the Bern!

    I would bet you dislike Cruz.

    You could be a Rubio supporter. After all he was a one of the 8 gangsters.

  • hiernonymous

    No, not really. “It” is called being able to support your own comments.

    What you’re offering is excuses for not being able to do so. It’s more of the stupid you’re putting on display today.

  • I wasn’t looking for you. I just know the company you keep. As a result I make sure to make liberal use of DEET.

  • It is called web server.

  • hiernonymous

    “I wasn’t looking for you.”

    Huh? You clicked “follow” on my profile. What do you mean you weren’t looking for me? Are you becoming a weasel as well as stupid these days? What is wrong with you?

  • hiernonymous

    “Your school marm routine is old.”

    If by “school marm” you mean “posting clearly,” yeah, I can see that it doesn’t appeal to you. You seem to be stuck in some sort of moronic whine-loop.

    “You don’t like Hillary. Maybe you feel the Bern!

    I would bet you dislike Cruz.

    You could be a Rubio supporter. After all he was a one of the 8 gangsters.”

    Are you just in some sort of low-order political stream-of-consciousness these days?

  • hiernonymous

    Tell you what – whatever excuses you want to offer, here’s an idea: when you can actually support your babbling about “slobbering” over Hillary, come back and we can discuss where your mistake lies like grownups.

    Until then, I don’t really care why you can’t come up with the goods. I hear enough excuses in my day job.

  • Actually I click under ‘followers’. You provided the link not I. You are not on my following list 30 other are, but not you.

    But in all actuality I do not need that or any software at all other than what is sold with your average PC bought at Best Buy. That is (I’ll spell it out, since you are slow) I do not need hacking, cracking, or any illegal software.

    There is another method to track fleas, ticks and other dangerous vermin, but I forgot that one. But now I remember it due to your complaints. OFM told me. I do not need DisQus at all to use that one.

  • 1) I have not read all you posts. (” I’ve specifically pointed out where I think Clinton has clearly broken the law. “) Not that I believe it after reading so many of your other posts in the past.

    All I have seen you do is supposedly remove motes from people’s eyes.

    “Your question is stupid”

    So people in government clammed up and did not give he secret information after FEB 2013?

  • I hear[sic] enough excuses in my day job.

    I dropped an ‘A’ from typing Americana and you had a cow.

  • hiernonymous

    “I have not read all you [sic] posts.”

    Plainly. Yet you want to explain to me what I think about various topics.

    “So people in government clammed up and did not give he secret information after FEB 2013?”

    You made the claim that she was providing “new” information by reporting on the lack of changes in our capabilities during a period in which she did not have access to information on those changes.

    Now you want to contend that her comment provided “new” information because you want to assume that she was illicitly provided information? Support it.

    “All I have seen you do is supposedly remove motes from people’s eyes.”

    Yes, yes. And you want to remove one from mine. Because you’re different or something. Whatever.

  • hiernonymous

    “Actually I click under ‘followers’. You provided the link not I. You are not on my following list 30 other are, but not you.”

    I don’t “provide” anything. You click on a link to follow my posts. Disqus notifies me that you’ve done so. I click on the link that removes you from my followers. We repeat.

    I can’t reciprocate because you’ve set your profile to “private.” That’s fine. You’ve tried six or seven times to follow my posts, so you clearly want to do so. I’m simply letting you know what you need to do for me to permit it.

    As for your babbling about hacking, etc – whatever.

  • hiernonymous

    “I dropped an ‘A’ from typing Americana and you had a cow.”

    Had a cow? No. Pointed out that you made a pretty stupid mistake? Yes.

    Think about it. You selected your nick to be close to hers. Now you can’t keep them straight. Your bumbling is your problem.

    Bottom line: you can’t support your claim, and you also can’t bring yourself to restrain yourself until you can. Looks like I can look forward to a lot of babbling from you tonight.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    “He had less than about $25,000 in the bank and a million dollar in campaign debt.”

    Yes, you’ve stated a couple of facts, but nothing close to an explanation of the reason behind them. Walker, before he opened his mouth on the campaign trail and removed all doubt, was the darling of many well healed backers, who could have easily helped finance his campaign and eliminated any worry about his running into a debt problem such as you cite. You said he bowed out, indicating some kind of grace in the line of duty. He was the captain of a sinking ship and he abandoned it. Yeah, bowed out. No wonder you see everything through funhouse mirrors.

