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One-Third Of Life Support Patients Die Under British Health Care System

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British socialized medicine is dismally failing in its attempt to keep patients alive, according to a 2017 London report by the National Health Service (NHS).

The system can’t provide for its sickest patients, most notably those patients who are on breathing machines or life support, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) reported Thursday.

“Stretching sometimes inadequately prepared staff beyond the scope of their individual training, under-supplying vital lifesaving materials and perpetuating poor nurse to patient ratios translates to diminished quality of care and, ultimately, higher costs— from financial to moral ones,” the ACSH wrote.

The last three cycles of NHS audits indicated worsening mortality rates, rising most recently to 35.3 percent among all patients, according to the executive summary of the report.

Patients needing breathing machines that were given oxygen within the first day of coming to the hospital had a mortality rate of 25.1 percent, but rose to 55.4 percent if patients had to wait longer. The NHS study showed, therefore, that more than half of life support patients who didn’t receive adequate care within the first day of being admitted to the hospital died.

The study also found that 84 of 312 patients were given toxic levels of oxygen, and 42 out of the 66 patients who didn’t receive died. Patients didn’t get the care they needed mostly due to staff shortages and inadequate patient monitoring. Nurses were badly trained and often didn’t know what patients needed, causing them to wait hours, even days, before getting treated.

Forbes reported that 40 percent of all medical travelers came to the U.S. to receive care in 2008, according to a McKinsey report. “The U.S. brand of medicine is still perceived as being the most advanced health system for treating very complicated diseases and when life is at stake,” said Paul Mango, co-author of the report.

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  • democrat CockRoach

    What a racket that is. My father died the main artery in the back of his head broke (where it splits like a Y). They had him in the IC for three weeks on this ‘magic” pill and he was doing great. He recognized everyone and could carry on a conversation. We thought we would have to move him into a senior care facility because his mobility suffered terribly.

    Then the doctors kept making comments about how once they removed him from IC they didn’t know how he would do. They kept warning us about it and sure enough, within HOURS after they moved him his brain function disappeared. He only lasted a few more days and was totally out of it.

    It made we wonder if all the three weeks of suffering was worth it?

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