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Pennsylvania Dems Sen. Casey and Gov. Wolf face re-election peril

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Nearly two months after a Republican presidential candidate won Pennsylvania for the first time since 1988, Democrats Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey find themselves threatened in a state where their party needs to reconstruct itself after a devastating blow.

Marcel Groen, the state’s Democratic party chair, said Democrats “need to rebuild the state party from the ground up,”

The immediate challenges for Casey and Wolf are twofold. One issue is known and understood, the other is not. – READ MORE

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  • Patriot76

    Bonzo the chimp could have beaten Corbett for Governor. He was a Republican in name only. Did not tell the people what he was doing for them; therefore seemed like a do-nothing Governor.
    Wolf is a typical Democrat….. Tax & Spend. Thank God for a Republican State Senate and House. And Casey, he votes the way his Senate leaders tell him. Not for the good of people of the state but the way Reid told him and I suppose Shumer tells him.