    “Walker is not your typical Libtard that think money grows on trees or flies off of printing presses.”

    No, Walker is a reverse Robin Hood. He understands money the way Wells Fargo understands banking.

  • “You made the claim that she was providing “new” information by reporting on the lack of changes in our capabilities during a period in which she did not have access to information on those changes.
    Now you want to contend that her comment provided “new” information because you want to assume that she was illicitly provided information? Support it.”

    A Minuteman launch officer would have been charged had he provided similar information even though another launch officer had provided the same information in previous years.

  • Funny, after I made my profile private. Your link kept popping up after I deleted it.

    I did not babble about hacking. I said I did not do it. PERIOD.

    The point of that admission is that you do not go all Americana on me.

  • A typo? Pressing a button on your keyboard and the letter does not print because it was not pressed all the way or the keyboard is old or curmudgeonly is a pretty stupid mistake?

    So you are going are spelling N_ZI on me? That is very gay.

  • ” Wells Fargo understands banking”

    Wells Fargo did what many recruiters do.
    Wells Fargo did what many researchers do.

    I am sure that you are too stupid to see it.

    Seeing as you have retirement money coming in, whgy don;t you take a bunch of classes in sociology and psychology and try to lift yourself above idiot. Shoot low. Don’t try to get an IQ of 80 all at once. Aim for moron 1st.

  • Wisconsin is solvent.

    Other deep blue states are not.

    I plan on moving out of the NE before they raise taxes more to cover for their FUs.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You are so full of garbage I suspect you might need a permit to stay in operation. We are receiving no retirement income. Honestly, do you think it’s a good idea to talk of my stupidity when you make such blatantly false assumptions?

    And I guess if you were ripped off by Wells Fargo’s systemic malfeasance you’ve just chalked it up to its being the way things are. No biggee, right?

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    WI is only solvent in the sense that it has shortchanged its future for a temporary and shortsighted fix. Minnesota, on the other hand, has a true surplus and does not rely on accounting sleight of hand and abandonment of its future.

    I’m sure the NE will be sorely wounded by your departure. I hear that North Dakota is still looking for solid citizens. Maybe check it out.

  • Gayaura Pritz

    About a month ago I saw a TV program featuring the guy responsible for calling the president to decide whether or not to press the button and that the president has “four minutes” to respond on whether or not to launch attack. I’ll look for that source….just saying that if this isn’t the first time the “four minutes” was divulged (and the information bothers my sleep sometimes) then this information that the top intelligence agencies so distrust Hillary says something about this government that will also keep me up at night. A vote fpr HC is suicide.

  • CarlT

    Sorry it is not a ‘state secret’ as I am sure that we are aware how long it takes the Russians to get the message from Putin down the chain when to initiate a strike. Note this article came out BEFORE Hilary stated what she said at the last debate.

  • hiernonymous

    A Minuteman launch officer could be charged for providing classified information. You haven’t established that Clinton did so.

    The information she alluded to has been in open source for many years. The prima facie assumption is that it is not classified. You have not established that she has done anything but allude to long-open knowledge. As I said before, if you think she has provided classified information, support that.

  • hiernonymous

    No, moron. If you’d typed “your” for “you’re” or some such, I’d not have said anything.

    But you’re the jackhat who thought it would be cute to adopt another’s nick, and then, when called out on it, changed it to a nick that was only one letter away. Since you chose to do so, it’s incumbent on you to keep them separate. You weren’t able to do so.

    The point isn’t that you made a typo – it’s that you can’t keep up with your own naming games. So, yeah, a pretty stupid mistake.

  • hiernonymous

    Again, I don’t really care what your excuses are. I’m simply letting you know the conditions for getting what you so obviously want. Do with that what you will. Including continuing to pester me for “follower” status, if you must.

    “The point of that admission is that you do not go all Americana on me.”

    Or even worse, all “American.” Whatever.

  • I’ll stand by my statement.

    You are stupid.

    My statement of your lack of understanding of organizational behaviour stands.


    Red States do so well.

    The map is ugly.

