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New York Times Owner Carlos Slim Is $16 Billion Poorer Since Trump Announced Presidential Run

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On June 15, 2015, the day before Donald Trump launched his presidential bid, Carlos Slim’s personal fortune stood at just under $67 billion.

Today, it’s about $51 billion.

No one on earth has lost more during Trump’s rise — from a dollar and cents standpoint, at least — than the Mexican telecom magnate. His rank on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index has slipped to sixth after having once held the No. 1 spot. Some of the reasons behind his tumble, of course, have little to do with U.S. politics, but much of it comes down to this: Trump’s tough talk on Mexico has sunk the peso, dragging down the dollar-based value of Slim’s domestic assets in the process. – READ MORE

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  • Constitutionalist56

    And Slim is about to lose even more when President Trump cuts off the “Obamaphone” service.

  • jubadoobai

    Carlos Salim, $51B and doing what to create opportunity in Mexico?

  • terri turner

    Carlos Slim is kinda fat.