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Newt Gingrich Delivers Verbal Round House Kick to Megyn Kelly; Snarky Fox News Queen KO’d

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Finally, someone has destroyed snarky Megyn Kelly on her own Fox News turf. It wasn’t even close. Newt Gingrich is the clear winner tonight, along with all Donald Trump supporters. Gingrich delivered verbal blow after brutal blow to the cable TV news queen until she came completely unraveled.

Gingrich triggered the mega-biased Kelly, who has clearly been in the bag for Clinton for a year. Probably longer. Before the interview was over, Kelly sounded like a man-hating scorned high school prom queen runner-up instead of a supposed “top” news anchor. And we use the term “news” here very lightly when it comes to Kelly.

The rest is television history.

Talk about a nasty woman…

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  • Hsialin

    Thank God for Newt, he put her in her place.

  • saxon1066

    Think she’s holding much of a grudge?

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Oh jez, is this slit gonna claim she’s never heard of Tune in Tokyo or the bowling ball? Also when the people involved are laughing when saying it, do you think there is a chance they’re making a joke? Also there are plenty of chicks out there who would like a rich white man to grab them by the poon, they’re called husband seekers.

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Newt is explaining exactly why the founding fathers didn’t give women the vote. Women don’t vote based on issues, they don’t vote based on policies, they don’t vote based on the future – they just vote based on emotion. Even in the post-Civil War south the black man was given the right to vote before white women, and there’s a valid reason why. Women by nature want men to take care of them, and in this PC world of women thinking they don’t need men they turn to government to take care of them, and they don’t care about the consequences of giving the government that power.

  • Charlie Crash

    Wow- Megan might just be a Hillary-Lover.

  • walter

    She’s a beautiful woman but when she opens that yak . . . my heart still belongs to my future wife Ann Coulter.

  • Mike Gavin

    Her attitude sucks she gave new meaning to the term Bimbo Eruptions

  • Brent Hull

    the anger issue comment at the end was a pure tell and clearly showed kelly blew her fuse. fat boy newt put the daddy pants on this poser

  • Brent Hull

    ann coulter would eat her alive

  • Hana Brynda

    She’s on killery payroll that snake

  • Neecy514

    That’s about the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. Some people (men included) vote on emotions and some people (women included) vote on policy. Don’t throw us all in the Megan basket. It has not Jack to do with the Founding Fathers either.

  • Neal Graham


  • Neal Graham


  • AZDynamics

    Kelly is a nasty woman. She has attacked Trump every chance she has gotten, and she has been no more honest than the mainstream media, of which she and Fox are part. I wonder whether she’s smart enough to understand why here ratings have plummeted.

  • Bew

    Megyn Kelly does NOT speak for all WOMEN. Millions of women like me, RESENT that she tries to say she is speaking for us. SHE IS NOT! You have a point about Megyn Kelly’s type though. THAT type WILL vote for Hillary for PC emotional reasons, and it’s true, it’s too bad women like them have the right to vote.. Just call them “The Submissives’, because that IS what they are and they are a disgrace to the gender. However there are also a lot of “Submissive” Blacks, and #Jews” and #Gays and #WHITES. Liberalism really is a brain disease and none of them should be voting because they forfitted their rightst when they become slaves to the Democrat Plantation.. They are incompetent and Submissive losers.

  • midgy

    she always did think she was way more than what she actually is. Worried about women if Trump is elected? How about if the woman who enabled him, and threatened the women he was ‘enjoying’. She’s disgusting. I only hate that I have already quit watching fox news so I could drop them now!!! Numbers talk and if theirs tank after this…maybe she can get a job with killary!

  • Raymund

    Yeah … Today … a lot of men vote based on emotions … look at all the liberals who get upset with everything other people do but feel they can do anything themselves. lol

  • Narutojlin Song

    Any woman doesn’t vote from Trump is Hillary’s accomplice to murder and war !!!!

    that killed 200,000 Christians in Iraq + Syria

    Hillary managed to set the world on FIRE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Neecy514

    it’s true I agree but I am a woman and I am not voting on emotion. The PC culture has flipped the world on its head.

