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Obama Homeland Security Chief Called To Testify In Russia Probe

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Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will field questions Wednesday from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Johnson, who served under President Barack Obama from 2013 until 2017, will likely be questioned about Russian attempts to hack U.S. election systems.

Johnson testified Monday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed hearing but his upcoming testimony in front of the House will be public, according to Politico.

Johnson’s upcoming testimony comes as the House Intelligence Committee works to schedule closed depositions with key witnesses. The committee was supposed to depose ten witnesses in June, but they were delayed as a result of partisan disagreements on the committee.

The House and Senate Intelligence Committees are both investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The Department of Justice is also pursuing a separate independent investigation led by special counselor Robert Mueller.

Mueller met with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Wednesday to “deconflict” their investigations.

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  • Manny

    Didn’t he take a jet to talk to them first..he looks scared..then again..maybe he got a list of the questions ala Buffalo Brazille

  • Carolingian

    Maybe they want to ask him why his office was trying to hack Georgia during the Election. hmmm…

  • DD More

    Jeb Johnson, In Large and In Charge during –
    With nearly 300 million records leaked and over $1 billion stolen in 2015, chances are you or someone you know was affected by a cyberattack this year.

    From the 37 million affected in the Ashley Madison hack to the unprecedented breach of the US federal agency in charge of background checks, it felt as if every month of 2015 brought a major new cyberattack. As a massive listing from IT Governance shows, that was more than a feeling: Hackers hit companies and governments alike month after month, often with shocking results.

    Guess they can also learn from the many mistakes, but not what it takes. PS – The only ‘Hack’ he couldn’t pull off was his agency’s attempt on the Georgia Vote/Election results.

  • Yup.