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Ohio Dem: Russia Not On Voters’ Minds (VIDEO)

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A former Ohio state senator said on CNN Sunday that voters care much more about jobs and health care than possible collusion with Russia.

During a panel on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Dana Bash asked Nina Turner what voters in Ohio think about the Russia scandals that have plagued the Trump administration.

Turner, a former state senator, had a very blunt answer.

“No one in Ohio is asking about Russia,” she said.

“They want to know about jobs, they want to know about their children,” she continued. “I talked to an African American baby boomer right here in D.C.–Russia is not in his top five.”

“We are preoccupied with this–it’s not that this is not important, but everyday Americans are being left behind because it’s Russia, Russia, Russia. Do we need all 535 members of the Congress to deal with Russia? Can some of them deal with some domestic issues?”


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    Opps… another one got off the plantation.