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Once Again, Jorge Ramos Smears Lawful Gun Owners

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It happened again…this time, on a warm summer morning at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter took it upon himself to open fire upon Republican members of Congress, leaving several severely wounded in his wake. And Univision anchor Jorge Ramos wasted no time in reeling off yet another screed in support of gun control.

What is notable about the column, though, is that Unvision has reverted to that old time-worn habit of deleting Ramos’ most incendiary statements when translating them into English and for Fusion. Recall the time, for example, when Fusion scrubbed an entire line about the supposed gullibility of Catholics. This time, it was a smear of lawful gun owners that magically made its way to the cutting room floor.


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  • JoanieBaloney

    Did Jorge Ramos speak up when the US was attempting to get Sgt Tahmooressi released from a Mexican jail?

  • Green Libertarian

    Jorge is the paramilitary voice of La Raza. Their days are numbered.

  • SickandTired

    300 Million Firearms Jorge! A Whole Lot Of EVIL SOBs! Molon Labe!!