  • GJ

    Megan Kelly must go now!!! I will no longer watch her show after seeing how she treated Newt! I can’t stand her liberal attorney atitude. She is not worth of any contract she holds at Fox. Newt is one of this country’s greatest patriot. He doesn’t deserve being interviewed by a damaged, twisted liberal attorney converted to bad tv interviewer!

  • M. O’C

    She like a Viper full of Venom! zero of what Hillary has done would ever cause them to blow the cobwebs from
    that portion of the brain that’s suppose to handle logic and reason.

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Nothing is absolute sweetheart – there are plenty of women who have a strong alpha male in their life that understand politics, however there are many more that do not. Anywho if you’re a woman I assume you talk to women – do you really think 99% of them have a clue what they’re talking about? Like could they tell you with 5-trillion dollars what the national debt it, why it’s important? No, of course not – they vote based on how makes them feel good and whatever was the last bumper sticker they read.

    If you’re not one of them then great. Also I agree, there’s a lot of fruits out there that claim to be men that are just kucks that act like women. In the old days a bully would have cured them – but thanks to women bullies no longer exist and they are now needed more than ever to toughen up these cuck millennials.

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Of course, there’s plenty of exceptions. Women that have strong alpha male personalities in their life, such as a husband or a father, can sometimes take on some of their characteristics – and of course there’s many liberal kuck men out there that have the limpest wrists of all. I’m talking in generalities and when talking in person when I talk to women they tend to agree with my overall point – even if they are the exception.

  • Impoundment neighbor

    You are absolutely right. Most women know exactly why they are voting and usually it is to make life better for their children and grandchildren. Megyn thinks all us women think like her, guess what she is totally wrong. She hated Trump from the very first debate….She tried to exercise her reporting in a very nasty way….

  • Impoundment neighbor

    She can’t hold a candle to any of the other female reporters on Fox. They are all better looking then her and they don’t flaunt their beauty.

  • Dingo

    LOVE NEWT! Took that man hater to school

  • Virginia

    Megyn would be a better fit at CNN. I didn’t care for her before but after tonight with Newt, I REALLY don’t like her.

  • Griff Griff

    Megyn is a biased brainless twit! She spends all that time slamming Trump on something he may or may not have done but ignores the mountains of way worse crimes that Hitlery is definitely guilty of! She must take a stupid pill every morning!

  • Cyndia Haggard

    I watched tonight only because of Newt. Glad he kicked her to the curb. She’s so disrespectful and so in the tank for Clinton. She needs to move to CNN, and Fox needs to put Judge Jeanine in her time slot. I am SO DONE with Kelly’s program. I’ll never, ever watch her again.

  • bari2

    She’s nothing more than a tool!

  • Lee

    after tonight with Newt I believer she works for Hillary

  • Nate Hale

    This was despicable, I’m ashamed of FOX allowing this kind of exchange, and complete lack of respect. The Megan Kelly show is beginning to sound like CNN. Let her go!

  • Lynn Martin
  • Indiana420

    Newt was great. I’ll follow Sean Hannity but I’m done with FOX!

  • Scott Ben

    The truth hurts. Doesn’t it Megyn. I’m so tired of mindless twits like Megyn Kelly saying “but Bill Clinton is not running for President” Is she so dense as to not realize that Bill will
    be going to the White House with Hillary, and he will be there to continue
    to molest “the help”.

    Newt Gingrich was 1000% right. You lost this debate tonight, Megyn…
    BIG TIME. Why won’t Megyn Kelly say “sexual predator” when talking
    about Bill Clinton. Trump is not president and he is being called that.
    Why not call Bill Clinton that… because Bill Clinton was one of the
    biggest sexual predators/deviants/perverts of all time. I thought Megyn
    Kelly was fair before tonight. She CLEARLY is not a fair journalist.

  • Jim

    Megyn Kelly you should have never started the sentence with “if he is a sexual predator”! You should be ashamed for putting him down for something that happened 11 years ago! Hillary Clinton makes it ok for women to let themselves go (sexual activities) get pregnant and then kill the babies! How can you put anything ahead of that in the news?

  • Dominic Delia

    Did she just say “Crook” instead of Cook? LOL! the truth slipped out there Megyn!

  • Rjsvan

    I hate her Lesbo hair style. She’s got Madcow disease.

