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Obama: Trump ‘Rejects The Future,’ Calls For Cities, States To Go Forward Without Feds

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Former President Barack Obama said Thursday that President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change accord is a rejection of “the future.”

The White House decided to leave the 195-nation agreement citing concerns that it would hurt the American economy. Trump said at an event in the Rose Garden that the U.S. seeks to be “environmentally friendly,” and that it will sit down with international leaders to renegotiate the climate change deal.

Obama put out his statement condemning Trump’s decision in the middle of these remarks.

“A year and a half ago, the world came together in Paris around the first-ever global agreement to set the world on a low-carbon course and protect the world we leave to our children,” Obama said. “The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created. I believe the United States of America should be at the front of the pack.”

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The former president added: “But even in the absence of American leadership; even as this Administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future; I’m confident that our states, cities, and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way, and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got.”

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  • magatastic

    right on! he is pathetic!

  • Mike sha

    No Change Obama wants to run his pie hole. Go back to wherever you came from you bank licking traitor.

  • ancirnhao

    President Trump has to go behind you and undo all your America destroying policies. You should be ashamed. We know what you were up to. Stfu and go away.

  • Patriot76

    Comrade Obama set the U.S. up for an expensive accord. He tried his best to reduce America to a 3rd world nation. Sorry Comrade you failed. And as a matter of fact, your name is being erased as I type. Obama who?

  • MatFan

    Obama was who and what Abraham Lincoln warned about — the enemy within.

  • Joel Bama Teague

    Yes Obama trump is rejecting the future the future that you tried to set up for one world government but Trump, long and spoiled that did he.

  • Totally_Disillusioned

    Really? This Mr. Nobody was elected President of the United States. Your candidate, even with poll and vote rigging wasn’t able to garner close to the minimum electoral college votes. You along with the illegals are a minority in this country. Remember that.

  • Kim Graves

    Yes actually we do! Our country did not join this Paris agreement no that was obummer! Look up canada free press chicago climate change that obummer was hoaxing people out of money way way back with al gore lol they settled a huge class action over their hoax