  • “If you’d typed “your” for “you’re”

    I type American for Americana

    If you lightly touch the key when typing fast it is easy to do.

  • “In fact, even the Hillary campaign staff seemingly scrambled to coverup the blatant mistake by sending the following tweet that says a launch “can take as little as four minutes” versus her debate response which was far more definitive. Also notice the time stamp of the tweet which was sent during the debate and shortly after Hillary made her comments.”

    Which is why Hillary’s staff was scrambling

    Because it is open source.

  • You are the one that started following or stalking or whatever.

    It is your MO.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    “My statement of your lack of understanding of organizational behaviour stands.”

    Of course it does, because you have just as much evidence for that as for my receiving retirement income. Or because your understanding of organizational behavior accepts that massive fraud and illegal conduct is just how all organizations, successful ones at any rate, behave. That’s the difference between your intelligence and my stupidity.

    Pete, you really have lost any semblance of credibility.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You’re glossing over the “Americanish” phase, a moniker that suggested that Pete was only sort of American, perhaps a little too close to the truth for Pete’s comfort, giving him the benefit of the doubt that this could have at some point dawned on him.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Yeah, there are all kinds of measures of how states do. Red states don’t fare so well in this one:

  • hiernonymous

    I don’t follow your posts. I can ‘t. You’ve set them to “private.”

    So stop trying to excuse yourself. I haven’t made an accusation. I’m not accusing you of “stalking” or whatever. I’ve simply noted that you keep trying to “follow” my posts, and I’m letting you know that I’ll be happy to let you do so, when it’s a reciprocal arrangement.

    Not sure why this is so hard for you to understand, or why you’re getting so emotional about it.

  • Not excusing anything.

    Merely saying that you followed me and I was unable to delete it.

    So I used it to find something else not you.

    But when I saw you up to your usual antics …

  • hiernonymous

    That the information is available in open source is undeniable. I’ve already proved it to you.
    That the information is also classified, and that Clinton violated an NDA in revealing it, is certainly possible. But you’d have to show it to be true.

    The original post to which I responded made a demonstrably false claim, and I showed it to be false. If it’s important to you to make a better claim, go ahead. So far, you’ve done a pretty poor job. For example, trying to claim that her violation consisted of revealing “new” information when her last demonstrable access did not include the period you cited was as bad as the original claim. Now you seem to be implying that staff members anticipating criticism proves that the criticism is valid. That’s also bad logic.

    You seem to be making spaghetti arguments – just keep throwing stuff at the wall until something sticks. You’re going to have to show more discipline than that.

  • hiernonymous

    I’m sure it is easy to do.

    But if you decide to adopt someone else’s name with a single easy-to-miss difference, then you’ve put yourself in the position that you need to take a bit of extra care when typing and proofing, or you’ll make yourself look stupid.

    Stop trying to blame others when your sloppiness makes your jokes backfire on you.

    How hard is this to understand?

  • hiernonymous

    Pete wasn’t always an idiot. Perhaps these sites have more influence than I’d thought.

  • Does that make you sleep better at night?

    I expect tomorrow to hear how the libtard state legislature scr_wed the pooch. Their inaction and the action of Leftards will put two MSAs in the state into a tailspin.

    Meanwhile after several summer of recovery, various wars with business, and other stupid policy decision there will be more layoffs coming in CY 2017.

  • You could improve yourself by studying medieval agricultural surpluses or military manuals from the early 18th century.

    Then you would understand where I am coming from … maybe.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    What a stupid question. Does your report make you sleep better at night?

    Meanwhile, you’ve turned into the bitter, cranky old man telling the kids to get off the lawn.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You definitely could improve yourself simply by ceasing to utter babble and BS, but you appear incapable of self help these days.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    No more certain way to kill gray matter.

  • Well I am really concerned given that you are a known liar.

  • I see you report reported median income.

    (1) Which means nothing unless you know the cost of living in those area.

    It is relative.

    (2) Your link has the disclaimer: “This section’s factual accuracy is disputed. ”

    here is what I was looking at today.

  • The person was hiding and they in no way deserved the name they chose.

  • A lot of military people are upset.