  • John Cole

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    we will start serving WHITE CASTE Cheeseburgers and Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs with Fries ALL FREE
    Backed By The Hillary Clinton Foundation ALL COME, ALL ARE WELCOME……
    Then at 10:00pm We will be serving Hot CoCoa ALL FREE !!

  • Sense_n_Sensibility

    Yeah … she conducted herself professionally and wrangled a ridiculously apoplectic, pathetic Gingrich handily. He totally lost his $HIT!

  • Sense_n_Sensibility

    Riiiight … women are all emotions & can’t get it together to vote sensibly. And what about when Hillary gets her period when she’s in office … how will she control herself?!?!?! Idiots … Hillary is almost 70 — she’s got more testosterone & bigger balls than most of you pathetic Trump-bots.

  • Sense_n_Sensibility

    Yes … because THAT’s the most important thing in a reporter. Explain Hannity, O’Reilly & all the other neo-con male reporters who have sold their souls for a dying party … HARDLY beautiful … and lousy “reporters.” They’re all just editorial puppets.

  • Sense_n_Sensibility

    “I hate Political Correctness” = “I don’t care about anyone else’s feelings & just want to be an AssHat.”

  • Sense_n_Sensibility

    You people are mentally ill.

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  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If by bigger balls you mean she has a huge black a$% master she rams Huma with, then you’re right.

  • jillocity

    She is so biased she’s at risk for falling over to the left of her desk.

  • YOu are projecting, no more and no less.

  • Newt Gingrich is incapable of sincerity.

  • beijingyank

    There are 150 million Americans getting a government check. Many are fearful of change and shy away from Trump. Get the word out. If you want your benefits to increase and the costs to go down, Trump is your man. This is what he does best.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Our government has become a ravaging beast devouring our posterity while it is supposed to be a small lap dog on a strong leash known as the constitution.

    Hillary wants that beast bigger and hungry.

    Trump is intent on starving the beast.

    Now, go vote!

  • Surly Curmudgen

    have a serious question for Hillary. “What is the content of your character Hillary”?

  • Irwin Graulich

    I feel sorry for her husband!!!

  • Jon

    He shot her down and megyn ratings continue 2 slide below Rachel Maddow she is a joke fascinated by Trump she he has abused women for decades by trashing them mentally abusing them through media surrogates like Megyn

  • KansasPatriot

    yep, Kelley is walking shadow of Elizabeth Warren’s Nasty Boots….

  • Ann

    I turn to Hallmark oldies movies when she arrives on Fox News TV. God gave me choices in life & I use them. I always thought journalist needed to be FAIR at all times, but it is not that way it seems anymore. This is the reason I do the STUDY of each candidate myself before voting. I don’t need a journalist or news reporter telling me how to vote. We seniors enjoy discussing it all like adults over cups of coffee & sill remain friends. Many of us have grown up in the eras of the ones in the political field, so we seem t know much more than the journalist & news media can report. Yes, I go to Fox to listen to Shawn Hannity & Bill O’Reilly because they seem to bring the truth to the public!! Especially Hannity!! He physically travels to the locations & able to be professional at all times speaking & asking questions!! Chris Wallace is definitely the great mediator too & able to take the spotlight off himself & get the necessary questions answered. Thanks to Newt for putting people in their place. The same for Mr. Trump. Sometimes people so involved within themselves, they forget WE PEOPLE pay their salaries!! We could care less about your looks when we vote. There is a lot more to doing a good job than voting on outside appearance!!

  • KansasPatriot

    “What is the content of your character Hillary”?
    The most important question of this election. She’s been a serial corrupter of lives from Arkansas to D.C. for 30 years Just look at the body count.

  • beijingyank

    If you are one of the 150 million Americans that get a government check, I want you to know the best candidate to increase your benefits while decreasing cost, is Donald. It’s what he does and he does it well.

  • Claudia Nelson

    #firemegynkelly I think ol’ Megyn put the moves on Trump and was rejected. She’s acting like a scorned woman!!

  • Claudia Nelson

    You weren’t talking in “generalities.” And I do vote based upon policies and the future. Your “overall point” DID encompass ALL women. If you didn’t imply that, then please qualify it in the future because you’re trying to make a point that women shouldn’t be voting, and that makes you a M.C.P. (male chauvenist pig).

