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PAYBACK: Massive migrant camp set up next to George Clooney’s £7.5million Lake Como hideaway

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A MAKESHIFT refugee camp has sprung up in Lake Como, the popular celebrity hideaway in Italy favoured by stars George Clooney, Richard Branson and Madonna.

Hundreds of migrants heading towards northern Europe have erected tents and flimsy dwellings around the exclusive town’s railway station.

The migrant population in the town is now rapidly increasing after Switzerland shut its southern borders with Italy.

According to La Repubblica, many migrants are camping out in the town until they can hire people smugglers to lead them through the mountains north.

Lake Como has long been a destination favoured by the powerful and wealthy, many of whom are attracted by its stunning lakeside villas built in Roman times. – READ MORE

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  • helpful55

    Not good for the locals and should be stopped. As far as these supposed stars, I thought these are the kind that are all for helping these kind of people and especially by taking taxpayers money to do that. They should be all happy with this, or maybe they should make all of what they have available for the homeless instead.