  • hiernonymous

    Okay. If you want to make your claim “a lot of military people are upset,” and you can demonstrate that to be true, knock yourself out. That wasn’t the original claim, however. And against even your broader, later, claim, your comment makes no sense:
    Q: How do you know Clinton violated an NDA?
    A: A lot of military people are upset.
    See the problem?

    People get upset over all sorts of problems real and imaginary. When double standards are demonstrable, they can be upsetting to those who are on the harsher end of the standards. Many of us who dealt with secure communications and classified material in some way conclude from the available information that the Clinton email server would have landed us in jail had we tried something without her political influence to protect us. But it’s not our emotional response that establishes that she did something wrong.

    And, frankly, a lot of military arrive at their emotional responses in the same flawed ways as many others. For example, observe the irate and demonstrably false claim that drew my first comment.

  • hiernonymous

    I’m sure you believe that. I don’t really care. The point isn’t whether your personal crusade is just or not. The point is that, having embarked on it, and having chosen as one of your tools a name that closely mimics hers, you – and only you – placed a burden on yourself to be a bit more careful when using those names than would be called for when typing “its-it’s” or some such. You made a simple gaffe. Instead of crying about it or trying to justify it, just accept that you looked stupid in that moment, learn from it, and move on.

  • No, I accept that you look stupid and are demented.

  • hiernonymous


  • CowsomeLoneboy

    “Known liar.”

    I see you adopt the talking point of your fellow traveler, OFM. Proof by defamation. Your credibility just grows and grows.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    There’s no question that they understand banking better than you do.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    You lie constantly. You lie about lying even when you’re caught with the goods. You lie about Americana. the psychopath, that you’re willing to prop up because she’s useful to your “disrupt the white supremacists” crusade.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “Well, yes, it does. After that point, she has neither access nor need-to-know, and would be operating on old information.”

    So you think Hillary operates strictly by the book and doesn’t get involved in illicit chat with embedded actors and gossips?

    You haven’t paid much attention to the “Hillary email scandals.”

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “If you had paid the attention to my previous comments that you should have before making your characterizations, you’d have noted that I’ve specifically pointed out where I think Clinton has clearly broken the law.”

    What law(s) has Hillary broken in your view?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “The information she alluded to has been in open source for many years. The prima facie assumption is that it is not classified.”

    It warrants further investigation. Although…she is a Clinton. So, never mind.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “That the information is also classified, and that Clinton violated an NDA in revealing it, is certainly possible. But you’d have to show it to be true.”

    Isn’t that what the FBI is supposed to look in to?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Trump changed everyone’s calculations.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I wonder if the dooshbawg can name even a single a Federal agency that is run half as well as Wells Fargo.

    This guy is complaining about Wells Fargo and yet he’s a huge fan of the ACA and “socialized” health care. Socialized anything.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    How is it that a 65-year old retired person does not have retirement income of some kind? You’re living off of an IRA? You have no income?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Maybe his boyfriend is still working.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Shortchanged it’s future?

    Oh, not again…

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Rent-seekers follow the easy money, you idiot.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    You’re the aging hippy. I doubt he’s older than you.

  • hiernonymous

    “So you think Hillary operates strictly by the book and doesn’t get involved in illicit chat with embedded actors and gossips?”

    False dilemma.

    “You haven’t paid much attention to the “Hillary email scandals.””

    Which of us hasn’t been paying attention? The email scandal reveals a willingness to break rules in order to avoid oversight and accountability. Using backchannel personal access to keep tabs on hypothetical incremental changes to nuclear response times doesn’t fit that pattern.

    At any rate, it’s absurd to accuse someone of violating an agreement to keep certain information confidential if you can’t even demonstrate access to the information.

  • hiernonymous

    So further investigate, instead of breathlessly insisting on her guilt. Although…she s a Clinton. So, never mind.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “At any rate, it’s absurd to accuse someone of violating an agreement to keep certain information confidential if you can’t even demonstrate access to the information.”

    But you understand why some want it investigated? In light of all that we do know.

  • hiernonymous

    If there is even a reason to look into it. I haven’t seen anyone establish that there’s any merit to the claim that the information is not common knowledge. It’s possible, I suppose, but, again, the fact that it’s been in the public domain for years doesn’t offer a very strong basis for assuming that there was any wrong-doing.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s not up to me. She IS guilty of violating the Espionage Act, sections F and G.