  • Claudia Nelson

    Bew, this guy Muhammad Jihad (we should know right there, LOL) is one of the most ignorant men I’ve ever had the displeasure to “meet” on social media.

  • Claudia Nelson

    Are you & Muhammed related or the same person? You’re used the same icon. Just sayin’. If not, you’re both ignorant.

  • GiGi

    Loved it.

  • bamissfa

    if you recall the polls were WRONG in 2012

  • bamissfa

    megyn kelly has lost credibility with conservatives.
    i no longer watch her
    hannity yes
    occasionally oreilly

  • BenDereDunDat

    LMAO!! You better watch the video again. Without a doubt, the OH-SO-VIRTUOUS GINGRICH (who had an ongoing affair while his Wife was in the Hospital WITH CANCER) got his CLOCK CLEANED BY KELLY!!!

  • quiver366

    Muhammad Jihad.. are you the same that belongs to the White Nationalist Group (flagged as a racial hate group) . ????? Just asking….

  • whatistrue02

    She is done. Why even waste your time on the pigs show?

  • dleeper47

    At one time, I thought Megyn had it all — looks, brains, class. Now it’s heaviest on the looks, lightest on the class. Newt rightly cleaned her clock.

    We the viewers should sentence Megyn Kelly to one week of shows with NO 1-hour makeup prep. Let’s see her practice what she calls “journalism” without all her bottles of “LA Looks”.

    She has become a tacky tabloid “journalist”. She should move to MSNBC before she sounds any dumber. The average IQ of both Fox and MSNBC journalists would go up. (Think about it.)

  • kpas6185

    megan needs to wear glasses and get rid of her blinders! there’s a whole world out here, Megan, and it’s not all about you and your Fox News Team! get over it already!

  • kpas6185

    did he just change his icon? that was too quick. not sure arnold would want his pic used by a Muhammad.jihad. stupid name at any rate.

  • kpas6185

    all these years I’ve thought I was a woman but after reading your comment, I’m not sure what I am. Yee gads! Your ideas about women wanting men to take care of them is so off kilter! Only those women who do not get an education or job are the ones who may want to be “taken care of.” Those are such a low number, you really ought to concentrate on those of us who have our independence and am lovin’ life, without a man “to take care of me.” In fact, the man I TOOK CARE OF for a number of years as his wife is now in a nursing home because he would rather have his 3 meals served each day than his independence! for real. His brain has been addled because he chose to soak it in alcohol..Strange how I was replaced with a bottle and a cook.

  • kpas6185

    filthy talk isn’t welcomed.

  • kpas6185

    what’s your age, 17? oh, 12. thought so. get real and grow up. a woman’s panties are just that. get over it and move on.

  • Chris Johnston

    Everyone’s icon is changed to Steven Segal on a post. Replies seem to allow your own icon to show.

  • tony

    The blonde bimbo can not handle the truth. She is love with hearing herself and loves cutting off guests on her show that she disagrees with.

  • toddyo1935

    The photo above is from when she presented a feminine persona that the viewers loved. Suddenly she goes “butch” (no insult to women with short hair intended) and her canines got longer (figuratively). When Rachel Maddow can out draw her, maybe there’s still time for her to wake up and become a real woman again. She doesn’t even talk about her beloved author husband of late. (Hopefully it means nothing). Putting her on the prayer list.

  • Peter Fedorenko

    Megyn Kelly propositioned me on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City five years ago. She was VERY aggressive.

  • Peter Fedorenko

    Eight years ago, Megyn Kelly propositioned me in Atlantic City.- VERY AGGRESSIVE WOMAN. Remember Megyn? You want to start a rumor? Let’s do it.

  • bill_johnson1

    I’ve been a big Kelly supporter but this segment is unacceptable. She has to go!

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  • toddyo1935

    No they’re trying to prevent a dying nation. Clinton has no regard for the Constitution or the sanctity of human life. Without these in the hearts of the majority, we’re lost.

