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PANIC: Hillary drops from 25% lead in California to 9%

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In a poll conducted mostly after the revelation by FBI director James Comey about emails found on former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s computer, Clinton’s lead among independent California voters dropped from 25 percent to only 9 percent.

And Clinton, who leads Trump by 17 percent among those who haven’t voted, has only a 21 percent lead overall in the state. That’s down from 26 percent in the previous poll conducted by SurveyUSA and issued Tuesday by Southern California News Group and KABC/Eyewitness News.  – READ MORE

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  • Red Rover

    Watch TRUMP take California. After all, they did elect Schwarzenegger…

  • HarleyKaren

    Clinton just transferred over $1 billion from her charity to Qatar which is the small country adjacent to Saudi Arabia –both countries support and fund Isis

  • Gary Frost

    As one who grew up in Cali, there has always been a conservative undercurrent with real native residents. Traditional legal hispanic residents have always been so. My prediction was that there was always a change that Cali could surprise us all!

  • Viet Garfield

    Ding Dong The Witch is DEAD

  • Paul Brostowitz

    Throw a pale of Holy water on her and watch her melt!

  • Sick Of The Talentless

    Actually, it was 1.8 billion, but hey, what’s 800 million to these vampires? Its her, “going on the lamb” money. I think she’s going to bolt the country the moment she realizes she’s lost.