    I think that people are trying to tip the proverbial…whatever…over the…erm…tipping point. This is a very weird time for everyone that is paying attention to the election.

    And why are you spending so much time, relatively speaking, protecting an unindicted criminal from angry gossip rather than promoting an alternative? Why don’t you like Jill Stein? She has all of the positives of Liz Warren without the decrepit baggage.

    Heck, if she’d indicate a clear understanding of the proper role of SCOTUS I’d support her. There’s no way she can do worse than what we have or what they’re sending us down the pike in the fast lanes. Things are getting ugly.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    My thing is that it’s legitimate to link it to her email scandal.

  • hiernonymous

    Part 4 of EO 13526 and 18 USC 793(f).

  • hiernonymous

    No, not really. That is, I think that I do understand, but I don’t think it’s rational.

    I think that those who are upset that she was given a pass on what seems to be a no-brainer prosecution are now looking for any pretext to even the scales, as it were.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    How is that not rational? You think it’s an emotional response simply because they didn’t articulate their thoughts well enough to you?

    Maybe in some cases but that doesn’t make this kind of pressure irrational at all.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The timing of the EO gives her some leeway because she said she set it up before and then after that it would just be negligence because she didn’t know or didn’t understand how to comply. I think that’s how she wiggles out of that.

    And don’t forget G, if Mills and others were actively involved:

    (g) If two or more persons conspire to violate any of the foregoing provisions of this section, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy shall be subject to the punishment provided for the offense which is the object of such conspiracy.

  • hiernonymous

    I was confining myself to those that she clearly violated. As far as the EO goes, she doesn’t get to wriggle out of that one on timing because her actions also violate EO 13292, which was the predecessor order in effect until Obama’s changes. The substantive differences, IIRC, lay in the latter’s instructions on declassification, which don’t apply here. Both EOs demand the safeguarding of classified.

  • hiernonymous

    It’s irrational in that the information was clearly already out in the public domain, and has been for years. I’m unaware of any calls for investigation or prosecution of Brzezinski. Simply assuming that it must be a violation because, well, Clinton, seems very much an emotional response.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    She violated the entire FISMA framework. The EO that you’re mentioning just articulates policies, not penalties. It would help people weigh how much she should have known to judge her in the spectrum of “mere” negligence versus gross negligence.

    That’s I think what you’re getting at. But the worst of it is that it begs for further investigations. We’re not even factoring in her motives. Not merely to avoid or run away from FOIA requests. To avoid FOIA requests – that would expose her running her foundation out of the State Department. And public corruption charges.

    And what is up with our Fourth Estate? Things are veering out of control. The public’s trust has been eroded. If Watergate was a major scandal what does that make all of this?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I thought ZB was discussing a declassified document / incident?

    “Simply assuming that it must be a violation because, well, Clinton, seems very much an emotional response.”

    I think they know that they’re grabbing at straws. Since smoke seems to continue to rise out of that…whatever.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You have practically no perception of anything. I’m almost positive that Pete is younger than I. That is why it is so pathetic that he acts like a bitter old man and any normal person reading that comment would have picked up on the intended observation about that disconnect.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    But he doesn’t. You’re just an idiotic child-man.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Salary disparities may deepen teacher shortage in Wisconsin

    Yeah. Oh, not again. Or more to the point, now it really begins.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    I’m working. My wife is working. What business is it of yours how we sustain ourselves anyway? And what gives Pete the right to make assumptions other than that is what Pete has done since he first introduced himself several years ago?

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    What a pitiful excuse. Totally to be expected though.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Your stock retort: “Liar!” Funny thing, though. You have no concrete examples.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    I would hope that bankers understand banking better than I, who has never worked in the industry. Wells Fargo doesn’t understand ethics, legality, securing customer confidence, or motivating a workforce to work responsibly. Or did the former CEO get fired for diddling his secretary?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    They’re a big company and lost control. If you’re talking about the new accounts programs that went nuts.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    You lie so often that everyone knows. Your “stock” behavior is to propagate lies and work on selling them in between each new attempt.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    That is what happened you, freaking moron.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    You’re such a Common Sense Communist.

    You hate natural competition.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I didn’t know that you were a married lesbian. I thought you said that you had retired.