  • jimmy jennings

    Megan is so dam beautiful but so dam wrong for turning her back on Trump, and I watched the show when it aired and newt really proved the point that fox news is run by the G.O.P.which is plain to see they don’t want Trump to win.the establishment is absolutely not with Trump, he’s out there doing this alone except for his base, the American people better open their eyes to this corruption, and media bias against one person no matter who, it is, it’s so plain in your face to see, just ask your self if you were running for an office, would you want to be treated like this, I’m sure if you’re a normal human being your answer is no! So you judge if you think Newt Gingrich was right to tell her like it is, I think he was right, just like Trump tell it like it is.

  • Larry Brown

    I am not shocked at all about this because Kelly is the lady who gave an interview on t.v. talking about the size of her husband’s DING DONG.

  • Grace

    Bill Clinton= proven sexual predator, Trump = allegations of being sexual predator, She continually calls Trump a sexual preditor but if you noticed she would not call BC a sexual predator. Thank you Newt for exposing this biased, in the tank for Hillary, as the DNC mole that she is. Our news media is bought and paid for and that makes US an official banana republic. Let,s do something about this. Save our nation and vote Trump/Pence.

  • Grace

    all us women?????

  • Grace

    Oh, and what do you think we are angry at her for? Plain as the nose on your face and Newt revealed it.

  • Grace

    Well you have no sense or sensibility if you are not able to see that she would not make the same statement about BC who was proven to be a predator.

  • Grace

    You people???????

  • Jay Adams

    she has balls alright…. she carried Bill’s the day they married….

    Go vote for that SOB and love the country you turned it into…. when sh$t hits the fan I hope you one of the first to fall. People that love this country and what is was founded on are getting sick of your like…

    And here’s the sad thing…. when push comes to shove…. patriots are the first to stand up for freedom while u panzies sit back and watch…

  • Carol Davis Frost

    I couple of friends and I were just talking this morning about how we USED to LOVE her. No longer will we watch he show. What happened to her? No wonder her ratings have dropped and she’s not at the top of the FN ranking.

  • Jean Shuttleworth

    I watced it. Newt DIDN’T put up with her Bullshit. She got put in her place. Good job Newt.

  • F. Reynolds

    She is a witch!!!!!!

  • F. Reynolds

    She is a witch and I am so glad i stopped watching her!! she talks about words that Trump said about 10 years ago but she spend little time about Hillary’s lies and corruption from 30 years ago up to and including today!!!!! why is that?????

  • F. Reynolds

    i am a woman and i would almost have to agree!!! so many stupid bimbos!!!!! Men as well in this case!!!!

  • Muhammad Jihad ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I don’t disagree, plenty of stupid men out there as well – you can normally single them out by their limp wrists.

  • revrnjim

    Newt with a doozy towards that slutty floozy.

  • zizi Newton

    Not all women. There is not a shortage of those brainless women though. That Kelly is a stupid brainless woman. She should not be sitting in the newsroom interviewing people. She should be standing on street corners accosting men.

  • zizi Newton

    Not all people vote to make life for their children and grandchildren either. That belong to the selfish ones. Some people, me included, have a much broader horizon. I sincerely, truly think of the interest and well-being of our country. Is it that hard to believe? The candidates’ policies do not affect me in practical ways. They only affect my thoughts, my vision of a strong, powerful, peaceful nation, one that is the envy of other nations. I don’t think of my own personal benefit. I have only paid taxes. What do I get from my state and country? Free libraries. That’a about it. How about the roads and bridges? Yes, I do get to use them. But they are in such bad shapes. Our government does not have the money to improve them because we sent too much to other countries, or lost in trade deficits. I wish we have a president who will pay some attention to how to make our country better.

  • anklestonemcgraw kasper

    She has serious contradictions in her way of thinking and what it really boils down to is a severe dislike and loathing of Donald Trump. It’s not about proper coverage, it’s all about painting a picture and she will do it with completel bias at whatever cost possible.

  • anklestonemcgraw kasper

    She has serious contradictions in her way of thinking and what it really boils down to is a severe dislike and loathing of Donald Trump. It’s not about proper coverage, it’s all about painting a picture and she will do it with complete bias at whatever cost possible.

  • Nadal Salman

    Lol I love how she tryes saying he has “anger issues” towards the end. Typical femenest tActics.

    He put her in her “place” period