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October Surprise: How Twitter Punished Conservative News Startup True Pundit for Critical Reports on Hillary Clinton

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In the run up to the 2016 election the Twitter accounts of True Pundit suffered serious setbacks that coincided with the conservative news site’s critical reporting on Hillary Clinton.

A likely coincidence. Of course.

The recent threats of censoring all conservative news by the social media overlords and the mainstream media has untold numbers of news providers spooked and on edge. Well, welcome to the party. True Pundit, which launched in June, has been operating and navigating on that brutal social media landscape for months.

While other conservative — but apparently not-so-edgy based on Twitter’s threat assessment — Twitter personalities add hundreds of followers, True Pundit has been censored, blocked, shadow banned, locked down and silenced on a daily basis for months. Our legal folks say it is unlikely Twitter could outright ban a news organization like it has unfairly done to the accounts of many outspoken conservatives. However, harassing a news organization is permissible per Twitter’s terms of service. Look at the graph below for one of our accounts which largely echoes True Pundit’s official news account that has been likewise molested and squelched.

We asked Twitter’s media division to comment on these apparent “oversights” in October and November. No one from the company responded.

For conservative media who are uneasy about all the talk about stifling their First Amendment message and rights, we say:

Welcome to our world.


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  • dogitydog

    These social media a-holes have elevated themselves in their own minds as the media Gods all of a sudden. Why do people continue to patronize these arrogant idiots? They would become meaningless nothings overnight if people would just stop consenting to their abuse. They are nothing without your consent! They need a serious reality check!

  • wri7913

    There should be social media alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platform. If they refuse to be politically neutral, then just copy them and move on.

  • NSnLV3

    There is, check out

  • TheTruther

    If “they” can pass laws to stop so called Fake News, then “we” can also pass laws banning social media platforms from censoring users arbitrarily who are expressing their right to free speech. We need to build a 1A coalition as powerful as NRA that protects freedom of speech across all media, especially new media. Slippery slope indeed, but we can’t allow these Oligarch Tech Giants to socially engineer the masses in favor of Liberal ideologies by censoring opposing views and fixing all future elections. We’re doomed if we do!