    Honest mistake.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    And such a complete sucker for leftwing talking points. If Bush had done something about the Real Estate bubble you scum would be crying about “bad leadership” and “deflationary pressures.”

    Yeah, you effing moron! Investment bubbles are bad!

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Honest? There’s nothing honest in that whole piss poor excuse of a comment. It isn’t even a mistake. It’s just more of your fallacious assumptions that you try to pawn off as God’s truth.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Natural competition? You think it helps the children of Wisconsin to have teachers flee the state? Well, of course, your common sense tells you so.

  • Americana

    So you’re recommending the U.S. government run illicit operations to impress international and national investors (U.S. gov’t bond buyers) as Wells Fargo did?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    That’s the only possible end result. Because of course.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Here’s a tissue.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You didn’t follow his efforts any better than you follow anything else. He showed early on that he did not possess presidential timber, something those of us in his state knew already. His early admirers, such as the Koch brothers, abandoned him early once his true abilities became obvious to the greater world.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Left-wing talking points. You didn’t read the article, did you?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Wells Fargo is being restrained. Who restrains your Social Justice agencies?


  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Use it to blow your own snotty brain.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Once again you make a non-comment. Just as you accuse me of lying without ever citing an example. More of your fantasy world.

  • objectivefactsmatter


    You miss the point every time. Whoosh! Some times positive change is disruptive.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    How would that work?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    False dilemma.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You’re the one with the vivid snotty imagination. You can figure it out for yourself.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Presidential timber. Lol. He choked in response to the multitude of new pressures caused by Trump. He was wise to back out. He’s not even 50 yet.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    More baseless accusation. At least you’re consistent. Deal with specifics and reality sometime. It might just be healing.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    You are an incorrigible Marxist common sense moron. You are utterly predictable. Zero surprises. Zip.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Of course.

  • Americana

    Wells Fargo is FINALLY BEING TAKEN TO TASK FOR YEARS of illegal actions by its management and, secondarily, its employees. Worse, those employees who NOTICED THE FRAUD and REPORTED THE FRAUD and DIDN’T WISH TO COMMIT FRAUD were let go under false pretenses. Those cases will be wondrous when they finally arrive in court!

  • objectivefactsmatter

    FOAD. Moron. Just jump off a cliff.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Yeah, Trump caused Scotty Boy to choke in England in the English media. And Scotty Boy is so wise. Yeah, you’ve pegged it, as you always do.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Stupid response. No meaning.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Oh. He’s a little immature. Unlike certain aging hippies I know.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Stupid user. No comprehension.

  • Americana

    Didn’t take you long to resort to your tried and true expletives, did it? I can’t wait to see Wells Fargo floundering around in court facing those employees who attempted to be whistleblowers and were summarily let go and SADDLED w/NEGATIVE REPORTS from Wells Fargo brass. Anyone in Wells Fargo management who signed negative paperwork on those whistleblowers that prevented them from finding work again in banking ought to face trial and be forced to pay fines and be made to find another line of work themselves.

    You’re such a SORE LOSER! Whenever CAPITALISTS BEHAVE BADLY, you BRING OUT YOUR BEST [email protected]#[email protected]#$! Lordy, you’re quite the genteel, reasonable man.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Presidential timber. Lol. FFS.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Way to miss the point, phucking moron.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Immature. I get it. Code word for intellectually deficient. As your excuse is your own immaturity.

  • Americana

    I didn’t miss your point. You’re claiming Wells Fargo is a well-managed company that has ascended the pinnacle of capitalism through exemplary means. Obviously, that’s NOT the case… considering its meteoric rise was linked to this scandal of fake customer accounts.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Nothing to comprehend.

  • blucorsair

    Sorry try again!

  • blucorsair
  • blucorsair

    Sorry, but a 3 minute reaction and assessment time for the president are not nuclear response times by definition! Your video is useless!

  • LeeToo

    i’m fully aware of that. potus can serve two terms – eight years. hopefully, much longer than that for a democratic run!

  • “e are receiving no retirement income. Honestly, do you think it’s a good idea to talk of my stupidity when you make such blatantly false assumptions?

    And I guess if you were ripped off by Wells Fargo’s systemic malfeasance”

    Like i said, you have no credibility.

