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New York Times: Gorsuch May Not Be Polite Because He’s Conservative and Male

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The New York Times speculated on Monday that newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch might be rude to female justices based on his gender and ideology.

The Times’ Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak wrote that Gorsuch is “by all accounts the soul of courtesy, and he may have a hard time elbowing his way into the judicial crossfire that is the modern Supreme Court argument.” – READ MORE

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  • 0ldgrunt

    For this sole reason, I voted for orange hair old woman looking Trump…and his stupid children……just this reason!

  • Pyrran

    I speculate that the NYT is full of lefty pieces of excrement, but of course that’s just speculation.

  • MatFan

    First they float this nonsense. Then someone else takes it on as an accusation. Before you know it, it’s a “fact”.