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Obama’s Legacy Will Be Failure At Home And War Abroad

President Obama was not supposed to go out like this. Since the improbable election of Donald Trump, he has been trying to salvage his legacy. After all, what could be a greater repudiation of a progressive Democrat’s presidency than Americans choosing Trump as your successor?

Obama didn’t expect this. He even admitted at one point during the campaign that if Hillary Clinton didn’t win, he would “consider it a personal insult—an insult to my legacy.” So lately he’s been scrambling, not just to ram through last-minute regulations and executive orders but to convince the country that his presidency has been a success. In his farewell address on Tuesday night, Obama once again laid out his now-familiar litany of achievements: a rescued economy, Obamacare, the international climate change pact, the Iran nuclear deal, rising wages, and so on. – READ MORE