  • “We are receiving no retirement income. Honestly, do you think it’s a good idea to talk of my stupidity when you make such blatantly false assumptions?

    And I guess if you were ripped off by Wells Fargo’s systemic malfeasance”

    What Wells Fargo employees did was wrong. It was criminal. The CEO is probably a mega-douche. He is no doubt not liable and has broken no law. However, in my opinion he set the table. Therefore, IMO he is morally wrong and liable.

    Now Cowsome or Handsome or Cowlover, put the fact that his retirement is wiped out and that Wells Fargo ripped some one (or him off) a sentence apart. Are we to conclude that Wells Fargo illegal fees wiped Cowlover out? If fees wiped you out in 5 years then you must have had only several thousand at most in a putative retirement account.

    It makes me thing that Cowlover is a d_mnable liar. I have heard that the Teamster’s pension has been wiped out. You would think that mighty and beneficent Union Leaders would have managed union retirement money better. MaybeCowlover was a teamster?

    Cowlover lied about about something.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You just can’t stop yourself from making assumptions, even after you’ve just been called on one. No, I wasn’t ripped off by Wells Fargo but thousands were. You think that’s OK?

    Can’t stop yourself. You’re the poster boy for that old saw about what making assumptions does. And you never learn.

  • “You just can’t stop yourself from making assumptions, even after you’ve just been called on one. No, I wasn’t ripped off by Wells Fargo but thousands were. You think that’s OK?”

    I never said the fake accounts were okay. I correctly deduced that those fake accounts were not the demise of your putative retirement account.

    While those fake accounts were wrong and illegal, my comment about them and about your utter stupidity still stand.

  • Diane Fischer

    Okay. So what happens next? Does anyone know how to arrest Crooked Hillary? Everyone keeps saying she should be in jail. So what is the problem? We don’t seem to have any problems arresting any others who have been found guilty for their illegal actions. Why is it taking so long to prosecute Hillary Clinton who has lied, cheated, and literally right in the American people’s face has shown no respect, honor, and love for America and We the People.

    Who is going to stand tall and have Hillary Clinton arrested? I really want to know and I am sure all the other millions of Americans want to know also. We the People are WAITING!

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    “I correctly deduced that those fake accounts were not the demise of your putative retirement account.”

    Where is this “correct” deduction? In the same place as my retirement income?

    You dig deeper and deeper into absurdity and at the same time declare victory. Even the great Ionesco could not have imagined a character such as you.

  • We are receiving no retirement income. Honestly, do you think it’s a good idea to talk of my stupidity when you make such blatantly false assumptions?

    And I guess if you were ripped off by Wells Fargo’s systemic malfeasance you’ve just chalked it up to its being the way things are.” – Cowlover

    Colloquially speaking most people would read the underline sentence to mean that Wells Fargo is to blame for you having no retirement savings. Certainly you meant it that way as a trick or a trap.

    What we do know is that you retired. You were a nurse and that you are receiving no retirement income. We also know that you consider Wells Fargo a SOB although you have no idea who Wells or Fargo or Wells Fargo is.

    You have to be a very stupid person to be of retirement age, have a job such as a nurse, and have 0 retirement income. Meanwhile you moonlight as a Non sticking you snoot into theological matters.

    Maybe you are none of those things and merely a made up online persona.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I don’t even know why they bother to bring these things up. Is Wells Fargo subordinate to our laws? Obviously. Highly regulated? Yep. Can complainants get justice? Of course. That’s what these reports suggest. And best of all Wells Fargo fired thousands of culpable employees. Compare to EPA bate-masters and other abuses that continue year around.

    What they will never talk about is all of the fascist institutions that their cult uses to shake down and manipulate the People of the nation with, leaving us with no other recourse than to “drain the swamp.”

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    You poor pathetic numb nuts. Whether the dictation is colloquial or scholarly formal, the meaning would be the same, if you had an ounce of wit.

    The 2 ideas are separately presented. You assumed, for no good reason, that I need retirement income. You constantly assume, almost always falsely. If you had any integrity or any sense, you’d confine yourself to things you could confirm. It makes you stupid that you continue to do so even after the folly of it has been repeatedly pointed out to you.

    The next, entirely separate thought relates to your supposedly superior understanding of organizations, unrelated to my source of livelihood. You think Wells Fargo’s SOP is just fine, just like every recruiter’s. It’s fine that the organization actively fostered massive corruption. That is your stance. Own it.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    They’ll never put you on cable TV, loser. You’re wasting everyone’s time.

  • JasonSkiVitch

    This was published in Foreign Policy magazine long before the debates. It is widely known and can be easily determined by deconstructing the steps in the process and estimating the time for each step.

  • Regina Carey

    Being re-elected for a second term is not a given. Your comment assumes that it is.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    I never aspired to a cable show.

    And once again you presume to speak for everyone. As if.

    You waste a lot of air and space. Nobody’s stopping you.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    False equivalence fallacies galore.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Which you will never explain because you never could. You just shoot things out of your a$$.

    More free entertainment.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    If you’re the judge of all things I guess we should also listen to your views.


  • CowsomeLoneboy

    If you’re to be the judge of all things it would be necessary to cite the facts you base your opinion on. But you’re unqualified to judge because you don’t acknowledge or understand that fundamental.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Wherever I am you’re far below.

  • Americana

    Not according to whistleblowers who were hounded out of the company and were given the separation evaluations to prove it. Those whistleblowers REFUSED TO FALSIFY AND INFLATE THE NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS PER CLIENT and for their honesty, they were SUMMARILY FIRED and WERE GIVEN CRIMINAL TAINT TO THEIR BANKING RESUMES.

  • Americana

    It doesn’t need to be “investigated” when the information has BEEN PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE FOR DECADES. What’s there to investigate?

  • Americana

    No, Trump didn’t change my calculations. You could tell from your bandwidth on the internet that Trump or someone of his ilk would be encouraged to strap on his water wings and wade in totally prepared to wage the exact same battle that’s being waged on the internet. Only Trump took this to the nth degree by NOT PREPARING HIMSELF and HIS PLATFORM IN A KNOWLEDGEABLE WAY.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I’m talking about people running and involved in “electioneering” you freaking idiot.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    You can’t follow anything. Jerry already answered your question, you GD freak.

  • CowsomeLoneboy

    Yup. I have my feet firmly on the ground and you’re a space cadet.

  • objectivefactsmatter


    That is precisely my point, phucking moron. The “system” offers plenty of levers to hold them accountable for any malfeasance and often for problems caused by government. The Federal leviathan remains unchecked.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Or something.

  • Americana


    Really admirable you’re trying to DISTORT HISTORY THOUGH!! Brilliant move on your part!#$! Except you’ve done this very same move before w/the housing crisis and the way the toxic assets were sold internationally by the banking industry.

  • Americana

    That’s right Jerry did answer the question and you’re STILL CONTESTING HIS ANSWER you GD FREAK because you want to put Hillary Clinton in the slammer so badly, you’ll take any jinned up, trumped up charge to attempt to do so.

  • Americana

    And I’m talking about the figurehead they’d choose as their flag bearer, you freaking idiot.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The point is that nobody cares about you.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    STFU already.

  • objectivefactsmatter


  • LeeToo

    a little too literal, are we?

  • Americana

    Yes, it is LUDICROUSLY UNBELIEVABLE you’re attempting to let Wells Fargo off the hook.

  • Americana

    You try it first, arrogant big mouth.

  • Americana

    Why the sudden shift of subject matter?

  • Americana

    How many YEARS OF CORPORATE MALFEASANCE are you willing to allow each time before those levers kick in to hold corporations accountable for their malfeasance? And this little fleecing operation wasn’t “CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT.” Lordy, but you do try to lay blame on government when it’s totally inappropriate. Why is that? Why can’t you look at this and just admit that Wells Fargo decided this would be a GREAT SCAM for them to run?

    We’re talking TWO DIFFERENT ANIMALS when we’re talking the private sector vs the government and NEITHER ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO OPERATE UNCHECKED.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    No moron,

    Every conversation goes straight over your dysfunctional head.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Do you even know how to STFU? You are useless. You are a brainless leftwing agitator with lower intelligence than a monkey.

  • Americana

    Writes the great ape himself…

  • Regina Frances Ann Carey

    No, you were a little too presumptuous.

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